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Easter decoration made of felt - Easter chicken crafts made easy!

When you think of "Easter decoration", you first think of Easter eggs, Easter bunny, Easter baskets? Then you're not alone. But how about instead with the true heroines of Easter - The Easter chicken! Who, if not the chickens, otherwise put the eggs distributed to the Easter bunny? 😉 Without the chickens, he would simply be unemployed! So we make Easter chickens out of felt for our Easter decoration.

What you need for the crafting of your Easter decoration from felt
  • Felt in 3mm thickness
  • Felt in 1mm thickness
  • Poplar plywood or other wood as desired
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • a tweezette (to burn your fingers on the hot glue gun at the small parts)
  • And of course a template for your chickens

Mr Beam Acrylic Felt, 3mm, A3, various colours (5 pieces each)

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Plywood Pack of 5

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Mr Beam trial pack felt box

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Preparing your felt Easter chickens for the Mr Beam

This time I have the file for yours Easter decoration made of felt Fits the blog article in the Mr Beam Designstore packed so that you can start directly with it. In the BeamOs Is the file backup by drag and drop in your workspace. This super easy operation is really fun!

The Easter chickens are designed with their stand for a material thickness of 3 mm. Consequently perfect for the felt from the Mr Beam Shop. With the selection of colours it will be a pretty colourful bustle.

If you want to use thinner material, you have to customize the file to your needs, so that plug and stand are compatible again. The plug at the bottom of the body may only become as high as your material will be thick for the stand later. Otherwise, your chicken tips or stands wrong. And if your plug is narrower than the slot in the stand, they also tilt.

Bracket for the Easter chicken

For all other elements, such as the crest, the feet, the beak and the eyes, you use thinner felt. This is even faster and looks simply coherent at the end.

The eyes consist of two circles, a white and a small black circle. But you can also use wobble eyes.

Yey, it starts! - your Easter chicken made of felt are laser

The bodies of chickens for yours Easter decoration should Be sure to consist of 3 mm thick felt so that they are sufficiently stable and not fold together.

Import the files for your chickens into the BeamOS.

Think about the colours you want your Easter decorations to shine in and place your felt of choice in the colours in the Mr Beam and have it cut. Wow, it's so quick!

Easter decoration made of felt lasers

When they are finished, you will continue with your feet, combing, beaks and eyes. In the BeamOs are only settings stored for 3 mm thick felt, So you have to test something and adjust the settings again depending on the colour again.

So your Easter chicken made of felt Stay, they are still missing the stands. You are laser Poplar wood, Kraftplex Or, depending on the size of the chickens, also comes out of thick felt. No matter which material, the mould is very good to use material remnants. Wood or Kraftplex Can you still paint later, but also in nature it looks very nice. Incidentally, you can use the stands again and again.

Holder for Osterdeko made of felt

For example, lasers are still easter eggs made of felt with a matching plug, or easter bunny ... let your windowsill shine - with the beautiful colourful felt from the Mr Beam Shop.

Assembling the Easter Decoration from Felt

If the Mr Beam all parts for yours Easter chicken gang laser, you put your material ready for gluing.

Combat the Easter Chicken

You make the most meaningful on a base. Now you position - still without adhesive - the feet, combs, beaks and eyes on the bodies, and you will see, depending on how and where you hang it, you can Your chicken a very own expression and thus also give character. Test a little around - that's fun and can take care of some laughs!

Easter chicken crafts from felt

Here are created: A crazy chicken, a frightened chicken, and a chicken that looks down in shame.

Tip to the Easter decoration made of felt
If you eyes made of felt Make, I have a tip for you: most hot glue guns drops when not use. You can take advantage of taking advantage of using the pupil for the eyes with a tweezers and stripes along the drop. So you can dose the required amount of hot glue pretty well for the small part.

Osterdeko tutorial

For all other parts not too much glue, because that is not necessary firstly and secondly that could be very hot when pressing.

The finished Easter decoration made of felt

Optionally, you can now paint your wood or stick some Easter grass on it.

Now you put everything together and - Your felt Easter decoration is ready!

When I went to find my finished chickens for the photo shoot, I found them like this:

Laserated Easter chicken made of felt

I say yes, a colourful - and very nice chicken - chicken pile.

If you have the Easter chicken from felt postpone, we are very pleased if you have your laser result on the social media channel of your choice #madewithmrbeam Parts. Let yourself be inspired by our great community! 🧡

Alternatively, you can also give you more articles in our Mr Beam Blog to the inspiration look at. We regularly publish new ones Tutorials and Guidebook to different topics.

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