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Modern Easter decoration for the house entrance - Mr Beam Tutorial

Spring is here. _ Also meteorological. Finally! But that also means that Easter is just around the corner - which brings us directly to the topic: the entrance to the house needs Easter decorations.

Unfortunately, we don't have a large canopy in front of the house entrance, so all Easter decorations that would be on the ground would get wet when it rained.

That's why I'm going to show you today how you can use the Mr Beam laser cutter to make a modern, mostly weatherproof door wreath as an Easter decoration for the house entrance. Including a small mistake on my part, which I don't want to withhold from you.

Which materials are generally suitable for the decoration in the house entrance?

If your house entrance is protected from the rain, you can use almost any material. In principle, of course, twigs, branches, flowers, moss, natural materials in general are suitable.

Sturdy wooden boxes, zinc tubs with flowers and Easter decorations, decorations made of clay, stone or slate.

It is also important that your decoration is windproof, because at the moment there are still storms from time to time. You should only be careful with moisture-sensitive materials, because high humidity can be enough to make cardboard look ugly, for example, or simply to impair stability. With a house entrance that is neither protected from wind nor rain, you should always use materials that can withstand both moisture and wind.

Materials for modern Easter decorations
  • a metal wreath about 30 - 40 cm in diameter
  • Mr Beam sign material in gold
  • cord
  • superglue
  • hot glue
  • artificial eucalyptus branches
  • a few twigs from the pussy willow

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Noble decorative elements made of sign material for your modern Easter decoration in the house entrance

For the wreath as a modern Easter decoration in the house entrance, you need an Easter bunny, two eggs with holes for hanging and a “Happy Easter” lettering as files for lasering.

I bought the rabbit file on the Internet. Just like the engravings for the eggs.

You can create the egg shape and the lettering yourself in your graphics program, such as Adobe Illustrator.

When writing, make sure that the letters are connected. You should definitely weld everything after designing.

Template Easter decoration house entrance

Start your Mr Beam and put your sign material in it. With sign material, you can remove the protective film either before or after the laser job. My recommendation, however, is to only remove them after the laser treatment. In this way, you avoid traces of smoke on the shiny surface of the sign material.

I have adjusted the laser settings stored in BeamOS by testing so that cutting is a little faster and engravings are not as deep.

Laser settings Easter decoration house entrance

Although I reduced the speed to 240 mm/min, I also reduced the passes to 2.

For the engraving, I increased the speed to 1350 mm/min and, as is usually the case with engraving, reduced the line spacing to 0.1 mm. Try out which settings work best for you and your laser head.

Make modern Easter decorations

Then just focus and the Mr Beam can start the laser job, so that you already have the first Easter decoration elements for your modern door wreath in the house entrance.

Varnish engraving - nice idea, but unfortunately a fail

Now to my mistake: The plan was to varnish the engraved areas after lasering, so that in this case they would be white and mint instead of black. Matching the colours of the eucalyptus and the metal wreath. Since the protective films are still stuck to the shiny surface, that was very convenient for me. I didn't have to mask anything and everything was covered perfectly.

Unfortunately, large-area engravings in the sign material are somewhat uneven, since the material is too soft and the protective film also melts. A nice finish could not be achieved with spray paint, a brush or a pen, so I gave up.

Motifs Easter decoration house entrance

Your weatherproof door wreath as a modern Easter decoration for the house entrance

The rabbit as the main motif for your modern door wreath

The first step is to glue the bunny to your metal wreath with hot glue.

To do this, lay the bunny on your work surface with the shiny surface facing down, apply hot glue to the lower area and press the metal ring into the glue. Make sure the rabbit is level.

Tinker Easter decoration house entrance

Then you support your metal wreath all around so that it is elevated. I borrowed several blocks of the same size from my children for this purpose.

DIY Easter decoration house entrance

This makes it easier to glue the eucalyptus and pussy willow branches because they are glued to the back of the rabbit, but then guided to the front.

Modern Easter decoration house entrance

In order to protect your front door from possible scratches and to strengthen the adhesion even more, I strengthened the hot glue a little afterwards, filled gaps and also covered the ends of the branches that protruded backwards with glue.

"Happy Easter" for your modern door wreath in the house entrance

Glue the lettering “Happy Easter” to the tips of the bunny’s ears with superglue. If you have used too much superglue, some filling powder will help to bind and at the same time the glued joint will be reinforced, like a weld. You can simply tap off excess powder.

Lettering modern Easter decoration house entrance

Your modern Easter decoration for the house entrance is still missing the engraved Easter eggs

After the lettering has dried, tie the two eggs to your metal wreath with two pieces of cord. To secure the knots and prevent accidental loosening, I cut the excess thread, twist it onto the back of the egg and drip a small amount of hot glue onto the knot.

House entrance making Easter decorations

For the knot on the metal collar, it has the added benefit of sticking to the metal collar and not slipping. Your modern door wreath as Easter decoration for the house entrance is ready!

I wish you a lot of fun tinkering - and a nice Easter time!

your rina

Modern Easter decoration house entrance


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