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A warm welcome: Personalized onboarding gifts for new employees

The first day in a new job can be a nerve-wracking experience. New faces, unfamiliar processes and a wealth of information can quickly lead to feeling overwhelmed. In order to make this transition as smooth and pleasant as possible, more and more companies are relying on the concept of “onboarding”. The onboarding process is not only designed to make it easier to familiarize yourself with the company culture, but also offers a great opportunity to welcome the new team members - ideally with personalized onboarding gifts.

This is how you inspire new employees

Onboarding gifts are much more than just a nice gesture. They are a key to making new employees feel valued and welcome in the new work environment. These goodies help promote a positive attitude and lay the foundation for a long-term bond between the employee and the company. Here are some reasons why onboarding gifts are a good idea:

Motivation and commitment

By giving new employees gifts right from the start, you show appreciation for them joining the team. This can increase their motivation and increase their commitment to work and the company. This way you ensure a good working atmosphere right from the start.

Easier integration

Onboarding gifts help make integration into the company easier by making the first day more pleasant. A small welcome gift can help ease anxiety and reduce nervousness.

Inspire new employees with these onboarding gifts

Material onboarding gifts

We have put together a few gift ideas for you that you can easily personalize yourself with a Mr Beam.


Personalized pens

Who doesn't know this: you have that one ballpoint pen that always works, and then it just disappears because a colleague accidentally put it in his pocket. A personalized pen can help, as it will always find its way back to its owner. With a Mr Beam laser cutter you can engrave all kinds of pencils, wood-coated ballpoint pens, fountain pens with anodized aluminium casing and much more. For example, we lasered the matching holder with a kind greeting out of Kraftplex. You can find the file in our design store. This makes it a high-quality, personalized gift.

Onboarding notebook

Onboarding notebook

Especially when you are new to a company, there is a lot of information that you have to keep track of. It helps immensely to record important things in a notebook. It's even nicer when it's personalized with a motivating saying or your own name. There are many different options when choosing a cover. Notebooks, covers made of felt, leather, cardboard, cork and even silicone are particularly easy to engrave.

Pen box - everything is in order

Pen box

Writing utensils, USB sticks and other small items need to be well stored. Our pen box made of anodized aluminium, which you can easily engrave with your Mr Beam, is particularly suitable for this. But you could also personalize felt cases.

Laptop or keyboard pad - it's the small but nice details

Keyboard pad

Another great gift for new employees is desk pads. You can use this to prevent your utensils from slipping and at the same time give your table a personal touch. We used a cork mat and engraved it with a Happyherzpünktchen design. You can get the right business license here. Mats made of leather or felt are also ideal for engraving.

Lunch items - a break is a must

Onboarding gift

One of the pivotal points for colleagues is having lunch together. This is where new employees get to know their team and can talk about topics outside of work. Personalized lunch boxes, snack jars or similar can help everyone find their own items and identify with the company. They can also help the team remember the newcomer's name more quickly. :)

Small gestures for a warm welcome to onboarding

Onboarding gift

Onboarding gifts are a simple but effective way to make new employees feel valued and welcome in their new workplace. They promote a positive attitude and contribute to the bond between the employee and the company. You can leave a lasting impression with personalized welcome gifts from the laser cutter. A warm welcome pays off in the form of motivation, commitment and employee loyalty in the years to come.

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