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Setting up a Christmas tree is one for most households Christmas under no circumstances may be missing. In all likelihood, it has a pagan origin. Of the Christmas tree served as a symbol who should distribute the winter spirits to the winter solstice. His evergreen leaves reminded in winter that nature would be awakening soon. In addition to the Advent Decoration the Christmas tree is probably one of the most important Christmas decoration elements. We give you tips to the hand to buy the perfect Christmas tree, as well as decorate. - So that you have as long as possible to enjoy your Christmas tree.

The star among the Christmas trees

The "Nordmann" fir is bought by the Germans by far the most. It is one of the more expensive trees, but nearly 70 percent of people trust the long durability of this fir. You can already add this Christmas tree Beginning of the Advent season Buy or leave it to January - even after several weeks, he does not need.

Nordmannnanne Christmas tree

"Nordmann" fir have a very uniform and dense grew and their branches are strong enough to have much Christmas tree decorations to wear. On the needles, you will not sting at decorating, because these are very soft. The higher price is not only due to this good features. Nordmann fir belong to the needle dots who need more time to grow compared to other species.

Blaufeicht Christmas tree

In addition to the "Nordmann" fir, the Blue attendees like to be prepared as a Christmas tree. She exudes a pleasant forest smell and impresses with the bluish glow of the needles. However, these are only 2 to 3 weeks on the branches before they say goodbye to the ground. Another aspect of the "Nordmann" fir often privately gives preference is the stinging needles of the blade. When decorating, soft needles are simply more comfortable.

How big and how expensive?

Every year will be in Germany 25 to almost 30 million Christ trees sold for the feast. Depending on the size, variety and sale, prices vary considerably. For trees, which are about a meter tall, the price is 20 euros. A tree height around the 1.50 meter beats with about 30 to 40 euros to beech and if you want a huge Christmas tree, this is usually over 50 euros. The price gap is very different in the big city and in the countryside.

If you order the Christmas tree online, you can often choose between three sizes. There are trees with a height of approx. 1.80 meters in most online providers around 50 euros. The trees are freshly beaten before shipment and with most sellers Can you specify a desired delivery date. The trees are delivered in a stable packaging and so you save the search for the perfect Christmas tree in Christmas tree sales. This solution is particularly practical for those who do not have a car or do not get the great dignity in the car.

Where the Christmas tree is bought

Sustainable - buying the Christmas tree from the plantation

Most people buy their Christmas tree one to two weeks before the festival and store them on the balcony or terrace. Nevertheless, there are a few days before Christmas Eve still a lot of activity on the sales places. Should the time to be tight, pay attention to the local announcements. Especially in rural areas, you can drive to the forest on the weekends in the Advent and Beat or beat your tree there. As a result, individual forest pieces are thinned out. There are also forest areas that are planted exclusively with Christmas trees.

Here you can make priced bargains as often a concrete trowel is set. Below and above this size, a price exists, so you can get a 30-meter high Christmas tree for 30 euros on site. Here you should investigate the respective appointments in advance and start the day at an early stage.

How long is the tree?

If the Christmas tree was picked up or delivered, the question is in the room when it should be set up. Traditionally, the Christmas tree gets one to two days before the festival, his place in the living room. Many families also decorate him on Christmas Eve after getting up. By contrast, his disposal is bound to the dates of local garbage collection, unless the Christmas tree is being recycled as firewood in the fireplace. The trees will be picked up at one to two dates in January and pile up in advance on the roadside. By mid-January, most of the Christmas trees have disappeared from the living rooms. Do you buy a blueprint, you can enjoy this to the second pickup appointment without falling needles.

When the Christmas tree is disposed of

Have you ever counted the fir needles on the Christmas tree?

It is not known if someone has already made the trouble counting every needle of a Christmas tree. Nevertheless, there are approximate values. In the broadcast quarks and Co, a lot of 178,333 Needles called who had dropped a fir of 1.63 meters of height. A gardener from Braunschweig came to 2,800,130 needles at a 2.20 meter-high spruce. For this result, he had determined the weight of 1000 needles and put into relation to the amount of needles.

The right jewelry for the Christmas tree

In former years, the Christmas tree was very classic, with balls and tinsel. The latter is no longer so popular, although it is still a real eye-catcher.

Lametta Christmas tree

Today, balls, thin chains and straw stars are preferable. If you are looking at the trees from America would like to orient the opulent trees, Popcorn chains are not missing. These are made fast and conjures a special look. In the supermarket, you will find packed corn kernels for popcorn. These come in a large pot, which is tightly closed with a lid. Switch on the stove and then wait until the corn kernels explode and jump up in the pot. After cooling, you can thread them on a string and attach to the Christmas tree.

Popcorn Christmas tree decorations

In addition to the famous Christmas tree decorations, you can also chocolate rings, small chocolate hollow bodies or Candy rods on the tree hang. Genuine candles or small pendants of bees wax also ensure a special charisma of the tree.

Candy Cane Christmas tree decorations

Also with the Christmas baubles decides the personal taste. You can stay with a color, combine two or three with each other, or live the American dream and attach everything that comes between your fingers. Of course, you can also at your own DIY Christmas decoration try. For some people, 12 balls are sufficient for the entire tree. Others love it when 30 or more balls flit out between the green branches.

Mr Beam Christmas tree decorations

The right technique when decorating

When decorating the Christmas tree, you can not do anything wrong as long as you consider the order. First, the Christmas tree receives his fairy lights put in circle from bottom to top to the branches. Then the jewelry is attached. If you use a fairy light chain with artificial candles, take two chains for a perfect distribution of lights. For LED fairy lights, there are many lengths. Here, two to three chains are suitable for diving the Christmas tree into the right light and producing Christmas gloss.

Christmas tree fairy lights

Already knew?

The tax jungle does not stop in front of a Christmas tree. Pendant, where and what a Christmas tree you buy, different tax rates will fall.

  • For an artificial Christmas tree you pay 19 percent VAT
  • For a random tree grown in the forest 5.5 percent VAT are added
  • If you buy the Christmas tree in the hardware store, you have to open 7 percent VAT
  • For trees, which are grown on plantations, 10.7 percent VAT are added
  • If you find the matching Christmas tree on a farm, VAT can be 5.5 or 7 or 10.7 percent

Every year, the perfect Christmas tree is being sought and found, the Christmas to do something special. The fir scent pulls through the house, Burn the lights on the Christmas tree and stands that Christmas cookies Ready, something magical happens with the people. Despite all the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle, a moment of silence returns. The decorated tree radiates peace and the certainty that it always continues in life. In one way or another.

So the Christmas tree stays long fresh

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