DIY Schlüsselanhänger für Valentinstag

DIY key chain for Valentine's Day

With security, we are not the only ones who came to the idea Keychain for Valentine's Day to offer. However, what distinguishes us from the others that you can add your own grade for our followers. - the perfect individual Gift idea. By doing that you're with your Mr Beam Self-produced, you have the sole decision in violence, oversize, shape, extra engravings and much more! Have fun with this Tutorial to fall in love!

3 in 1 DIY - Valentine trailer

Tastes are different. That's why we thought this time again "All good things are three", so we have created three small designs that just wait for you in your Mr Beam to be lasered. The Keychain for Valentine's Day As always, you find all three of our design gates in the Mr Beam software. There you can either directly laser, or download them first and add your own note.

DesignStore key chain

1. The classic - Riveted felt heart for Valentine's Day

It is probably one of the most widely used keychain, which there is even. Mostly, you can buy them completely overpriced in any souvenir shops. With the Mr Beam But do you have the chance now own heart felt laser.

The design

The template from the Design Store consists essentially of two parts. The heart itself and the connector, which is threaded later on the key ring. Both have holes on the right place to rivet it to each other. On the heart itself, you can then place a lettering or similar in a graphics program of your choice.

Laser software

The crafts of the Valentine keychain

Of course, you need a rivet tongs for the classic look. In our example, we used hollow rivets, but of course it is unimportant because you come without problems from both sides. If you have no rivet tongs available, you can naturally stick the heart between the two ends of the connector. Then you can even before the laser, the holes from the Valentine's Day Keychain Design remove.

Keychain Valentine's Day

2. Modern and abstract - multi-layered heart with 3D effect

Somewhat fancy, it is next with ours Three-layered heart pendant. We have for its acrylic used, in principle you are completely free and can use any material that the Mr Beam Cutting and engraving can.

The design

The outer two layers consist of two hollow hearts, so that the inner surface of the middle, slightly larger heart can be seen. That's why you should, if you want to have an engraving on it, make sure this is smaller than the outer heart, but still engraving it on the inner heart. If you want to make a classic key ring off, you may need to increase the hole a bit more. In our case, however, the size fits very well.

Template key chain


When torching, you just have to stick the two outer hearts in the middle of the inner heart. Then thread the keyring and is yours Heart with 3D effect done!

DIY Keychain

3. For couples - plug heart

At the third Keychain for Valentine's Day where you can give you and your partner a pleasure at the same time, we have very normal 3 mm Pine wood used. The good is also here that you can use all hard materials in all strengths.

Design of the keychain for Valentine's Day

This design consists of six different parts. Two of them each have a counterpart in which the small barbs can be used. Thus, the assembled heart does not fall apart so easily. So that you do not go out the two more, the two small hearts are still in the design, which one can close the "keyholes". As with each of the designs you can, if you still want, Engraving initials on the cardiac halves.

Template key chain


If the Mr Beam His work done, you have to do the parts glue only flush. Pay attention to sticking the right parts correctly around each other, otherwise the plug-in mechanism does not work any more. Then you stick up the little hearts. This completes your plug heart for you and your favorite person.

DIY heart key chain

Materials for crafting the keychain

All materials we have introduced to you in this tutorial, you can easily buy from us in the shop.

=== Product ===

Felt 5er set

=== Product ===

MR Beam Signs Material

=== Product ===

solid wooden

=== Product ===

DIY Keychain on Valentine's Day

I hope in our small keychain selection to Valentine's Day is something suitable for you. For more inspiration And you only have to do our ideas, Mr Beam Blog Continue to pursue. We are looking forward to your results under the hashtag #madewithmrbeam Find and wish everyone out there a nice Valentine's Day!


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