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DIY handicraft trends 2023 - What's hot?

Do you count yourself among the creative types, driven by the desire to constantly express your imagination anew? Doing handicrafts not only gives you a feeling of satisfaction, but also puts you in a state of relaxation, lets you forget the stress of everyday life and helps you to feel better? We'll provide you with them current handicraft trends 2023 go into materials and techniques and take into account the special needs of children and adults.

Sustainability - the all-dominant topic


Sustainability is booming like never before. A new attitude towards life moves into the collective consciousness, and without a raised index finger, guilty conscience. Control and renunciation.

Also, the Craft trends 2023 are strongly influenced by the issue of sustainability. Defective items are repaired and thus saved from scrap. Candlesticks are made from old tin cans. PET bottles do not end up in the shredder, but are converted into bird feeders. Emptied Tetra Paks or similar mutate to Flower vases prove themselves as pen holders or hold cooking utensils.

Health and well-being are becoming more important

The topic of health has gained in importance during the years of the pandemic. Reflecting on one's own body affects many areas of our lives, starting with from the world of work to leisure activities such as handicrafts . The pursuit of physical health and psychological balance influences people's lifestyles, creates new markets, and brings products that have long been in the shadows back into focus.

Whether hay or grain pillows, DIY toothpaste or cosmetics according to your own recipe: you will certainly find things from the Areas of health and wellness that you and your loved ones would enjoy. If you give away health-promoting things that you have made yourself, then you are demonstrating a high level of care. Every time the recipient feels its beneficial effects, he will think of you.

Personalization as a sign of good taste

Personalization craft trend

Personalization gives gifts an individual touch. The desire for individuality fuels other DIY trends that are very well suited to making special people happy. The self-made engraving, the hand-applied calligraphic lettering or the hand-crafted name embroidery are guaranteed to have an aha effect on the viewer.

Which handicraft materials will be particularly popular in 2023?

Knitting craft trend

The use of natural materials characterizes the handicraft trends 2023. Synthetic fiber-free wool, yarns and fabrics do not contain any environmentally harmful microplastics. Wood is more popular than ever as a renewable raw material. Both can be wonderfully combined.

The desire for naturalness is not limited to the materials, but continues with the colours. Earthy colours determine the current handicraft trends. Green and beige as well as all shades of brown are also very popular. What is at home in nature also influences craft trends.

Natural materials DIY handicraft trend

As a constant source of inspiration, you can use your natural environment extensively without damaging it. Peace and serenity find their way into your own four walls if you orientate yourself towards nature, because nature knows neither a break in style nor tastelessness.

Which special DIY techniques could become established?

Embroidery and sewing handicraft trend

With the DIY trends, we have been observing a return to old techniques for years. This development currently seems unbroken. Knitting, crocheting, spinning and weaving are experiencing a renaissance, but pottery is also very popular. The same applies to batik, macramé and patchwork techniques, which are currently celebrating their happy birth. Have you ever tried cross stitch ?

But modern technologies are also becoming increasingly popular. A few years ago, 3D printers were considered unaffordable and reserved for professional users, but they are now increasingly finding their way into the DIY sector. The areas of application seem almost limitless. Ready-made print templates are already available for countless DIY projects, so there are hardly any limits to creativity.

Laser cutter as a trend

The perfect complement to this is a home laser cutter. Almost any material can be cut with a laser cutter. In the DIY sector, wood is considered an attractive material that is particularly easy to cut and engrave. The Mr Beam is perfect for refining greeting cards or book covers, is used in arts and crafts and enables a wide variety of decorations.


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What special handicraft trends are there among adults?

DIY handicraft trend upcycling

Turning old into new: upcycling is one of the DIY trends that will continue to inspire adults in particular in 2023. Whether you are restoring an old vintage cupboard or turning fruit crates and pallets into patio furniture depends on your personal preferences. In particular, the upcycling of textiles, such as engraving jeans, deserves a special place in the DIY trends 2023.

Disused clothing can be found in abundance in every household. Auction platforms, flea markets and thrift stores offer plenty of material for fashion upcycling. Recutting or adding other materials gives used clothing a whole new look.

Upcycling beanies

Special fashion labels have already committed themselves to the upcycling of second-hand clothing, and with great success. The DIY Trends 2023 follow their example. T-shirts, jeans, hats and jackets are given a second chance through upcycling. Fashion can hardly be more sustainable. But it doesn't always have to be second-hand. You can also buy basic pieces, such as beanies, and upgrade them. When do you start your upcycling project?

The hobby of model building, especially model railways, was seen by many as being on the sidelines. The pandemic with lockdown, exit restrictions and working from home heralded a turnaround in handicraft trends. Families moved closer together, fathers got back to model railroading and got their children excited about this wonderful hobby. The model railway and the creative work associated with it are considered important DIY trends for 2023, especially among adults.

Which handicraft trends for 2023 will children in particular be excited about?

Handicraft trend natural materials

Handicrafts are not only fun for children, they also promote their creativity, fine motor skills and ability to concentrate. The end result does not have to be perfect. The implementation of your own ideas is crucial. In this way, children come into contact with different shapes, colours and materials and learn to distinguish between them.

In 2023, sustainability will also play a prominent role in handicrafts with children. Natural materials are trumps, and they are best collected on family outings. Leaves and blossoms, shells and stones are ideal as handicraft materials. You don't have to buy expensive terminal blocks, technology kits and children's computers to support your children's education. Less is often more.

When children let their creativity run free, it is important to ensure that they use ecologically safe and non-toxic painting and handicraft utensils. Manufacturers are paying more attention to this topic, which is also reflected in the handicraft trends for 2023.

Is it Christmas yet?

Elf door as a handicraft trend

The handicraft trend "gnome door" has become increasingly popular in recent years. These are small doors that you can make yourself from paper, cardboard or other materials. These doors are then glued to a wall or window and serve as hiding places for elves, elves or other fantasy creatures. It's a fun and creative idea that will delight both children and adults. Especially during the Christmas season, these gnome doors are often used as decoration. By the way, the Christmas tradition comes from Scandinavia. You should definitely not neglect this DIY trend at Christmas 2023. On our blog, you will also find a tutorial for crafting your gnome door.

Are you still looking for inspiration in the field of decoration? Then our article on the decoration trends 2023 is just right for you!

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