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#beamies - student company of the Realschule Ehingen

Today we are introducing you to a very special project in our #beamies series . We get exclusive insights into how Mr Beam is used in everyday school life. The students at the Realschule Ehingen tell us something about their student company and what they learn from it.

School project - student company Ureigen

Original student company

First, tell me something about your school project. What is the goal of the student cooperative? How did the idea come about?

The student cooperative, or what we like to call the student company, produces truly unique items. We work with many materials, some also from the Mr Beam Shop. Within our student company, the laser is of course our main workhorse. Of course, we also learn a lot about accounting, marketing and customer contact.

The idea came from our teacher, Mr. Hink. He bought the Mr Beam for the school and immediately recognized its potential and then founded the student company together with us.


What is a student company?
A student company is a business founded and run by students to give them hands-on experience in entrepreneurship.
It serves as a learning environment for the development of entrepreneurial skills such as leadership, marketing, financial management etc. and can be organized in the form of a small business or a social enterprise. The student company can be carried out as a project within the framework of school lessons or as an extra-curricular activity.


Tasks in a student company

student company

Does each student have a fixed task in the student company, or do you swap tasks in between?


In fact, we have ancestral responsibilities. Everyone there is perfectly trained and a specialist. But for larger campaigns, such as before Christmas (when we were preparing for the Christmas market), we all help together - no matter what the task is.

Mr Beam laser cutter as a valuable investment

Laser cutters for schools

How does Mr Beam support you in the school project?

He's not just a support to us. Without it, we couldn't make any products. Sometimes our teacher says Mr Beam is the only one who actually works here. That is of course not true at all. Sometimes we are something... student. 😇

Which items do you personalize with the Mr Beam and, which are the most popular?

We are currently processing wood, plastic, felt, foam rubber, paper and slate. However, slate is our absolute bestseller because the effect is really mega and, the products are durable.

Slate engravings of the student company

How can your products be purchased then?

Currently, only on personal request by email at or in person at sales campaigns, such as at the Christmas market.

Which materials do you prefer to work with the Mr Beam?

Paper, because it's quick and easy, and slate, because our customers are so enthusiastic about it. Unfortunately, we don't have an S-laser head yet, which is why metal is unfortunately still out, but we're diligently saving for this new acquisition.

What do you particularly like about working with the Mr Beam?

Operating the Mr Beam is very intuitive and simple. We've even lasered from our cell phones before. Only cleaning is sometimes annoying, but of course it is also part of it.

Works of the student company

The laser results of the students are definitely impressive.

Three “either-or” questions at the end

Do you prefer a school project or free time?

Definitely student company!

Would you rather engrave or cut?

We prefer to cut different materials with the Mr Beam.

Would you rather give a gift you made yourself or a gift you bought?

Homemade, unless it was bought from our student company. 😉


Many thanks to the student company of the Realschule Ehingen for taking the time to answer our questions. It's always nice to see in which areas the Mr Beam is used and offers the user added value.

Anyone who would like to continue to follow the school project should definitely follow the student company's Instagram account and order the products by email at 🧡 😊

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