Mr Beam II Dreamcut [S] & Air Filter II System Bundle

Mr Beam II Dreamcut [S] & Air Filter II System Bundle
Mr Beam II dreamcut [S]
Mr Beam II dreamcut [S] seitliche Ansicht
Mr Beam II Dreamcut [S] & Air Filter II System Bundle
Mr Beam II Dreamcut [S] & Air Filter II System Bundle


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Mr Beam II Dreamcut [S] & Air Filter II Bundle

Laser cutting and engraving is a contactless process of material processing. It allows the machining of a variety of materials, such as plywood, leather, paper, moss rubber, fabric and much more. All our Mr Beam devices are delivered ready to use. After unpacking only the laser head and the Air filter system have to be connected and it can start. The operation of the Mr Beam II Dreamcut [S] Works through a web application in the Chrome Browser, so no software installation is needed. The integrated WLAN also allows a quick connection, even without Internet - ideal for use at trade fairs and markets.

  • Laser class 1
  • Work surface 500mm x 390mm x 38mm
  • Strong and highly efficient 5W shortwave lasers (450nm)
  • Metal safety housing, transparent protective cover
  • CE certification
  • Integrated camera for easy placement of design templates
  • Integrated WLAN
  • Firmware Updates "Over the Air"
  • Browser-based Plug & Play software for Mac, Windows, Linux and tablets (without installation)
  • Smoke suction with MR Beam Air Filter II system

By improving the Dreamcut technology And a more precise focus on the Dreamcut works [S] Laser head 50 percent Faster than the predecessor model. For users of the predecessor model, the laser head is available as retrofitting in the shop.

    For user-friendly use of the device, the Mr Beam II Dreamcut [S] has an integrated camera on the safety cover. As soon as it is opened, a photo of the entire workspace is created every few seconds and thus enables precise placement of the materials to be machined. The process thus saves a lot of time because the position of the laser template in advance does not always have to be measured exactly - just in and get started.

    Installment: within Germany via PayPal checkout (creditworthiness required)

    FREE SHIPPING within Germany

    Please keep the original packaging and the buffer material!

    24 kg
    Maximum height:
    38 mm
    450 nm
    50x39 cm
    72,4 x 53,8 x 17,5 cm