Mr Beam

Who are we?

We are Mr Beam & we are the European pioneer in the development of desktop laser cutters.

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Our purpose

Our goal is to make laser cutting as easy as possible and accessible to everyone!

In doing so, we follow the following principles:

The security in the application is given at all times

Using the Mr Beam is very easy and no technical know-how is required

For us, the Mr Beam user is always the focus

Our core values

Mr Beam Love & passion for our product

The passion to develop great tools for creative people.

Open communication

We can speak honestly, personally and factually (not insultingly) to one another. We talk to each other and not about each other. Good arguments lead to constructive solutions.

Appreciation & Respect

We treat each other with respect and interact as equals. Even if we don't always agree, we accept the views of others.

Authenticity & self-development

Everyone is different & we can all enrich Mr Beam with our real and individual personality. Everyone has their talents and can develop them in the best possible way.

Team Spirit

For us, this means mutual trust and willingness to help is not a question for us. We learn together, share feelings and celebrate successes with people we like.

What do we do?

With our elegant and user-friendly desktop laser cutter, we offer easy access to digital production. We also support the trend of customizing series products. Our Mr Beam laser cutter offers the ideal entry into your own small business.

"We give creative people smart tools to make their work easier."

Teja Philipp
CEO & Founder

how it all started

Behind every product there is often a problem that needs to be solved. That's exactly how it started with Mr Beam. the The technical hurdle to using a laser cutter was just too big, so our founder Teja quickly became frustrated. At that time, the fascinating technology was only reserved for industry and there was also no simple software solution that worked across platforms. Many laser cutters were controlled via printer drivers and there were no solutions at all for the Apple and Linux operating systems. A use at home was unimaginable.

Mr Beam Timeline

Mr Beam wanted to be the solution to this problem. So at that time a crowdfunding project was started on the Kickstarter platform for a laser cutter kit. The response to the first laser engraver was huge, especially from the creative target group. It quickly became clear that there had to be a follow-up product that was intuitive, safe and easy to use. The rest is history. Our spirit of discovery was awakened and we worked with passion on the new model, the Mr Beam II and another crowdfunding campaign. Our team power created a product that changed the market. Laser cutting technology was now easily accessible and the exciting journey is far from over. Already in 2019 we were able to launch our successor model, the Mr Beam II dreamcut. This was replaced by the facelift and the faster laser head [S] in October 2021.

Working at Mr Beam

Mr Beam is currently in an exciting growth phase and offers interesting, challenging tasks right from the start. Our small, dynamic and charming team allows you to work independently with the flat hierarchies typical of startups. In order to be able to continue to increase speed, we are looking for new team members who bring as much passion for our laser cutters as we have.