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Inspiration for the Christmas table decoration

What is there more beautiful than with your heart people with good food together and chat? The upcoming Christmas offers the perfect occasion - No matter if your table round consists of friends or family members. So that you can receive it in a moody atmosphere, we have a few tips for the right table decoration Christmas.

The placement of table decoration: not only valid for Christmas

Before you start, you think about making the details of your table decoration, you have to assign a place to her. The top priority is that they should decorate the chalkboard and should not dominate. Between and besides everything you do Table and stress decoration for Christmas Combassing, there must be enough space for dishes, glasses and cutlery as well as the arms of your guests. At least 60 cm panel surface are required per table. In addition, for every type of table decoration: less is more - even at Christmas!

For round or square tables, a central element is recommended; On rectangular plates, you better distribute several small at a uniform intervals or even placing one on the two end faces. Even a narrow arrangement along the centerline can be very nice here. If the available square is tightly sized, causes Small-format scattered decoration For a Christmas, as you wish you.

The base of your table decoration: for Christmas at its finest

So that she comes well, the substrate should be monochrome. To celebrate the day, a tablecloth - which you can replace if necessary through a duvet cover or a sheet. For Original christmas feeling would be a little fir green ideal - But it is far from the only way to scene your Christmas table decoration.

Christmas table decoration

Instead of resinous natural branches or stubborn artificial fiber structures, you can lay fabric or paper webs as well as bark pieces, fur strips and moss to a base for yours Christmas scattered decoration to accomplish. Even sand or pebbles are suitable for keeping individual elements of the table decoration - especially when you join them for Christmas Christmas tree decorations, Tap and the like would like to complement.

Children are looking forward to sweets that are distributed over the table as a Christmas scattered decoration. Candy cane, Small chocolate christmas men or chocolate taler are very good for that. - The perfect children's table for Christmas.

Table decoration Christmas

A motto brings peace into your Christmas table decoration

To think out a motto for Christmas scattered decoration sounds absurd at first. Finally, there are enough motives for the most beautiful time of the year. But that's a problem: just because there are so many, it's hard to decide. So that your guests find some rest at the sight of the scattered decoration, you should for Christmas a specific topic.


In addition to classic symbols like Christmas tree, gift bag or Nicholas boots made of felt Can you choose forest and hunting motives or for you for Winter illustrations How snowflakes, snowmen and the like decide. You have the advantage that you can continue to use the scattered decoration after Christmas to stage another seasonal climax.


If you do not find articles according to your taste, you can easily make them themselves using the MR Beam Laser Cutter. On the example of Halloween we have already shown how out plywood, acrylic or Power plex Individual space decorations arises. It works as well with ideas for Christmas scattered decoration - Only that here are festive motifs serve as a template.

Reduced colors for more harmony at the table decoration for Christmas

So, as we have advised you to restrictions on the subject, we do it with the colors of your table decoration. It's equal if you are on Christmas On proven combinations, or something newly serves. The main thing, the concept acts coherently and does not overwhelm your guests. A compilation of two or a maximum of three colors acts harmoniously; Perfect will be when you put in yours Christmas table decoration Different nuances flow - that is, bright and dark tones combine the same color.

In addition to the Absolute classics red and green Could you bring together white and blue or decide gray and pink for the noble acting couple. Also, the two non-colors black and white are a wonderful team for Christmas table decoration. Accents are set with metallic tones in gold, silver or copper.

Special Effects for particularly atmospheric table decoration for Christmas

Festive shine gets your arrangement through lighting elements such as candles or fairy lights. They put the Motives and colors of the table decoration in scene - and mirror or break in your individual elements. Depending on whether you choose shiny or matte surfaces for the Christmas scattered decoration, a more or less intense light game is created. If you place the bulbs in vessels with punched motifs, you can also vary your bill.

To self-shaped such candle or tealight holder is the MR Beam Laser Cutter outstanding. He cuts both paper of various strengths and textiles and leather, so you can create individual cuffs for commercially available glasses. The material for this Christmas table decoration do you find in our shop.

Christmas scattered decoration

Serial production for a uniform look of your Christmas party

Once you put the laser cut into operation, you can cut one and the same motif several times or let it work on different surfaces.

Streudeko Christmas

The resulting Cuts do not only serve as Christmas scattered decoration at table - But also for decorating invitations, space cards or gift counters. So the entire celebration gets a uniform look - guaranteed by your guests guarantees. Even on weddings, it is likely to happen that papetics and table decoration are similar to you, like Christmas.

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