Wichteltür basteln - ein etwas anderer Weihnachtsbrauch

Make the gnome door - a little different Christmas tradition

Just in time for Christmas, you have the opportunity to create your own Christmas tradition with your children. The gnome door is originally a scandinavian Christmas. There she is partly used as Advent calendar replacement or simply as a small anticipation of the holidays complemented and blended with great stories. Now you have Free choice like you want to make the whole thing And could build you your own little world of weight.

Preparation for the crafting of the weight door

For the time being, you need to take all the necessary materials to handle the weight door. In principle, you are free in material selection in this example, we chose the bright eleven wood, the dark walnut wood, as well as walnut wood stickers. For the fungal head, we use dark red felt. All these materials can be found in us Shop

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To glue the individual parts you need an adhesive, we have used wood glue in this case. In the further design, you can of course to let off steam at will. We will work here with white color, artificial snow and leaf gold. For this, you also require a brush to your choice.

If your materials for the gnome door have all collected together, you can do the laser design. Here is your creativity no border set, but if you want it a bit easier, you can easily at the Gnome door in our design store serve. The different laser files are intended to laser each individual with another material. (eg the mushroom head made of felt)

Prepare laser file for the weight door

Add the laser design into the Mr Beam You can set a very individual size here. We decided here for a larger version to clarify the work steps. To make sure that you can really choose the size everywhere, the individual SVG files have all the same base area size, so they have them in the Mr Beam software Simply adapt. If the Mr Beam has laser all, you will best provide you with all items.

Assemble the gnome door

First, we build the small weight box, which can later be communicated with the house's weight. For that, you first take the 5 parts for the back and side walls at hand. The square side walls now we are crashed with the glue and then pressed on the rear wall for a few minutes until the glue is hard. Fits well here, in that the distance between the walls is big enough for the mailbox slot.

Make the weight door

Then you repeat the process for the triangles and the front, as well as the bottom, where you must be careful that the edges complete clean together. If the laim is dried sufficiently, you could last attach the roof, even here again press the part again. Finally, you can inside the upper edge of the roof and bottom piece thick with white paint and then in a flat shell with Press art snow. This gives the whole a more wintry touch.

Now you can gnome door devote. Here you only have to attach the wooden beam to the location provided. And if you want to make the entrance a little more fine, you can cover the hinges and the door handle with gold leaf.

Next, it goes to the actual dwelling of the gnome: the fungus. Here you first stick the felt piece to the wooden body.

Put color accents

While the glue dries, you can already cover the upper edge of the window with white color and artificial snow. Aside from that she sticks to the fireplace putting on the small items on it and then dive back into artificial snow. When the adhesive is dried, it sticks the window to the location provided on the felt and the fireplace to a site of your choice. Lastly, you distribute the small fungal points on the mushroom head.

Weak door with snow cover

So that the weight appears on time for the pre-Christmas time and at all comes to his gnome door at all, the finished dwelling must only be attached to a footboard of your choice short over the floor. With delicious Christmas cookies In front of the door he may even show himself more often. Thus, you are finished with this Christmas DIY project and prepared for the contemplative weeks.

In our Youtube tutorial for tinkering the gnome door have we visualized all the steps exactly for you. In our Mr Beam christmas blog we have more inspirations for your DIY Christmas decoration. Look at everything and shares your own results with the #madewithmrbeam on social media.

Illuminated weight door

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