Osterbräuche weltweit

Easter customs worldwide - What traditions are there in other countries?

Throughout the world Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ at Easter. This biblical event combines people around the globe, but the Easter customs worldwide are partially enormous. In Germany, the Easter Easter, the Eggs-painting, the egg hunt on Easter Sunday and Evening meetings on the Easter fire typical customswho make up the family party and make up to strike children's hearts faster. Many Easter customs in other countries are very different, funny and even bizarre. Some of them we will introduce you to our Mr Beam Blog in front.

Easter in Bulgaria: Eggs throw instead of eating

Eggs throw Bulgaria

One of the most bizarre Easter traditions in the world can be found in Bulgaria. Instead of the colourful Easter eggs to hide and looking with the whole family, you prefer to come up with it. It is a game that wins the one whose egg does not break the impact. The Custom states that the coming year should be particularly successful for the lucky luck. It's just a pity about the broken eggs!

Wet Easter in some regions of Poland

Easter Abuse in Poland

IIn neighbouring Poland, a whole lot comes to a standstill over the Easter weekend. Most shops and cultural institutions remain closed, while people flock to the magnificent churches decorated with flowers. By Easter Sunday, Poles are devoting themselves with fervour to Jesus' resurrection, but on Easter Monday, some regions of the country begin to have some wet and merry fun. Smigus Dyngus enjoys great popularity, especially among young people. Merciless Shame with water guns or pour the water from full buckets. Hardly anyone complains about it because the involuntary shower should bring luck. Men, who spray women with water at Easter Monday in Poland, express their interest in them in this way.

When Easter traditions bring money in other countries

Osterausus in Switzerland

Would your children like to win some money at Easter time? Then you should take them to Switzerland. There they play "Zwänzgerle" at Easter, where adults throw coins at hard-boiled eggs. This game requires skill, because the coin has to get stuck in the egg. If it does, the adult gets to keep the money and eat the egg. If he doesn't make it, the child collects the coin. And there's a really good chance that this Easter game will bring in quite a bit of change for the offspring!

Loud rattles and ratchets in Croatia

Easterbreed in Croatia

Especially on the Croatian island of Hvar and other places in the region Dalmatia, children and adolescents are attracting Good Friday Wooden ratchets and rattles through the streets. Because in Croatia and other Catholic countries, the church bells are silent because of the crucifixion of Christ, the deafening noise should compensate for the silence. In some Croatian regions, it is also gear and there are the children walking with their ratchets of front door to the front door and present songs and poems.

The largest omelette of the Easter customs worldwide

Easter customs in other countries also have to do with eggs. In the French community Bessières will be on Easter Monday a huge omelette prepared from more than 5,000 eggs. A Fun FACT on this custom: The omelette contains more eggs than the village of residents! In Bessières, only just under 4,000 people live. Pieces of the gigantic omelette are served to the inhabitants and onlooking tourists after preparation.

Allegedly, Napoleon should have launched this culinary highlight of the Easter customs worldwide. According to a narrative, he ate in Bessières such an exquisite omelette that he ordered the next day to bake a second for the entire army. The tradition has been continuing since then and also applies to several US and Canadian cities as symbol of friendship and cultural exchange.

One of the most absurd Easter customs worldwide

Other countries, other customs: If the church bells ring on the Philippines on Easter Sunday, parents raise their children. Not as you may think now. No, they are pulled up at the head, because the faith circulates that The sprouts then grow better. Definitely one of the most absurd Easter traditions in the world that you should not imitate. It could end very painfully for your child!

Easter customs in the USA

At Christmas and Easter it is usually applied in the United States, e.g. with the Ugly Christmas Sweater. The decoration may always be a bit lush and colourful than in Germany. This fits the traditional Easter Parade at 5th Avenue in New York. People hatch for this carnival spectacle of Easter customs worldwide In colourful costumes and flower bouquets through the city. This Custom Has the background that you used to buy new clothes and hats for Easter earlier to present them in the Easter service of the community.

In Washington, however, the children are fully charged when the white house is the famous White House Easter Egg Roll Organized. In this competition, the small a hard-boiled egg must let the hill rub the hill with a wooden spoon as fast as possible.

Colorful Easter customs in other countries

To observe a colourful hustle and bustle at Easter, you only need to look to the north of Europe. In front of almost every house in Sweden, you will see birch twigs with brightly coloured feathers. On Maundy Thursday, girls and boys dress up as "Easter women" in skirts and headscarves to distribute Easter letters to their neighbours. They get sweets as a thank-you. Things are even more fun in Finland: There, people whip each other with colourfully decorated birch twigs at Easter. They are modelled on palm fronds and are meant to welcome Jesus with their feather decoration.

Yes, there are truly funny Easter traditions all over the world. And which of the Easter traditions in other countries is your personal favourite? We look forward to hearing your opinion!

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