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Advent decoration craft - a contemplative Advent wreath DIY

Advent wreaths are available in all sorts of variants. It does not even have to be a real wreath, but there is it in a variety of forms. For this year we have come up with MR Beam a new design in the form of a tray. If you like this tray as Advent Decoration Like and yours MR Beam already existed, you are exactly right at this tutorial!

The design of the Advent tablet

Design from the DesignStore

Advent decoration for yourself - Of course, it takes more than just the MR Beam, but that's an important step after all. The laser requires a sophisticated design. As is the coincidence, we can provide you with exactly one. Just search for "Advent wreath" in the Design Store and get our variant of the Advent tray. The individual candles get this again a mark with the numbers one to four. As a motif for the background of the numbers, we have decided on classic Advent decoration as the Christmas tree ball. If you are a bit fit in illustrator or similar programs, you can still become creative here.

AdventDeko motifs

Create yourself

Alternatively, you can of course create the design completely yourself. In the following section, you will find a few tips on it that it works really flawlessly:

  • Such a tray can be good and likes to be a bit bigger. But you should not pay attention to it, after all, the MR Beam can No infinity of large materials to edit. Officially, workpieces may be up to 50 x 39 cm tall, but you can not forget that you first need such a large wooden plate.
  • The connectors for assembling the tablet must be coordinated exactly. The holes must have exactly the width that the Thickness of the wood is equivalent to. The length, however, simply adapts to both counterparts, we have chosen two centimeters, for example.

Plywood plates are not always perfect. That's why we recommend as little wood as possible, Really standing on the ground to avoid wobbling. This includes, on the one hand, that the bottom plate itself should float a piece in the air, on the other hand, that the side walls should have recesses at the bottom, so that, so to speak, small feet are created.

Advent decoration self-made

  • So that your tray finishes flush in the end, you should extend two opposite the total of four side walls exactly twice about the thickness of the wood. Thus arise when assembling the self-made Advent decoration Nice flush corners.

The choice of material - which wood for which part?

Material thickness

If you want to use our SVG file and do nothing more, you have to use wooden plates that exactly three millimeters are thick. Otherwise, the connectors are no longer suitable. Of course, you can also use thicker wood, but you have to customize the connectors in the laser file. In Illustrator you can easily double-click on the respective connection twice so that you can edit it in the insulation mode. Then you can "transform" at the top of the menu bar under "Transform" the width of the rectangle to your wood thickness.

Software setting

But do not forget that the MR Beam can not cut through too thick wood plates. So is at Plywood made of poplar, For example, after four millimeters by default. With a few tricks to the Laser parameters Can you get a little more tickle here. But then you should then absolutely test before you directly laser the entire design on the plate.


Best suited for the tablet plywood because of Mr Beam can not lase in a thicker version of this, as for example solid wood. If you do not like the plywood look, you can all homemade Advent later spray, even with a Christmas color. For the figure patterns contrast, solid wood is very good, as they should afterwards particularly stand out and look more beautiful. But then you have to also back on the thickness and following the eighth from the connectors. In our shop you will find a wide range of various woodsSuitable thanks to their Astlocharmen structure perfect for lasers.

=== === product

mr-beam premium wooden box

=== === product

wood-set-solid wood-stone pine

=== === product

real wood sticker

=== === product

The laser File - What should be considered?

On the whole, has been most in the above previous chapters that to which attention must be paid, mentioned. Not to forget, is yet to set the object height in the software, in order to obtain a more accurate camera preview. What is this is exactly you can also again in related article read the Knowledge Base. So you can definitely work best saves material.

Mr beam software setting

If your design than in the software is placed, you can even click "lasers". Then set the correct parameters and away you go.

The finishing of Advent

After the laser has completed his job, you're back in line. If you want to ansprayen your tablet, is now the right time for it, since the parts are still single.

The next step is the Advent, namely tinkered together by matching stick your parts and glue with a little wood glue. Also, on the overlaps of the side walls, you can apply glue to improve the grip.

AdventDeko bowl

Then you can also use the number motives. Whether you glue this well, you are left. Now you can the rest of the Advent wreath classical Christmas decoration equip. Here are fir branches, Christmas tree decorations or small stars as Scatter decoration that you can incidentally laser themselves particularly well. The great thing is that you're here again completely free to design.

Feel free to then share your finished #madewithmrbeam result with Mr Beam Community under the hashtag. Happy laser!

Finished AdventsDeko

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