Laser Cutter Software Beamos®

The Mr Beam is operated via a web application in your browser, so no software installation or internet connection is necessary. The integrated WLAN also enables a fast connection.

When developing the Mr Beam laser cutter, the focus was on making the device easy to use. So it was a big goal of ours to develop intuitive laser cutter software . With Mr Beam it is possible to easily edit all standard formats. Simply create your individual design in a program of your choice or use our integrated template library.

Based on a drag-and-drop system, you can simply drag your template into the web interface and position it within the workspace.

For user-friendly use of the device, the Mr Beam has an integrated camera on the safety lid. As soon as you open it, a photo of the entire work area is taken every few seconds and enables precise placement of the materials to be processed.

The process saves a lot of time because the position of the laser template does not always have to be measured exactly in advance - just put it in and get started .

"Our customers love the Demo Day! The virtual introduction is highly recommended, especially for new customers who do not yet have much laser experience!"

Jessica Head of Marketing & Sales

Head of Marketing & Sales

Book your Demo Day appointment now! In a relaxed atmosphere, the Mr Beam team will explain Mr Beam and BeamOS® to you virtually via zoom in about 2 hours. Afterwards there will be enough time for your questions.

Integrierte Mr Beam Kamera
With many practical features

Intuitive and easy to use

The Mr Beam Lasercutter software is browser-based and works best via Google Chrome. The special thing about the Mr Beam software is that it is also available offline on the device. Ideal for the hobby cellar, workshops, school facilities or for use at trade fairs. By the way, the device recognizes all common file formats. Bitmap graphics or photos are ideal for engraving and for cutting you can simply export SVG files from a program of your choice. The software automatically recognizes the cutting lines created in the file.

Browser-based plug & play software for Mac, Windows, Linux and tablets (without installation)

Integrated camera for easy placement of design templates

Integrated design store with paid templates for lasering

Firmware updates “over the air” or via USB stick

Further advantages of BeamOS®

  • Integrated WiFi
  • Quick Form and Quick Text for easy template creation
  • Integrated file manager to manage your templates
  • Also works offline
  • Intuitive separation of cut and engraved parts in the software
  • Laser settings for many common materials already preset
  • Possibility of saving "custom materials"
Screenshot von der Lasercutter Software

Mr Beam briefly explained!

In our video series we show you step by step how to set up your Mr Beam, get the most out of the laser cutter software and create great #madewithmrbeam products!

Laser cutter software FAQ

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