Mr Beam Inspection

Mr Beam Inspection


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Suitable for all Mr Beam II and Mr Beam II dreamcut customers (single/bundle)
Only for customers from the EU

The inspection is a voluntary additional benefit and has no influence on the guarantee. The inspection is suitable for power users who have their Mr Beam running daily or cutting and engraving a lot of wood. The Mr Beam team recommends an annual inspection in the in-house workshop.


  • Back and back shipment included(only possible in original packaging)
  • Review of all relevant components and safety devices
  • Cleaning and testing of all mechanical components
  • Professional laser head cleaning & replacement of the laser head fan
  • Measurement laser head
  • Corner and Linsenkalibration
  • Playing and checking the latest software updates
  • Especially with Mr Beam single devices: exchange of the fan

Important: If damage to the device/laser head is detected during the inspection, which does not fall under warranty or under warranty, the customer receives a cost estimate for the repair. Only after release of the customer will be repaired.

Duration: Including back and return shipment, the inspection takes about 5 to 7 working days

Expiration: After purchase of the article, we will send a DHL label to your specified address and all further information for inspection by e-mail.

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