Lasercutter als Alternative zur Plottermaschine: Lohnt sich ein Lasercutter, wenn man schon einen Plotter hat?

Laser cutter as an alternative to plotter machine: Worth a laser cutter, if you already have a plotter?

Plotters are digital devices that can transfer lettering, graphics and other shapes to paper and other materials. With a cutter can also be materials such as adhesive films, cardboard, rubber, plastic and thin wood to edit. One Plotter machine Resembles a conventional printer. The result is not a picture consisting of individual pixels but a vector graphics. Laser Cutter represent a meaningful alternative to the plotter machine, because the plotter has a big weakness: it is much more limited in material selection. The editing of boards or stones is not possible.

In contrast to the plotting with a cutting plotter, the laser cutting is a non-contact cutting technique and so show less wear phenomena in the laser cutter. Frequent maintenance and maintenance costs are significantly lower in the laser cutter and so the laser cutting is considered particularly cost-effective. The investment in one Laser cutter as an alternative to the cutting plotter Can be worthwhile. 

What is a plotter machine?

 A classic plotter is a corner. This means that a plotter machine can process vector graphics. Vector graphics illustrations are described by lines, points and curves. This procedure is based on a mathematical basis. Advantage of vector graphics is that they are infinitely scalable without loss of quality. Plotters are equipped with one or more cars. Pens are attached to these cars. When plotting with a classic plotter machine come as materials Only paper and similar materials In question.

Plotter machine

If this device is not equipped with a pin but with a knife, then one speaks of one Cutter. These devices can not only transfer the predetermined shapes, lines and vector graphics to different materials, but also crop them accordingly. Plotter machines with cutting function are not only used in the professional area, but are also used for the hobby usage. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the device can be connected via Bluetooth or a USB cable to the computer or a mobile device. Via graphics programs or a corresponding plotter software, the device is then controlled and the data is transmitted.

How does a plotter machine work? 

When plotting, a plotter machine is used, which is equipped with one or more cars. Pens are attached to these cars in one or several colors. Plotter machines with cutting function are not equipped with pins, but a knife. However, in some cutting plots, the knives can be replaced by pins and the respective device can be used to conventional plotting. Many cutting plotters can therefore also be used as needed Simple plotting with pins be used. There are different devices on the market. For professional use, plotter machines are often used with tangential knife technology. This technology is complicated and slower, but is considered very accurate. In the hobby area you often find devices with the faster and simpler towing meter technology. Using the knives and corresponding control programs, the graphics are cut into the material. In question, papers come into question, but depending on the device, slides, textiles and Plexiglas can be processed. Which material can be used in which thickness can be found in the manufacturer's description.

In search of a plotter machine you should pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions. Which material can be processed? Up to which strength can the different materials be processed? The maximum cutting depth indicates how thick the material may be which can be tailored to the device. Also on the passage must be paid to. The passage is usually greater than the cutting depth. This means that even thicker material can be processed. However, thicker materials are then not cut, but engraved. The maximum width indicates how wide the material to be processed may be or in which width can work the plotter machine.

What can a plotter do?

Plotter machines can be almost all forms Paper, textiles, cardboard and cut out some other materials. The plotting is then used if you do not achieve the desired destination with a scissor, a craft knife or a paper cutting machine. The cutting of motifs with the knife or the scissors is in some cases too inaccurate or much too expensive.

The cutter uses a knife to cut certain forms from the material. The plotter moves the material and the Cutting head Moves perpendicular to it and cuts the desired shape. Plotter machines can not only cut, depending on the model, these can also draw, emboss and perforate.

Plotter work with and without computer depending on the model. There are devices whose control does not require an external computer. These have a small screen and control buttons. Other plotters must be connected to the computer so that they can be controlled by software and can be used in the best possible way. In general, devices that can be connected to a computer offer more design options. In the process, however, you still need a computer to create the Plotter file.


Plotting with the cutting plotter - limited in the choice of material

The plotting with a conventional one Cutting plotter has a decisive disadvantage:

Although the device can edit different materials. In the processing of different heights and shapes, however, the cutting plotter stops at its limits. The maximum material height is a few millimeters. Everything about it can not be plotted with a plotter machine. Then you have to look for many ways quickly. This is exactly where a laser cut would come into play as an alternative to the plott. 

Maintenance of a plotter machine

A plotter must regularly maintain and wear parts must be exchanged. The wear parts include, for example, knife holder, pressure rollers and cutting strips next to the plotter knife. You have to replace the different wearing parts especially if the Cut quality no longer agrees. It may also be that the size of the specification and the size of the output no longer match. These and other problems can cause individual or multiple parts to be replaced.

For example, if the knife is worn or the cutting bar is no longer optimal, this leads to an unclean cut edge. To optimally expirate the plotting with the cutting plotter, the knives must be replaced relatively frequently. Especially with daily use, the knives take advantage of it quickly. If the material is not transported properly in the plotter, it can be assumed that the pressure rollers are worn. Starting and corner points may differ in this case. If the knife holder is not top in shot, then the cuts will not accurately accurately. When plotting with a plotter machine you have to expect follow-up costs. These summon over time.

Why is the laser the better alternative?

Laser cutters are a meaningful alternative To conventional plotters, as these are not only highly efficient, but also offer a much greater range of uses. For example, a laser cut can be used for multiple materials as well as different material thicknesses. Another advantage of non-contact cutting are the very precise and clean cut edges. The material is not squeezed or grasped. Especially with textiles this is a very big advantage. Fine and complex forms are not a problem for a modern laser cutter. The maintenance effort in the laser cutter is similar to the plotter machine. With regular use, the Laser head be cleaned, as well as the air filters are exchanged.

Laser cutter as a plotter alternative

Who does not decide for the conventional plotting, but the laser cutting as an alternative, benefits from the following advantages:

  • Flexibility: Laser cutting allows you a high degree of flexibility. You can edit a wider range of material than that is possible when plotting. In addition, you can process larger material thicknesses.
  • Efficiency: Laser cutting gives you a more efficient work process. The process runs in seconds. You benefit from high cutting speeds as well as high throughput speeds. The simple operation makes this work easier for you.
  • Precision: Laser cutters easily carry cuts, quickly and precisely. Here, a much more precise cut is possible than other methods. During laser cutting, fine and complex designs and shapes are not a problem.
  • Material-friendly: The laser cutting takes place contactless, so that the different materials are processed particularly gently.
  • Quality: The quality of the results convinced, because if you are going to the laser cutter for solo production or go into mass production, there is no wear. That is, it does not come to a loss of quality over time.

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Why with the Mr Beam II Dreamcut [S] lasers?

In the laser with the laser cutter Mr Beam II Dreamcut [S] you benefit from many advantages. Our laser cutter is easy to use and ensures the highest security in the laser. You do not have to build the device complicated, it can be used directly out-of-the-box. The Mr Beam II Dreamcut [S] is controlled via a browser-based Plug & Play software. This can be used without elaborate installation with Windows, Mac, Linux. thanks to the Air Filter II Systems If the laser cut is also suitable for use in the interior. Since it is laser class 1, no laser protection officer is necessary. The intuitive software Facilitates the operation in addition. Our low-maintenance laser cutter can be used directly without accessories. Optionally, you can also find us with us Suitable accessories to yours Mr Beam Laser Cutter to adapt to your needs.

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Conclusion for plotting compared to the laser

Plot with a plotter machine is currently really trendy. With a hobby plotter you can many DIY ideas Realize and get started is really a good device. Own pattern, Individual cards And more creative ideas can be realized.

Nevertheless, the upgrade to a laser cut is worthwhile. With the MR Beam you do not need any other accessories to the laser. The buying of tool accessories is a thing of the past. But not only in this regard, sustainability is great. Your plotter files can continue to be used with the laser cutter. In terms of material height or material thickness, you can also move clearly clearly again.

You want you convince yourself of our laser cut? Then just book one Free demo appointment with us. We organize Demo Days every week, where our Sales team introduces you the device. Single consulting is also possible.

Laser cutting with the Mr Beam II Dreamcut [S] is one Real alternative to plotter machine. Your creativity is quite no limits. - Technology with heart!

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