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The Mr Beam is perfect for the education sector

With our Mr Beam, we have launched a desktop laser cutter that is very easy to use. We have set ourselves the goal of making laser cutting technology available to everyone to offer. Based on these principles, we are the European pioneer for desktop laser cutters: safety, usability and the focus on the user play the greatest role for us. Because of this basis, the Mr Beam is perfect for schools and universities to use in the classroom or for special projects.

Why is the Mr Beam laser cutter so interesting for schools?

Laser cutters are eligible for grants in all federal states in Germany as digital work equipment, e.g. for vocational training or technical and scientific education. The promotion of the laser cutter in schools can be carried out with the help of the digital pact. The digital pact is intended to advance the digitization of schools. Many schools across Europe are already using Mr Beam to illustrate digital processes.

How can Mr Beam be used in schools?

The possibilities with the Mr Beam are almost limitless. Use in the classroom, for projects or school events offers teachers and students a special change from everyday school life. In the form of a school project, for example, the focus can be placed on teaching digital skills. From the idea to the finished product, all steps can be clearly conveyed with the Mr Beam. In this way, the students are prepared for future professions, for example as an architect or in the design field.

All data at a glance

Would you like to see all information about the Mr Beam II dreamcut [x] at a glance? Then our data sheet is exactly the right solution for you. Perfect for sharing with colleagues to briefly and concisely introduce Mr Beam.

Mr Beam makes it possible!

Always safe when lasering

Laser safety is a key concern when using laser cutters in educational institutions. The Mr Beam laser cutter is equipped with advanced safety features to protect students and teachers.

Orange protective cover

The specially designed lid effectively blocks harmful laser radiation while ensuring a clear view of the machining process.

Immediate stop function

The Mr Beam has an intelligent safety function that automatically stops the laser job as soon as the lid is opened.

Air filter systems

The Mr Beam Air Filter System efficiently filters out all pollutants that arise when materials are lasered. - Perfect for classroom use!

Laser class 1

Due to the two protective mechanisms mentioned above, the Mr Beam belongs to laser class 1. Your eyes are protected at all times during the laser job! - A laser safety officer is not necessary.

Mr Beam Case: Student Company

The Ehingen secondary school has launched a very special school project. - A student company was founded! The extracurricular activity provides students with practical experience in the field of entrepreneurship. The Mr Beam is used to personalize various blanks in order to then sell them.

Mr Beam Case: Communicate production methods

The regional school Peenetal Gützkow teaches its students' production methods with the Mr Beam laser cutter. In the article, you will learn from Roland how our laser cutter is used for lessons at school.

Mr Beam Case: School hack days

Hack days are held regularly at the Wilhelm-August-Lay School in Bötzingen. The Mr Beam laser cutter supports the students in the development of prototypes. - Perfect for project weeks!

Laser für Schulen

What speaks for the use at schools and universities?

Our laser cutter was designed from the ground up for ease of use. Safety always played a very important role. In addition, we provide installation-free software without licence fees. As a result, the follow-up costs for schools and universities remain manageable.

  • Laser class 1
  • plug & play
  • Can be used offline & indoors (with Air Filter)
  • German & English support
  • Low power consumption & quiet
  • Made in Germany
  • Very low maintenance
  • Portability of the laser cutter

And many more advantages!

With the laser cutter for schools and universities, you have a device that you can use without any problems. There are also valuable tutorials from our blog that clearly show you the options you have with the Mr Beam. If you still have a problem, a detailed knowledge database is available, as well as our support team, who will be happy to help you at any time.

Use class time effectively
Simply impart knowledge
Usable out of the box

How can the laser cutter be used at universities?

Many different departments of colleges and universities already use the Mr Beam on a regular basis. The students benefit enormously from our laser cutter software. It is intuitive to use and will not challenge you. For example, the laser cutter can be used to build architectural models or various prototypes. Our laser technology enables students to implement projects in an uncomplicated and innovative way. Efficiency and safety play the most important role. Our sales team can be contacted at any time for more information or an individual consultation appointment.

Perfect for schools and universities!

Mr Beam laser cutter for the education sector


Known from:

  • Radio Charivari
  • The Mr Beam is really super easy to use, even without a lot of technical knowledge. It's incredibly fun to work with.

    Natalia Fercho
  • Purchasing Mr Beam got me back into working with wood and is just what I was fortunately missing.

    Dagmar Rohweder
  • The delivery was quick and if you have any questions, you will get an answer within a very short time. We can only recommend Mr Beam and his team :-).

    Michael Mueller
  • I bought my Mr Beam 2 months ago and made a very personal dream of a small business possible. I'm excited!

    Ruta Völker

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