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"At Mr Beam Lasers we are constantly striving to improve our lasercutter. We had an exchange with professional users and architects for our new development and have succeeded in combining different optimizations in cooling, laser control and emission treatment. With our dreamcut device you can work faster, cut through thicker materials and also have an absolutely smooch-free and precise cutting edge." Teja Philipp, CEO

  • maintenance-free axles thanks to improved aluminium guides
  • quieter air filter system with a higher air flow
  • double* cutting speed by cleaning the cutting gap
  • improved cooling and laser control
    * compared to Mr Beam II
    available from the beginning of December 2019
€ 2.985,00
Mr Beam II dreamcut
€ 3.599,00
Mr Beam II dreamcut & Air Filter II Bundle
  • mr-beam-icon-laser
    Shortwave 5W laser beam

    Mr Beam II works with a semiconductor laser. Depending on the nature of a material, it is either vaporized, burned or molten when the laser light strikes. Thanks to a high precision, the thermal process is suitable for cutting complex shapes and engraving filigree, highly detailed designs.

  • mr-beam-icon-out-of-the-box
    Unpack and get started

    All our devices are delivered ready to use. Just connect the laser head and Air Filter system and you are good to go.

  • mr-beam-icon-metal-case
    Easy to use

    The Mr Beam II operates through a web application in your browser, no software installation is needed. The integrated WiFi allows a fast and wireless connection.

  • SAFE to work with
  • WEB-APP For Mac, PC, Linux or Tablet
  • INDOORS Can be used with an Air Filter
  • Laser class 1
  • Working surface 500mm x 390mm 
  • Strong and highly efficient 5W shortwave laser (450nm)
  • Safety housing made of metal, transparent protective cover
  • Optional: Smoke extraction with our Air Filter System
  • CE Certification
  • Integrated camera for an easy placement of your design templates
  • Integrated WLAN
  • Firmware Updates "Over The Air"
  • Browser-based Plug & Play software for Mac, Windows, Linux and Tablets
    (no installation needed)


To make the Mr Beam II more user-friendly, we integrated a camera into the safety cover. When the lid is open, camera makes a photo of the workspace every few seconds allowing you to precisely position the materials you want to work with. The process, therefore, saves a lot of time as the template position does not always have to be measured in advance - just insert it and start working.



The thermal processing produces more or less smoke, depending on the material. While the smell of the wood may still remind of a cozy camping night, it is quite different with other materials which might emit unpleasant odors. At the same time, the harmful particles can cause a damage to the inner parts of the laser cutter. The right Air Filter System offers a simple solution to ensure a safe and odorless environment.



While developing the Mr Beam II we put a special focus on the device usability. You can easily work with all the standard files. Just prepare a design in a program of your choice or use a built-in template library. Using a drag and drop system, you can simply upload your template into the web interface and position it within the desktop.