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#beamies - Peenetal Schule Gützkow teaches manufacturing methods with a laser cutter


Today we introduce you to Roland and the Peental School Gützkow in the #beamies series. One of the major learning goals at the school is to impart knowledge about manufacturing methods . Among other things, two Mr Beam laser cutters were purchased for this purpose.

Presentation of the Peenetal School Gützkow

Peene Valley School

Hello Roland, thank you for taking the time to tell us a bit about the use of Mr Beam at your school. Please briefly introduce yourself and your school. Which Mr Beam do you have?

Our school is located in the Vorpommern-Greifswald district in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania between the Greifswalder Bodden and the island of Usedom. We are a regional school with an attached elementary school. The school is run by the Züssow office. At our school we teach about 440 students with 39 teachers

in grades 1-10. We currently have two Mr Beam laser cutters. Once the Mr Beam II dreamcut including air filter system and a Mr Beam II dreamcut (S).

What is a regional school?

A regional school is a type of school in Germany that has been introduced in various federal states since the 1990s. It is intended to offer an alternative type of school to the Gymnasium and the secondary modern school and enable a common school career for pupils up to the 10th school year.

The regional school is usually an all-day school and offers a broad educational basis that is suitable for both a professional and an academic career. The pupils are individually supported in the regional school and can choose between different courses of study depending on their interests and abilities.

In some federal states, the regional school is also referred to as a community school or integrated comprehensive school. The aim of this type of school is to create better permeability between the different courses of education and to improve equal opportunities for all pupils.


Funding through the digital pact - teaching media skills

How did you find out about Mr Beam back then, and did you already have a plan on how you would like to use the laser cutter? Did you receive a grant? For example, through the digital pact?

In preparation for the MBK media education concept 2019, I researched suitable devices and digital teaching aids. I then came across the Mr Beam dreamcut II via a YouTube video. The devices were then added to the wish list via the official's MEP media development plan. We received the devices through funding from the digital pact, and the official also continued to plan and finance it.

What is a media education concept?

A media education concept is an educational concept that focuses on teaching media skills and integrating media into educational processes. It describes the goals, content, methods and structures that are required for systematic and sustainable promotion of media skills in an educational institution. A media education concept usually includes the following aspects:

  • Description of the target group and the needs
  • Definition of the goals
  • determination of the content
  • Description of the methods
  • Definition of the structures

The media education concept can be created for schools, universities, companies or other educational institutions. It serves as a guideline for the development and implementation of measures to promote media skills and to integrate media into teaching and the educational process.


Teaching skills in practice

Laser cutters in schools

Why do you want to impart knowledge about additive manufacturing processes? Which learning goals are defined along the way?

It is important to us to prepare our students as good as possible for professional life or to promote their creativity, skills and abilities and arouse interest in the run-up to the company training. They should learn to solve problems independently and find ways together to deal with modern tools. We are guided by new framework plans in the subject "AWT" e.g. B. Making products using different manufacturing processes, with different materials, using CAD software. Additive manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly important in trade and industry. We want to make our contribution and prepare our students as well as possible.

What is AWT for a subject?

AWT stands for inspection gauge, economy and technology and is a school subject that is taught in some German states at secondary level I. It is an interdisciplinary subject that brings together and integrates content from the areas of work studies, business and technology. In AWT, practical skills and theoretical knowledge are imparted that are intended to prepare students for professional life. This involves, for example, imparting basic knowledge about work processes and production methods, business relationships, economic activity, nutrition and household management as well as basic techniques and skills in various manual areas.

The subject AWT thus provides a broad educational basis that is suitable for both a professional and an academic career. The students are supported in discovering and promoting their individual strengths and interests. Through practical work and projects, they should learn to act independently and in a goal-oriented manner, and to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills.


Not only laser cutters in use

3D printers and laser cutters

Do you also use other tools or devices, and do you combine them with the Mr Beam?

In addition to learning manual skills in handling tools such. B. jigsaw, files, etc., we also want to train our students in CAD software, 3D printers and laser machines.

Is the Mr Beam used in other subjects, or are you planning to do so in the near future?

The devices are used in handicraft lessons, computer science lessons and compulsory electives. We also plan to use the devices in art classes.

Easy and intuitive introduction to lasers

How does the onboarding for the Mr Beam with the students and teachers work in general?

At the moment, as media officer, I am still in the induction phase for my colleagues. This is very relaxed due to the intuitive operation of the Mr Beam and the software. Later, the students will use it to design and produce with their corresponding mobile devices.

Why are you so convinced of the Mr Beam laser cutter for use in schools? What is the feedback from the students?

As a qualified electrical engineer, I am convinced of the added value of this technology at school. This is where my experiences from the private sector come into play

carry. Manufacturing processes are becoming more and more complex, and the demands on future trainees are therefore increasing. Additive manufacturing processes can be found in almost all areas today. The students are interested in new things and are surprised at how quickly positive results can be achieved. It is important that they associate this with positive experiences and that they are able to solve tasks and problems that are set for them on their own. Therefore, I can only recommend the use of laser cutters in schools !


Make a wish

Computer Science Lessons

What else would you wish from us? For example, special software features?

I'm pretty happy with the OctoPrint environment, compatibility with other standard browsers like Safari might be desirable. Our teachers and students work with iPads as mobile devices.

Thank you, Roland, for taking the time to answer our questions and for presenting the school in such detail. It is particularly important for schools to get an insight into how the laser cutter can be used sensibly. Be it directly in class or, for example, in the form of a student company, such as at the Realschule Ehingen.

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