Questions about Mr Beam

What is the difference between the models: Mr Beam II, Mr Beam II dreamcut and Mr Beam II dreamcut [S] and the Mr Beam II dreamcut [x]?

What's new about Mr Beam II dreamcut [x]?

What distinguishes the Mr Beam II dreamcut [S]?

Does the Mr Beam have AirAssist?

Is the Mr Beam certified?

I'm interested in the Mr Beam laser cutter and I still have questions. How can I contact you?

I have read that the follow-up costs (main filter) are very high. Is that correct?

When buying

Is purchase on account possible?

How much are the shipping costs?

Is it possible to buy the Mr Beam in instalments?

I would like to return the Mr Beam. Is the?

After the purchase

I want to prepare as best I can for my Mr Beam, how does that work?

Do you actually offer an intensive workshop for new customers?

I have a problem with my Mr Beam, what should I do?

Why is it so dangerous when I laser PVC?

My Mr Beam has to go to the workshop. Can I get a replacement device?

What is actually covered by warranty, and what is covered by repair?

My delivery isn't on its way yet, but the money has already been debited - why is that?

For customers from Switzerland

Can I have the Mr Beam delivered to Switzerland?


Where can I find all important downloads?