Apple Watch Armband personalisieren

Personalize your Apple Watch strap - that's how it works!

Personalizations are also in trend and smartwatches! The most popular smartwatch is - how should it be otherwise - The Apple Watch. In the meantime, they are already in the seventh generation and are worn by millions of people worldwide.

Today we'll show you how you can easily do yours Apple Watch bracelet designed yourself And embellish with a engraving and make a unique band. Ideal for giving away or for you personally!

Everything you need is one matching silicone bracelet (either the original or a suitable from one of the many accessories shops) and one Mr Beam Laser cutter ... and of course a little creativity.

Preparation to personalize the bracelet

We start first with a template, so that we can place the design easier later. We have an old piece for that felt taken. Furthermore, we put this in the Mr Beam one and invite us from the Mr Beam Design store die template down.

It is not so important that the template not perfect Your watch bracelet is oriented. This is only about the rough alignment of the design. The two sizes 42/44 and 38/40 are located in the same file.

You can in the Mr Beam software Use the catering function. To do this, click on the three lines in the design in the work surface and in this case crush according to line colour. So you can easily delete the template you don't need.

Laser settings

We have lasered the contour and leave the felt and the file exactly where they are. Now we put that Watch bracelet one and upload our design file. We have here for a leopard pattern of Etsy decided. Of course, you can also design a design in a graphics program, such as Adobe Illustrator, create, or use a drawing of your children, for example, and take pictures and in charge - your creativity is almost no limits!

Apple Watch bracelet engraving

Personalize Apple Watch bracelet - Step 2

After uploading the design file, we place the pattern in the template. It doesn't matter if the design overlaps a bit or goes over the holes, because it is a pattern and not a logo or similar. If you want to be very precise, you can copy the coordinates of the template and paste them into the coordinates of your design file.

Lasers of the Apple Watch bracelet

After the successful placement, it goes to the laser parameters. Since we have previously edited the leopard pattern in Illustrator, it is contour lines without filling that can theoretically be cut. So that we save time and the “engraving” cleans, we will cut these lines instead of engraving. But we want Under no circumstances to cut through the silicone, but simply “scratch” the surface.

Laser hack
This “hack” also works very well if you want to engrave mandalas on wood. So the whole thing goes much faster and the engraving is also super precise. You just have to adjust the cutting parameters faster and only define one run.

We have for this Laser parameter decided:

Laser parameter

So we put the template in the BeamOS software On skipping, and it starts!

Apple Watch Watch Lasern

The personalized Apple Watch bracelet is ready

After about 10 minutes, ours is engraving on the watch bracelet finished. It is important to clean it now. We take ours for its Ultra Grime towels. You can also clean the bracelet under running water with a little washing -up material. We make sure that the silicone crumbs are all washed off so that only the deepening can be seen.

Clean Apple Watch bracelet

Our Apple Watch bracelet with individual engraving is ready - #madewithmrbeam!

DIY Apple Watch Bracelet

Since we liked the result so much, we have tried a second design right away! We have this normal with that Mr Beam engraved. With the [S] head We worked with 600 speed, 100% intensity and 0.1 line spacing. The engraving took about 25 minutes.

Personalize smartwatch bracelet

Tip for lasers
The parameters and procedures are also at Mobile phone covers made of silicone, identical. Please pay attention to the ingredients when buying and compare them with ours No-go list.

As always, you can find more inspiration under our hashtag #madewithmrbeam or in our exclusive Mr Beam Facebook group. Here users exchange ideas and we as Mr Beam Team moderate the group. Of course, you can always get helpful answers and support for your Mr Beam in the group.  

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