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Gift ideas for enrolment - Mr Beam gives tips

The start of school is something special for the child, which is of course celebrated, but also that Gifts for enrolment should not be missing. But what is suitable? What are the little ones happy about? Wonderful tips follow here.

Gifts for enrolment - what is suitable?

The start of school is an important milestone, both for the school child as well as for family and friends. In order to appreciate the special day, it is common to give something. The School bag usually contains small surprises The parents, but also other family members such as grandma, grandpa, aunt or uncle can give the child something. The possibilities are varied:

Voucher for enrolment

Vouchers for schooling always come just right, For example for a toy business or a bookshop. This means that the child can choose something. At the age of schooling, it is also pleased about a nice experience, for example about visiting a cinema, amusement park, a climbing or swimming pool. The possibilities are limitless. Consider the child's preferences. The voucher can look forward to something nice that follows after the start of school.

School utensils for everyday life

Also, School utensils make sense as a gift. After all, the youngsters need a lot, for example:

  • pencil case
  • ink pen
  • pencils
  • notebooks
  • Folding
  • Water paint
  • Craft scissors
  • Educational games

The schools spend corresponding lists in advance. It makes sense to discuss with the parents what the child is still missing.

Educational toys as popular gifts for enrolment

Experienced toys are a good choice, for example animal alphabet cards, a counting chain, first reading books or the game "Rechenkönig". This makes the youngsters suitable skills such as reading and counting playfully, on. In general, every child is happy about toys. How about a board game?

Leaf can and drinking bottle

Brot box for schooling

Very popular gifts for schooling are also a pretty bread box and drinking bottle with beautiful motifs that fall to the offspring.

Photo album or friend book

Schooltuete for schooling

With a photo album, the child can capture the most diverse stations of school career, for example:


  • School and celebration
  • School cone
  • Class photo
  • friends
  • Excursions with the class


This and much more find space in the form of photos and create memories of school time. A special friend book is also a good idea. This means that the offspring can still remember school friends many years later. A Photo room is also a nice alternative for the child.

Lucky charm

The start of school is very exciting for many children. Sometimes he is also connected to fears. As gifts for schooling are also very suitable for lucky charms. This allows young people to give more self-confidence and reduce nervousness. He accompanies the child every day, offers protection, brings happiness and gives strength in more difficult situations. How about, for example, a keychain that contains the name of the child and is decorated with a beautiful motif, such as a guardian angel?

Children's alarm clock or clock

On the one hand, a beautiful alarm clock supports it to help you get used to it, because there are now fixed times when the child has to get up and be at school. He promotes the child's independence. He also helps to learn the time. It now plays a bigger role for school children. Alarm clocks and watches for children are available in beautiful colours and motifs.

Piece of jewellery

Girls are also happy about jewellery like a nice chain, earrings or a bracelet. With suitable symbols or an individual engraving, jewellery can also be designed very personally as gifts for schooling.

Personalized gifts for the beginning of school

Personalized gift

Some tips have already been mentioned, and basically it is a great idea to personalize gifts individually. With the Mr Beam Laser cutter this is wonderfully possible. Children love it when, for example, their name or a popular motif can be found on the gift, Maybe on his favourite cup. The supporter for the school satchel as a lucky charm can also contain a personal dedication. Also, the pencil case, pens or the Lunch box become unique in this way. How about transforming the desk into a very special piece of furniture? The Laser Suitable for the different materials, such as:

There are hardly any limits to the imagination when personalizing.

Money gift or savings account

If you don't even know what to buy, you can also create a money gift creatively, for example, make a small satchel out of a banknote. In this way, the parents can then decide for themselves what they buy. Grandma and Grandpa also like to create a savings account for their grandchild.

Conclusion on the gift ideas for schooling

Gifts enrollment

When the first day of school is getting closer, a new phase of life begins, which carries many challenges. But the question also arises Which gifts are suitable for schooling. After all, the beginning of school is intended to give a lot of fun and the special day. In this guide, you have received classic and original ideas that search for a suitable gift as you are looking for inspiration to serve. You can also be combined on request. Everyone knows their child or family best and knows what is suitable. The selection ranges from useful gifts, such as school utensils or educational toys, vouchers or money gifts to individual, personalized gifts, for example a self -designed bread box. A consultation with the parents makes sense, because this enables you to avoid double purchases.

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