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Mass Customization: How you can build a business with personalized products

Personalized products - why are they so popular?

Cups with the name of the favorite person, school folders with the name of the child, with a personal saying, embroidered baby blankets or clothing that was made according to individual wishes - the desire, To get out of the crowd and have personalized products, is big.

The need for goods that are tailored to the recipient grows. The name of the child's gym bag belongs and on the flower vase for the bouquet of birthday Must have a separate saying. Ballpoints need a print and every towel in the bathroom shows its owner in an open manner.

However, personalized can also mean that items in size, shape and cut are tailored to the needs of the customer. For example, bridal jackets from wool can be commissioned, which can be individually adapted to the wearer by the color, sleeve length, the pattern or various solutions in the hem area. So personalized products make it possible, to feel unique through their possessions. Knowing that one belongs to very few people in the world who have this one product in this form strengthens self -esteem and your own identity.

What are the possibilities of personalization?

Personalize product

Do you want to build a business that personalized products sold, can you be creative. Names can be engraved on jewellery, the size of the trailers varies, or you offer different materials. When selling shoes, it is possible to print different motifs, through which each shoe gains an individual look. 

If human appearance has to be right, clothing frequently exceeds clothes. Especially with shirts, more and more men trust in a tailor -made service, which is covered by a personalized offer. Measured item features such as collar width, sleeves, subtle embroidery and the implementation of special wishes in this area ensure for ever greater demand.

Also remember to personalize every customer email. This is not about a specific product, but Customers are increasingly attaching greater importance to being addressed personally. Personalization begins before buying it possible by making it possible for potential customers to leave their names.

What does mass customization mean?

Take in Mass product and find a way to offer it with different variation options. This production concept is known as the mass customization. For example, there is the possibility to have the basic model of a sneaker personalized.

Coloured laces, the choice of eyelets, the colour of the shoes, applying a logo or a personal text on the inside of the tab an individual article from a mass product. Instead of producing and offering countless models in various designs, there is a basic model that is produced in an adapted manner as required.

In which areas can be personalized?

It doesn't matter in which area you build your business. Personalized products are possible everywhere. As a manufacturer of cosmetics, packaging such as cream boxes offer enough space for photos and personal words. In the food sector, not only can the packaging with regard to the needs of the customer. Chocolate can be produced in letters or in the form of a personal sentence. An imprint for excessive sweets, such as the well -known smarties, is also possible.

In the textile area, you can Countless variations through motifs and Lettering created from which your customers select. Platforms such as Spreadshirt and Shirtinator have been going this way for years and benefit from the endless possibilities to print shirts, sweaters, baby clothes or pillows and cups.

Personalized products can also be found in the area of ​​the food industry. If you start the day with a muesli, you are spoiled for choice. The content rarely agrees with personal preferences. Personalized products, on the other hand, make it possible to combine the individual mixture from a given number of ingredients.

Is it worth offering personalized products?

Infographic personalized products

The desire for individuality is getting bigger, That is why it is definitely worth offering personalized products. Nobody wants to buy something that the neighbour also has. Instead, consumer goods should show that they are only tailored to their owner. Since man defines themselves very strongly about material things, they have to reflect the individuality of a person increasingly by personalized characteristics.

As a seller, you have more options, To inspire customers for your products. If you offer variations of a product, you have the possibility that you will bind buyers in the long term. If you are looking for personalized clothing, you will not only buy once if you like your offer.

For example, you start in the book industry and offers personalized children's books, there will be guaranteed to be available. Here the names of the protagonists, the places of the plot or objects can be adapted within history according to their own preferences. If other children or their parents get such an individual book, the desire for their own edition is great.

What advantages and disadvantages does the sale of personalized products have?

Personalization of products

Personalized products strengthen sustainability that is of particular importance in our time. The example of personalized books is only printed if the customer ordered. There is a story that is changed at will and then commissioned.

The same advantage exists when printing clothes. Instead of applying all motifs to clothing and offering them in different sizes, there is a model that is embellished according to your own ideas. The order is only followed afterwards. It is only produced when the article is needed. This saves mountains of clothing that become a shopkeeper because customers would prefer the article in a slightly different version.

You have to decide for yourself whether the use of your own creativity and the corresponding amount of time can be regarded as disadvantageous. The more options you offer with your products, the greater demand will be. You have to consider which personalized details vote for you and also take into account the effort of these offers. You take over the personalizations yourself, you make your own decisions. If you need suppliers or other companies that implement your offer, you rely on the right timing and high -quality work of other people.

How is the right of return for personalized products?

Usually, you are protected from a legal side when it comes to complaints with personalized articles. But here, too, you shouldn't rely on the laws. These can be interpreted differently, although personalized and custom-made products are excluded from the return and exchange.

This regulation should protect you so that you do not invest materials and working hours in an individual mandate, then have to do a repayment and the Due to his personalization, cannot sell again due to his personalization. However, this regulation is very general and is not always used. If a sweater has been printed with a saying and the customer complained to it, it may happen that you will be obliged to take back. If the legislator assumes that the saying is so general that it also fits another person, you have to bite into the acid apple.

With a baby blanket in which the child's name was embroidered, the refusal of a complaint should be accepted. However, the name can be separated afterwards, so that the ceiling can be sold without personalization, you may have to take the article back.

Personalize with the laser cutter

Personalize product

If you want to do more out of your hobby and sell professionally created products, be ours Mr Beam Laser cutter recommended. With that not only can wood, Plastic, feltEdit leather or metal. Also, the Decoration for Christmas Or is a wedding made quickly with a laser cutter And will inspire many customers. Even bread rifles, wooden boards, door signs, name tags, game boards or business cards can be precisely embellished with texts and pictures.

With the laser cutter, every design can be realized. The touch -free processing of different materials such as slate, acrylic, Cardboard or fabric is effective, saves money and creates high quality, personalized products. Not only small quantities can be realized. With the help of stencils, larger orders are also possible that ensure financial success.

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Conclusion on personalized products

Customize products

If your way to self-employment should lead you, personalized products offer you many options and a good source of income. You can become creative in any area because Almost all products can be customized. It is only important to find out the needs of customers.

There are always new markets that offer personalized products And thus target sustainability and environmental protection. For example, the shipping of cooking boxes ensures that food waste is countered. Which area you ultimately choose - with a little creativity, you will find opportunities everywhere to create several variations from a product. The sale of these products is also easier. Regardless of whether Online shop or marketplace, such as. Etsy, You can easily select the sales channel yourself according to your needs.

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