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Textile finishing with a laser cutter

With our laser cutter you can easily cut and engrave fabrics. Arrange a demo appointment to have the Mr Beam explained to you.

Many fabrics - a laser cutter for textile finishing

There are many different fabrics that are suitable for textile finishing, depending on the desired effect and processing method. If you want to cut fabrics with a laser cutter, felt , cotton and denim are particularly suitable. In this way you can create precise cuts for clothing or fine patterns in the shortest possible time. When engraving fabrics, you can achieve very attractive results with felt and jeans with a wow effect! - Textile finishing so quick and easy with the Mr Beam laser cutter.

Precisely and accurately cut fabric

When cutting fabrics with scissors or a knife, you work much more inefficiently than with a laser cutter. The Mr Beam supports you in the fast and extremely precise processing of your fabrics . Irregular edges after cutting are history. Filigree cuts with the highest accuracy are carried out without the material fraying or tearing. In this way you significantly increase the quality of your end product.

Engravings as perfect textile finishing

With the Mr Beam you can refine textiles perfectly by providing them with personalized engravings. The textile engraving can contain text, images or even photographs. This is how you can realize upcycling ideas and give your textiles that special something. Particularly suitable for:

  • Pillow
  • bags
  • phone cases
  • denim jackets
  • purses
  • cutlery pockets
  • and much more!

From the idea to the perfect finish

The Mr Beam laser cutter supports you from the idea to the finished textile finish with its user-friendly software. With the easy operation of the software, you can load your design into the laser cutter software and simply start the laser job. In addition, you have the option to add various design elements and text with our Quickform tool to make your design even more individual. The software allows you to see and adjust the design in real-time, so you can make sure it looks exactly how you envisioned it. It has never been so easy to add a personal touch to textile end products with engravings or patterns.

Flexible finishing of textiles with the Mr Beam

With the Mr Beam laser cutter you not only have the freedom to choose materials, but also the opportunity to work anywhere there is a power connection. At just 10 kilograms, the device is very light and easy to transport. This means you can offer the finishing of textile end products through engraving as an additional service at your point of sale or use it at trade fairs to personalize products or giveaways. Lasering in studios or offices is also possible using our air filter system. Safety is our top priority and the devices are classified as laser class 1, which means that a laser safety officer is not necessary. With the Mr Beam laser cutter, we make laser technology accessible to everyone and offer a simple and safe way to refine and personalize textiles.

Effortlessly save time
Simply laser everywhere
Usable out of the box
Textilien gravieren

Tutorial on how to engrave a denim pillow

Discover the creative world of textile design with the Mr Beam! In our tutorial, we will show you how you can use precise engravings to turn denim fabric into a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Be amazed by the versatility of the laser cutter and create individual designs that reflect your personal style. It doesn't matter whether you decide on lettering, patterns or photos - with the Mr Beam laser cutter there are no limits to your creativity. Stop by and get inspired!

Customize your textiles with the Mr Beam now!

If you are looking for a way to refine textiles individually and with precise processing , then the Mr Beam laser cutter is the ideal solution for you! Our team is always at your side with helpful support to clear up open questions right from the start. We offer you the opportunity to test the device in an online demo appointment or on site in our showroom. Let our experienced sales team advise you and take your textiles to the next level. Whether you want to create your own designs for your fashion label or create personalized gifts, the Mr Beam laser cutter gives you the flexibility and precision you need. We look forward to supporting you with your projects. In addition, you can get support and inspiration from our community. Under the #madewithmrbeam you can see the works of our beamies and you can become part of our exclusive Facebook group!

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Mr Beam laser cutter for textile finishing


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  • The Mr Beam is really super easy to use, even without a lot of technical knowledge.
    It's incredibly fun to work with.

    Natalia Fercho
  • Purchasing Mr Beam got me back into working with wood and is just what I was fortunately missing.

    Dagmar Rohweder
  • The delivery was quick and if you have any questions, you will get an answer within a very short time. We can only recommend Mr Beam and his team :-).

    Michael Mueller
  • I bought my Mr Beam 2 months ago and made a very personal dream of a small business possible. I'm excited!

    Ruta Völker

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