Laser wood with Mr Beam

Create, decorate, customize - laser wood is very easy with the Mr Beam Laser cutter!

Wood engraving & wood cut simply made

Decorations, Sign, Sticker and Cards made of wood are a Real eye-catcher in every ambience And make a drawing a real artwork in 3D. With our Mr Beam laser cutter, you can not only immortalize your motifs as laser engravings in wood, but also create motifs from the cutting wood. It makes our innovative laser technology with the best usability. We support you the best possible with the processing of wood!

Laser wood, from the filigree decor to the robust piece of furniture

Wood is a beautiful, natural raw material that gives rooms as part of the decor character, creates a warm climate and can be grown particularly sustainable. Good that you can now decorate your furniture, utensils, signs, gift items and decorations with engravings. Wood laser with the Mr Beam is really easy.

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Mr Beam Use as laser cutter for wood

The Mr Beam Laser cutter is not just a professional solution for Laser cutting of woodbut can engrave the finest details in the wood. We supply you the right hardware, software and as needed blanks made of high-quality wood, which can be processed especially well. In addition, our little helper can also cut and engrave many more materials.

Many materials - many possibilities!

With the Mr Beam you decide for a quality laser that can easily cut through thin wooden slices. As Laser cutter for wood, For example, he cuts plywood up to a thickness of 4 mm. Birch wood and solid wood can cut our little friend to a thickness of 3 mm. You can use the laser cutter on the wood to determine the basic shape of your piece, but also in the Template style Cut letters, shapes, complex patterns and smallest details. With Mr Beam Do you achieve Cut professional results with wood. Refinishing and sanding is not necessary. Cut with the laser cutter, wood is fast, hardly causes wood dust and all components of the blank are retained. For example, you can use cut-out letters from the wood lasers later for other decorations.

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Advantages in the laser of wood with the Mr Beam

At the Cutting and engraving wood Do you enjoy with the Mr Beam many different benefits. Especially, the safety & user-friendliness is in focus at every time. In addition, our German support continues to support you after purchase for questions about the laser cutter.

  • Laser class 1
  • Plug & Play
  • Offline & Indoor usable (with Air Filter)
  • German & English Support
  • Low power consumption & quiet
  • Made in Germany

Various wood laser projects

You probably know your creative ideas best and know which wood types you want to use to cut out or engraving models, works of art or gift items. But should not that be the case, our sales team is at your side and like to advise you Laser of wood. As a laser cutter for wood cuts, the Mr Beam Soft, but robust woods especially good. The best results do you achieve with Kraftplex, Balsa wood, pine, birch, Poplar and plywood From soft woods. From all these types of wood you can Wood laser To partially 4 mm, but at least 3 mm thick, motifs cut out. Alternatively, we can also test the wood of your choice before making a purchase for a purchase. In the Laser engraving of wood, there are fewer restrictions. Only the intensity of dark laser ornaments may vary. Woods like beech, cherry, oak and Pour Also suitable for wood lasers like Balsa wood, Kraftplex, bamboo, poplar wood and birch wood.

Effortless time saving
Simply laser at home
Out-of-the-box usable

This is how you make beautiful creations made of wood by engraving & laser cutting

The most important question about ours Laser cutter for wood Most of the "What can I actually decorate with it?". We have a thousand of great things that can be implemented easily and quickly with wood lasers. Some beautiful creations can be found on our Mr Beam YouTube Channel or in our Blog To postpone.

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Achieve a new level in editing wood!

Wood is a versatile raw material and is increasingly being used where it can replace plastic. Wood business cards, wood name signs or wooden keychains are not only beautiful, but also very individual. In the world of kitchen utensils, many people are currently discovering birch wood and birch bark again to make bays, retention boxes and dishes of course antibacterial. With Wood lasering, whatever you like is allowed. No matter if you want a comic, your company logo or a lettering in the woods - Mr Beam helps you!

More suggestions through our big Mr Beam Community

You lack the ignition idea for your next project with the Mr Beam? You are looking for motives to Engrave or would like to see how others with the Mr Beam Cutting wood and tinker decorations? Then you will find guaranteed inspiration at our great community! Under #madewithmrbeam Do you think of Instagram crazy many creations with our laser cutter. You can also do our Facebook-Group Join to get new input. - Wood can be as easy with wood Mr Beam be.

The Mr Beam Laser cutter for wood supports you with your projects

Become part of our mission with the purchase of a laser cutter for wood. Of course, you can still laser many other materials. The Mr Beam Is your little helper to realize your creative projects. What are you waiting for?

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  • The Mr Beam is really super easy to use, even without a lot of technical knowledge.
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  • The delivery took place quickly and with questions you get an answer within a very short time. We can do the Mr Beam And his team :-) only recommend.

    Michael Müller
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