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#beamies - Get to know the northernmost Mr Beam users

Today we would like to introduce you to very special Mr Beam users, namely the northernmost #beamies Michael and Alexandra. They live in the Swedish Lapland region. Where the Northern Lights normally provide unforgettable experiences, a Mr Beam has found a new home. 🙂

Northern lights

Mr Beam is making his way to Lapland

Beamies from Lapland

While looking for creative inspiration, Michael and Alexandra, an adventurous couple from Switzerland, came across our Mr Beam. Their path to discovery, they suspect, led through Instagram and the AS Woodworker accounts, sometime in 2019. Michael in particular was particularly enthusiastic from the start and continues to work with our desktop laser cutter.

In November 2022 the time had finally come. It was time for Alexandra to develop her creativity and so Michael, who was finally able to tinker, relieved them both by ordering the Mr Beam.

Products that tell stories: A tribute to nature

Wood engravings

Since then, Michael and Alexandra have not stopped experimenting. They tested different materials and created their own designs that fit perfectly into their new home of Lapland. They mainly engrave on wood and have already enjoyed initial success with their products, such as the engraved wooden coffee cups (Kåsa) and butter knives ( Smörknivar), which they sold to the tourism centre in Lycksele.

Beamie in Lapland

These products, along with personalized barbecue skewers, are not only testaments to their creativity, but also a tribute to living in harmony with nature – a central element in Lapland.

Time for a new chapter

Swedish Lapland

Their story is as fascinating as their creations. In November 2019, they moved from Switzerland to Swedish Lapland - a move that was a spontaneous decision, but by no means ill-considered. The decision followed a holiday in Scandinavia in June 2019, during which they fell in love with a piece of land that they eventually bought in the summer of that year.


Where is Askiljeby?
Åskilje, also known by its Umesame name Jeanoejåakoe, is a small town (småort) in Sweden's Västerbotten County, within the historical region of Lapland, which mainly belongs to the municipality of Storuman. This picturesque spot is located approximately 55 kilometres northwest of Lycksele, along the Ume älv River.

Åskiljeby translated from Swedish means approximately river division (fork). The rivers Umeälven and Juktån flow together in front of Alexandra and Michael's front door, so that it almost looks like a lake.

Guesthouse in Lapland
Now they live on their 4-hectare property right by the river, where they run a guest house with two flats, tend to their garden and grow vegetables. Both work full-time, Alexandra in a café with a souvenir and gift shop and Michael as a designer and project manager in a house module company.
Maintain garden

How Mr Beam will support them both in the future

Beamie on tour

Your goals are clear: The Mr Beam is primarily for your personal use. Nevertheless, they would like to refine souvenirs and gift items and market their products more. Since wood and nature play a major role in their new home, they are convinced that their products will provide fascination.

Although they don't expect to make a full living from it, they are excited about the opportunity to create extraordinary products and occasionally surprise their guests. This shows once again that Mr Beam is perfect for becoming self-employed on a part-time basis.

This story is a shining example of how creativity, connection to nature and entrepreneurship can come together to create unique and sustainable business opportunities. Michael and Alexandra have not only found a new home in the Lapland wilderness, but also a new calling that allows them to combine their creative passion with their love of nature.

Swedish Lapland

Would you like to continue following them both? Then subscribe to her Instagram account askiljeby115. There you will regularly get insights into life in Lapland and their creations. Thank you, Alexandra and Michael for sharing your story with us!

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