Repair service for your Mr Beam!

One repair is then necessary if a mechanical or a software-side defect Mr Beam exists, the not by remote diagnostics and by solutions by the Mr Beam Support can be resolved. If there is a problem with the device, our support employees try to find a solution first, without the device needs to be sent to us. Our goal is to be able to offer the customer fast, efficient and pragmatic solutionsso that the Mr Beam As soon as possible, as possible can be put into operation again.

Fault diagnosis
Efficient solutions
Wartung Mr Beam

Tips for maintaining the Mr Beam

In order to avoid a mechanical defect of the device, we recommend particularly carefully for the maintenance and maintenance of the Mr Beam. All information for this, we put in our Quick Start Guide, in our operating manual and online in our Knowledge base ready.

Your Mr Beam needs spare parts? - No problem!

If a spare part should still be necessary or a wearing part of the Mr Beam must be replaced, we offer our customers Pragmatic and fast solutions In the form of a price list, if a defective component needs to be replaced.
As wearing parts, which from time to time on Mr Beam The following components must be replaced: Prefilter & Main filter, Gas springs, Laser head fan for the dreamcut or the [S] head.

Repair price list

Overview of the prices of spare parts. All listed prices are net prices.

In addition, we calculate €60.00 per working hour for installation. Billing is half-hourly. If it is not a guarantee repair, the return shipping will be charged, if you apply for a shipping label with us. The cost of one per shipping route Mr Beam to €15,00. Shipping for small parts (e.g., laser head) is calculated with €5.00.

  • Spare part clip at the laser head -€15,00
  • Spare part clips cable guide - €15,00
  • Spare part screws Airfilter or laser head - €15,00
  • Spare Part Set Security Key - €25,00
  • Spare Part One Button - €25,00
  • Spare Part Compressor - €45,00
  • Spare Part Grid Floor - €70,00
  • Spare Part Filter System Plug / Dummy - €15,00
  • Spare part SD card exchange - €45,00
  • Spare part ribbon cable - €25,00
  • Spare Part Raspberry Pi - €65,00
  • Spare Part Lid - €200,00
  • Spare parts laser head holder made of metal-20,00 €
  • Spare Part Connection Socket Air Filter System - €40,00
  • Spare part main PcB - 65.00€
  • Repair cleaning - €25,00
  • Spare part LED strip - 15,00€
Mr Beam Reparatur

Solutions for your problem

Possible sources of error and First solutions and comprehensive informationwhich material of the Mr Beam can process, stand in our Knowledge base to disposal. Through our multi-year experience with the device and the exchange with our customers, we have a solid foundation and safety that can happen (accidentally) and look like this.

Avoid frequent sources of error

We always emphasize, Carefully (max 2 mm) to solve the black clipwhen the ribbon cable is to be staked and locked the clip when the ribbon cable is plugged in to fix it and Not falling from the laser head during the method of the axis. If this procedure is not done, but the cable will be pulled out of the laser head without opening, the sensitive contacts on the ribbon cable are visibly damaged.

Important articles for avoiding errors

Other important articles on error avoidance can be found in the linked articles:

Top 3 laser head error

System messages

Cleaning the bottom plate or grid floor

Change the gas springs

Downloads für den Mr Beam
Mr Beam Laserkopf

Marterial & Maintenance

Further information on the topics of material and maintenance can be found in the following articles:

General Care & Maintenance

Care of the tours

Exchange Air Filter System & Filter

Clean the laser head

Products for cleaning

  • Mr Beam Cleaning Kit
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    € 17,90
    Sale price
    € 17,90
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    Sold out
  • Ballistol Resin Solvent
    Regular price
    from € 8,90
    Sale price
    from € 8,90
    Regular price
    Unit price
    Sold out
  • Mr Beam Cleaning Bundle
    Regular price
    € 43,90
    Sale price
    € 43,90
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Questions about the repair procedure

How do I prepare the device for shipping?

How do I pack my device for shipping?

What happens if further damage will be discovered on the device?

Is the device cleaned during repair?

How long does it take to repair?

Will a replacement device be offered in time?

What about the warranty & warranty?

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