Wie verkaufe ich auf Etsy? Mr Beam erklärt's

How do I sell on Etsy? Mr Beam explains

You decided, to open an Etsy Shop but does not know how? Then you are exactly right with us. We tell you what you need to know about the founding of your shop and the sale of your goods. In addition, you get helpful tips and advice with the hand that support you with your project.

What is Etsy?

Etsy belongs to the World's largest online marketplaces for sellers and buyers of handmade products, vintage and creative needs, such as Laser files. The e-commerce company was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. Since 2010 is the Online marketplace also resident in Berlin and enjoys steadily growing popularity.

Short: Etsy offers small businesses the opportunity to offer your products quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively in many significant countries.

How do I attach an account to Etsy?

Etsy shop

The Start on Etsy is uncomplicated. To create an account, you go to the following:

  1. Go to Etsy.com, choose at the top right "Log in" And then "Register".
  2. In the newly open window you enter your e-mail address, first name and password. Continue with "Register". Alternatively, you can log in via Google, Facebook and Apple.
  3. A few minutes later you get a confirmation email sent. Click the message in the mail button "Verify account". If you do not find the message in the Inbox, look in the SPAM folder.

Once you have verified your account via the confirmation email, your account is created. By listening to the top right "Your account" and "Show profile" Click, you can upload a profile picture and tell your customers about you and your company.

How do I open an Etsy shop?

Open Etsy Shop

To open your Etsy shop, log in to the website and click on "Shop Manager" in the top right-hand corner. You will then be guided through five steps to set up your shop.

1. Set shop settings

Sell ​​on Etsy

In the shop settings you define basic like shop language, country and currency of your shop. In addition, you will be asked if you sell in part or full time. Once you are satisfied with your information, click on the bottom right "Save and continue".

2. Select shop name

Open Etsy Shop

In the next step, you give your Etsy Shop a name. Make sure that this is as unique and meaningful as possible. Etsy checks if your desired name is still free. If not, you get alternatives suggested. You found your desired name? Excellent! About "Save and continue" Do you get to the next setting point.

3. Add products

Add Etsy Shop Products

Now you can do the Add first article about your Etsy Shop. Take sufficient time for this step and use meaningful product texts and appealing product images. More later.

4. Define payment options

Etsy payment options deposit

As soon as you added a product, you can set payment methods. Depending on the region, the online marketplace offers different options that you can receive payments.

5. Set up billing

In the last step, you have to deposit a credit card. If you fill in all sections, you can click on "Open Shop". Congratulations, you made it! Of course, even after the opening, there is always the possibility to make changes to your shop.

How do I sell on Etsy products?

The Opening of an Etsy Shop is the first step to sell your products. Here you can - as explained above in step 3 - fill your shop with a first item. It is important that all your products fall into the categories "Handmade", "Vintage" or "Material & Tool".

To add more articles, click on "Shop-Mananger" and then click on "Article" as well as "Set article". You can for each Add product photos and videos. For this, you click on "Add Photo" and upload the files from your computer. The order of the photos can be changed by clicking on a photo and pulling it to the right or left.

In the next step, you add article details like Title and Category Add. You decide how your article is classified or found via the search function. For sale, it is also part of the fact that you describe your products in detail, prices and stocks establish and set up the shipping.

Let your articles again Show in a preview to look at them from the customer's point of view. If you are satisfied with your settings, you can either share your articles "Save as Design" or "Publish" for sale.

Which payment methods are offered on Etsy?

The online platform offers the "own" payment method Etsy Payments at. The following payment options are possible:

  • Credit cards and bank cards
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Klarna bill
  • Instant bank transfer
  • Etsy vouchers

May I also sell as a private person on Etsy?

Private sellers are you, if you Household quantities of used goods Sell. Etsy is - unlike eBay - no marketplace for the resale of used items.

As soon as you make products or buy products, then you will sell them again, you are commercial. This also applies to the Opening of your Etsy shop. You will be assumed a profit intention. This means that you are obliged to comply with all legal requirements and sign up for a trade.

Usually, a completed application form is required to download many cities and municipalities on the Internet. Simply print, fill out and send it to the responsible office by mail. The Commercial registration is automatically forwarded to the tax office. The tax office then sends you a tax collecting sheet that you fill out filled out. The IHK in your district can also support you with questions about the foundation. The Münchner's start-up offices is an initiative of the IHK Munich, which cares about such concerns. These initiatives are typically offered by each IHK.

We recommend that you take care of these points before opening your shop. To operate an Etsy Shop without trade is only permitted as a freelance artist.

How much can I sell without trading on Etsy?

As already mentioned, a business registration is required as soon as an activity is for the purpose of winning the profit. How much articles you ultimately sell, does not matter. The trade law knows no allowances. the Registration of a trade is necessary if you sell your products as part-time.

By the way: Below a specific sales limit, access the small business control. The prerequisite for this is that your annual turnover in the founding year is below 22,000 euros and does not exceed 50,000 euros in the current calendar year.

What does it cost to sell on Etsy?

To create an Etsy Shop is free. As soon as you set first items, however, costs come to you. To list your products for four months, you pay Adjustment fees of $ 0.20 per article. These are - depending on the exchange rate - 0.17 - 0.19 euros.

As soon as you sell something, Etsy demands five percent transaction fees. They are credited to the total cost of your article - including postage. From April 11, this fee increases to 6.5 percent.

Furthermore, payment processing fees apply. For Etsy Payments, Give 0,30 euros and a processing fee of four percent.

Tips for a successful Etsy Shop

You know now as you Create Etsy Shop can. So that your shop is successful in the long term, we will finally want to give you a few tips on the way.

Find your unique selling point

Find one to your matching niche for your Etsy Shop. Determine yourself on your strengths, find your unique selling point and turn out the marketing of your shop afterwards. Show your customers what makes you unique and distinguishes you from your competitors.

To find out what characterizes you, you can ask for example:

  • What do I sell that nobody else offers?
  • How do I distinguish myself from other manufacturers?
  • Why should customers want to shop for me?
Avoid returns!
Offer Personalized products to avoid returns! Personalizations are excluded from exchange and enable you so safe sales! With our Mr Beam Laser cutter Can you engraving your products e.g. very well engraving and add a personal touch.

Increase sales through product photos and product descriptions

 Example Product Photo

Who seeks for products, gets numerous product photos displayed. High quality photos are thus an absolute must. You show your clientele that you operate your shop with commitment.

The cover picture is crucial to achieve views and sales - make sure that None of this photo distracts. You reach that with a simple background that does not compete with the product.

For each article, you can upload ten photos. Use this option to show your product in different perspectives.

Who has arrived at your product side, needs to be convinced to buy your products - So invest in a good product description which contains all important information for the purchase decision.

Respond to too high prices

Many interested parties visit your shop, but only a few buy something? This could be a sign that your prices are too high. In this case, it says: improve and Customize prices if necessary. Tips for pricing we also have in our Business.

Build a community for your Etsy Shop

Take the marketing of your products yourself in hand and use platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. You do this, many visitors to your Etsy shop attentive.

Participate in the Etsy Seller Forum for discussions. Here you can help other sellers with your comments and ask your own question. Every comment will be displayed in your shop with a link to the shop.

Create first-class sales experiences

Offer a good customer service. Respond quickly to messages and compose clear terms and conditions for your shop. Delivery times, refunds, exchange, etc. should be clearly defined. Satisfied customers are more willing to write positive review. And positive reviews increase the visibility of your articles.

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