Brauche ich als Influencer für Instagram ein Gewerbe? Mr Beam erklärt's

Do I need a business for Instagram as an influencer? Mr Beam explains it

Anyone who works as an influencer on social media platforms such as Instagram and builds up a fan base can earn money with advertising and product placements within a very short time. Popular influencers quickly have numerous followers and then get Promotes from companies or free products sent. If you have smiled about the influencer existence a few years ago, numerous influencers now enjoy great reputation and can build a considerable asset with this profession. But not only millions of followers become aware of influential internet personalities, the tax office is also listening here. Anyone who not only sees Instagram as a hobby, but sees their professional future here, should consider a lot. For example, it makes sense to register a business as an influencer.

Do I need a business as an influencer?

Basically, the following applies: Not every blogger or influencer has to automatically register a business. If you are, for example, an artistic or journalistic activity According to German law, you assume a freelance activity. So it may be that an influencer that produces artistic content or shares journalistic content does not need a trade licence. The advantage of being active as a freelancer has the advantage that you do not pay trade tax and that you as a freelancer do not necessarily have to register a business for Instagram.

However, this changes very quickly if you not only share your own artistic or journalistic content on Instagram, but also advertising for companies. If you present products and receive money from the respective companies, this indicates a commercial activity. Advertising and advertising-like activities cannot be counted among the freelance activities, but are to be classified as a trade And you have to register a business for Instagram. 

Usually Should you register a business as an influencer for Instagram. The demarcation between traders and freelancers is not always easy. Here it is worth finding out which professions are counted among the freelance activities according to the income tax law. In most cases, however, an influencer active on Instagram is one of the traders, and you have to register a business as an influencer. If you do not register your business as an influencer, that can far -reaching tax law consequences to have.

When do I need a business for Instagram as an influencer?

Register Instagram trade

You cannot always clearly distinguish between hobby and professional activity when working as an influencer on Instagram. The limits are often fluid. If you plan to make a permanent profit as an influencer, you definitely have to register a business. Even if your income as an influencer is very low, and you only want to cover your costs through advertising, affiliate links and product placements, Should you register a business. Here it is important to avoid warnings and punishments.

That means you should get one immediately register business If you plan to earn money as an influencer on Instagram. In many cases, you can also register a business for two to three months retrospectively. However, there is no guarantee for this. In this context, one also speaks of a kind of trial period in which you can test whether your project works. However, this so -called trial period is only granted from goodwill by some business offices. You cannot assume that this will also apply to your commercial office. If you register your business too late, you risk warnings from competitors, and it can Additional costs in the form of fines. Only if you really do not earn any money, with your work on Instagram, can you do without a business registration. If you plan to earn money as an influencer on Instagram, it is best to register a business immediately when your work is taken up.

How do I register a business as an influencer?

A business registration is not difficult. If you want to register a business for Instagram, go to your local commercial office and requests a trade licence there. That costs you about 30 to 40 euros. You should therefore bring cash and your identity card. You have to fill out your business registration and also describe your work there. Here it is advisable not to limit the activity of an influencer too much. Many bloggers and influencers enter "Internet services" in the job description. You will automatically become a mandatory member of the IHK by registering and receives mail from the IHK and the tax office.

Do you always have to register a business for Instagram or are there any exceptions?

Some influencers may only test products and receive them regularly from their partner companies. If you get products free of charge, it is here From a tax law perspective, however, income. This means that you also have to tax gifts and submissions, and accordingly have to register a business for your work on Instagram. Exceptions can be made if:

  • You get products sent, but do not use them and send it back to the sender promptly. Then you have no economic advantage. The situation is similar when products are sent to you, and you show them and demonstrate them on your Instagram account, and you then send them back directly. There is then no change of ownership, and you do not have to tax the products. If you keep the sentence sent, then you have to tax them.
  • It is a scatter and promotional items with a value of less than 10 euros.
  • The advertising company pays a tax for the gifted products. However, there is a lot to consider here, and it must be checked in individual cases whether a flat rate is possible.

Whether you for Instagram register a business or not, you should in any case document all the sending. If the tax office comes by and would like to see how the submissions were regulated, you have to be able to submit appropriate documents. For example, if one of your partner companies uses the flat rate and carries out the tax for the gained items, you must be able to show a corresponding cooperation agreement or the like.

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