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#beamies - Martin supports the holiday program with Mr Beam

Martin introduces himself

Hi Martin, thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions. First introduce yourself. How did you become self-employed on a part-time basis? What services do you offer exactly?

Hello dear Mr Beam team, my name is Martin and I do laser stuff 😃

I have been working professionally with and on large laser cutting systems for sheet metal processing for over 15 years. The whole topic excited me from the start. When the first laser cutters were available for hobbyists a few years ago, I was of course hooked and bought my first laser.. I was finally able to practice my passion at home in the workshop. The hobby grew into something more and the laser factory was ultimately created. - I now offer laser cutting, laser engraving and 3D printing.

Certainly convinced

Holiday campaign with Mr Beam

How did you become aware of Mr Beam? Which model are you currently using, and can you imagine an upgrade if necessary?

I started small back then, and my first diode laser was a China Laser. That was OK at the beginning, especially since I'm more than familiar with the topic thanks to my day job. When I started manufacturing lasers commercially, I needed something bigger and, above all, a safe device. After a short search, I became aware of Mr Beam in 2020. And back then I bought the Mr Beam II dreamcut with suction as a set.

In the meantime, I have upgraded to the [S] head. I think it's great that there is the option to upgrade components. The [x] head and the height extension are certainly an option for me.

Daily work with Mr Beam

Which projects are you currently implementing the most? Or do customer requests vary greatly?

Because I don't have my own shop yet, I respond 100% to customer requests. Everything from cutting boards to wall decorations is included. So I'm totally flexible.

What material do you like to work with the most?

I mostly work with poplar plywood, acrylic or Kraftplex.

Do you have any tips for our users who want to become self-employed part-time with Mr Beam ?

Just do it, it could be good! 😁 And with the Mr Beam you have an absolutely safe and reliable device at your side. And if something doesn't work right away, there's a great service and a huge community that supports you.

Volunteering with a lot of heart

Holiday program

In addition to your part-time work, you are also active on a voluntary basis. How did you get support for the holiday camps, and how did you involve Mr Beam in the project?

In our town, there is always a big holiday program during the summer holidays. There are many regional companies and clubs here that offer cool things for the kids. In 2021, I was asked whether I could imagine doing that and whether I would like to do something. Of course, I said yes straight away.

In 2021, we made custom cutting boards. The kids (between 8 and 12 years old) were able to draw something on paper, I then scanned it and vectorized it, and we then engraved the whole thing on site with the Mr Beam. Unfortunately, I had to cancel in 2022 due to corona.

Laser board game

In 2023, I created a board game, “Journey through Igersheim”. This was a ladder game, here as the kids could get creative and design their playing field individually.

Making a board game during the holiday program

Excited about the flexibility

Why is our laser cutter so suitable for such actions?

The Mr Beam is always safe to use and is therefore perfect for activities such as those with children. In addition, it is very mobile due to its low weight.

How was the campaign received by the children? What was particularly popular with lasering?

The children were absolutely thrilled with what was possible. Until now, most of them had only known the laser sword from Star Wars 😁 They thought it was cool that their own drawings could be engraved 1 to 1.

Can you imagine expanding your commitment even further?

Yes, I will definitely be back at the start in 2024, then with a new idea.

Now it's time for Sunday shopping, so I'll be there again with my Mr Beam 👍

Thank you, Martin. As always, we are very happy to receive insights from our users. We wish you lots of fun and success with your projects!

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