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Becoming self-employed on the side - tips and ideas for self-employment

It excites you to be self -employed professionally, but you want Try self -employment initially free of risk? Then you can start your part -time job and find out whether this is something for you in the long term. With this you are in the best company: Almost twice as many founders become self -employed with a secondary business as with a main industry. In this article we answer all your questions about part -time independence and also give you ideas for independence.

What does it mean to be self-employed on the side?

To work independently means that you do further activity on an independent basis in addition to your main activity. For this you bring less working time than for your main activity. A gross guideline: your independence Shouldn't more than 18-20 hours take a week in your time. The income from your secondary activity should also not be higher than that of your main employment.

How can I become self-employed by part-time and what legal form do I have to choose?

Even if you (initially) become self -employed, it is important to find out, whether your work as a free profession or as a business is classified. People who act freelance are who perform a literary, scientific, educational or artistic activity in accordance with Section 18 of the Income Tax Act or work as a (dental) doctor, tax consultant, architect, translator or journalist.

Everything that does not fit into the above description, is considered a trade. According to the definition, a trader is the one who produces something craftsmanship or works as a merchant. You can do this alone or in conjunction with others under a certain legal form such as the GmbH, OHG, UG or GbR.

While it is enough As a freelancer, to register the activity at the tax office, is the procedure for the trader a little more complex. Here you have to:

  1. Register the trade at the commercial office
  2. Pay trade tax
  3. Become a member of the IHK
  4. Enter in the commercial register
  5. Make double bookkeeping in your company.

How much can you earn independently by part-time and when do you have to pay taxes?

In principle, if you are self -employed, you can earn as much as you want. It is important that you have to pay taxes on your income from this activity. If income from your part -time independence is higher than the income from your main activity, this also has an impact on your statutory health insurance. As a assessment basis for your contributions, the activity in which you earn more is used.

as You only pay income taxif you are independent by part. As a trader, the income, commercial and sales tax are added. If you start a corporation, corporation tax is also due. As a small business owner, you are exempt from sales tax. As a small business owner, it is roughly considered who generated a maximum of EUR 22,000 in the previous financial year and will not generate more than EUR 50,000 in the current financial year. (Source:

Can I become self-employed part-time, even if I currently don't have a main job?

Yes, it's possible, to be self -employed without a main job - For example as a student or unemployed. In these cases, you must not exceed certain earnings limits and as an unemployed, you have to state your part -time independence at the employment office.

As a civil servant, can I do a part-time independence?

An official can also be self -employed part -time. Then he must not use more than 20 % of his weekly service for his secondary activity. In addition, the income from self-employment must not exceed 40 % of the monthly civil servants.

Are I entitled to grants and funding if I have a part -time independence?

Yes, even if your professional independence initially only part -time, you have the option of applying for funding or loans. The same options are open to you as someone who becomes full -time independently. However, you are only entitled to a start -up grant from the employment agency if you end unemployment.

Do I benefit from the home office flat rate if I am self-employed part-time?

During the Corona pandemic, the home office flat rate came into force in Germany. This states that employees can assert a flat rate of five euros in the home office every day. This is limited to 120 days/600 euros. The self -employed are also entitled to this flat rate. However, the prerequisite for this is that really worked in the home office throughout the day.

Do I have to share my part -time independence to my employer?

Legally, you are not obliged to inform your employer about your project and it is not entitled to prevent yourself from doing so. However, it is advisable to play with open cards and to teach your employer about it. Perhaps your employment contract contains regulations regarding a secondary activity. However, the following points should also be guaranteed if you become self -employed by part -time:

  • Your main job is allowed dIf your independence is not negatively affected.
  • You respect the statutory work limits.
  • You must not use your disease and vacation days for your part-time independence.
  • With your independence you do not compete with your employer.
  • You keep the company secrets of your main activity.

When does a part-time self-employment become subject to health insurance?

Usually there are no further contributions to your statutory health insurance if you Take self -employed part -time. Nevertheless, you should inform your health insurance company about your work, because your income from it will be taken into account in the insurance contribution. As long as it is a part -time job with a maximum of 20 hours a week working hours and without employees subject to social security contributions, you are responsible for your health insurance company as part -time.

The reference size is also important as a benchmark for your monthly income. This is 3,290 euros per month in the western federal states, in the eastern 3,115 euros. If you now expose more than 20 hours a week for your part -time independence, but your income falls below half of the reference size, the health insurance company will be under certain conditions continue to lead as part -time self -employed.

What else do I have to consider when it comes to part-time independence?

With a part -time self -employment Are you not subject to social security contributions. As a self -employed person, you are also not obliged to pay into the statutory pension insurance. However, there are compulsory insured self -employed, such as:

  • Artist
  • Publicist
  • Teachers whose earnings are over 450 euros per month (also tutor, trainer and coaches fall here).

What idea can I use to become self-employed?

Part -time independence

Would you like to do something, but are you still missing concrete ideas for independence? Of the Mr Beam Laser cutter is the ideal tool with which you have a Variety of ideas for self -employment can easily realize. This means that a wide variety of materials can be personalized or creative individual pieces. You can do that Mr Beam Use laser cutters for the development of prototypes - your creative possibilities are practically no limits.

You can use that Mr Beam Laser cutter wood, Textiles like felt, Cotton or jersey, paper and cardboard, ACryl, Mu, Polypropylene or Foam, Leather or latex cut. You can also engrave a variety of materials so that you Exciting ideas for independence dcan implement amit.

Even if you are not talented, it is Mr Beam Laser cutter Your tool for the step into self -employment. You only need ideas to let your creativity run free. You can sell your products on the Internet Germany or even worldwide. The only thing you need to do it Mr Beam Taking into operation is a computer - you are ready to realize the most incredible projects with it. The laser cutter is so easy and intuitive to use that even beginners can work perfectly with it. Your handmade products give a high -quality impression, whereby nobody came up with the idea that this is your first attempt.

Mr Beam Cases - make it your own with a laser cutter

Kathi Letters - Creative Lettering projects

part -time self -employed

Our cooperation partner Kathi Letters Preside. She is an illustrator and use the Mr Beamto implement your lettering projects. The end product can be very different. From the individual design of various wedding, Christmas or birthday cards to various decorative items such as murals.

So she uses the laser cutter to cut particularly fine and detailed projects. The difference to manual processing stands out, especially for round areas. Likewise, the engraving and cutting of larger quantities is no longer a problem. This can be particularly advantageous If a high number of products with similar quality is to be lasered.

Stadtlandcut - individual card cuts as a work of art

Individual card cuts

At the Stadtlandcut Founder Klaus Zimmermann, on the other hand, started everything with a simple idea. When browsing on the Internet, he stumbled across card cuts from paper and thought: “Wow, cool thing, I would like to have from our small town. Preferably individually from the place of the hospital where my son will be born. ” Discarded by much too high shipping costs for a delivery from the United States, the founder himself took the matter in hand. With the help of scalpel and watercolor paper, the idea became a first project and from this in turn the small town of Stadtlandcut. Today the company represents Individual card cuts and works of art. You are no longer limited to processing with paper. Materials have long been like Kraftplex, Balsa wood, Added plywood panels or felt.

So arise different works of art, Birth & wedding gifts or Individual memories to a certain place in the course of a trip around the world.

"I 'throw' the file on the Mr Beam, put the material to be processed, adjust the laser saucepan and close the lid. ”It stands Plug-and-play solution of the MR Beams in the foreground. At the push of a button, your idea becomes a finished project. Also is that Mr Beam Due to its comparatively low price (compared to common industrial laser cutters), a good partner for getting started with a part -time job.

Even more options with a laser cutter

Naturally If our case studies do not include all areas of applicationthat can lead to independence. We see every day Mr Beam Customers, from a wide variety of professional groups who implement great ideas and thus also earn money. Be it in the furniture finishing/ production, the implementation of architectural models, in jewelry manufacturers, home improvement work or in the production of smaller accessories, such as key fans. Under the hashtag #madewithmrbeam show you independent and private Mr Beam Users how to use their laser cutter. Just have a look.

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