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Tinker a shelf for the music box

There is another one Household with children without tonie box or tiger box?

On the contrary, right? Having several children usually also means having several music boxes at home.

What is a tiger box or tonie box?

So it was with us now. Our big daughter had a tonie box early on. The system is easy to understand. Switch on, put the figure on the box with radio play or songs and it starts.

And that is exactly what our little one understood - she is now two years old - and the Toniebox claimed more and more often - vehemently - in itself.

A solution was needed to avoid constant disputes.

So our big one got A tiger box. The system plays content via streaming service, but there are also so -called tiger cards - this can be compared to the figures for the Toniebox.

And so that these tiger cards do not fly through the area and the box gets a permanent place in the children's room, there is now a Tutorial for a tiger box shelf.

Plywood music box

What you need:

  • Poplar plywood
  • Spray paint, laser colour or colourful poplar plywood
  • Wood glue
  • Force or something heavy that you can put on the glued parts

Create your shelf for the music box according to your wishes

No matter whether toniebox or tiger box, You need space for the music box And the tonies or tiger cards. So you need a baseplate with appropriate recesses. After laser, you simply glue this together from three layers of poplar plywood. This is sufficiently stable.

How big should the base plate be for your music box?

The music box needs a parking space. Determine the dimensions of the music box And create a shape in your graphics program that corresponds to the box a few millimetres.

Then you create the shape for the complete base plate. This also depends on the size of your poplar plywood plate and how much space the figures or cards need.

Tonie figures are magnetic. To give you a stability on the shelf, there are different solutions:

  • Magnetic adhesive film all over the surface.
  • Glue small magnets or centres.
  • Expose the shapes of the magnets and enter them into the wood.

Tiger cards need a stand.

Opportunities for this:

  • A box that can be put into all the tiger cards.
  • Slits in the wood, where you can sort the tiger cards beautifully clearly.

Do you want a have the back wall for the shelf, which you can design and personalize according to your wishes?

You can simply glue this against the base plate or slit in the base plate. These must have at least the value of the thickness of your plywood plate as depth. Here, for example, 3.2 mm.

Laser template music box

This could be put together well later, and you have some air for minimal inaccuracies when gluing the three levels.

The base plate consists of three levels

Lowest level: without recesses for the box and the Tonies or tiger cards. Only the shape of the base plate and - if desired - outdate the slots for the rear wall. This is your floor.

Template tiger box

From the middle level: Now you need at least the recess for your box and the back wall. Also, the Slits for the tiger cards To give them sufficient support, should now be exhausted. For Tonies and their magnets you don't have to laser anything.

The top level: At the latest now all shapes are lasered unless you stick Magnetic film for the tonies on your wood.


Now you glue to the levels precisely. To force and let dry. Instead of the clamping, you can also put something very heavy on it.

Individual parts music box

Music box shelf leimen

If you want to paint the base plate to wood I also recommend protecting something to first compile the two upper levels together.

After drying you can paint them. So no colour collects in the slots, since the spray colour can be through the slots. Otherwise there can be bumps due to painting.

You let that dry again And now glue the lowest level.

Toniebox shelf

You now let the entire base plate dry. Place something very difficult for this again. Then you paint the entire base plate several times, very thin in your desired colour.

Music box shelf

The back wall for your music box shelf

A back wall is nice as Decoration to personalize, And you can wonderfully hide the charging cable behind it.

My daughter wanted her favourite motif: A colourful rainbow And of course your name.

In the graphics program, such as Adobe Illustrator, I have one Offset To the rainbow Laid and welded the plugs for the base plate on it. This then results in the rear wall that is inserted into the base plate.

Template Toniebox

Tip: Be sure to plan a recess for various plugs on the back wall.

This makes handling easier in everyday life.

Color music box

And what is better suited for a rainbow than that Colourful poplar plywood Suitable in the rainbow colours?!

To do it in BeamOS It was easier to assign the wooden colours, I have already coloured the cutting lines of the rainbow in the graphics program in the colours of the wood.

For example: Is the red plywood plate in the Mr Beam: Select red cutting line and skip the rest. So you work easily through the different colours.

Toniebox shelf

When all individual parts are lasered, put them on the back wall.

Music box shelf

Then you glue to them. If everything has dried, you can put your back wall in the base plate and your Regal for the music box is finished.

Music box shelf

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