Where does Mother's Day come from? Mr Beam explains

On a given day of the year, we celebrate and honour our mothers: on Mother's Day. Where does Mother's Day actually come from? Who invented the day, and who has shaped him? In our blog, you will learn everything you need to know about this special honorary day.

Where does Mother's Day come from?

Of the Origin of Mother's Day Can be traced back to antiquity - it is assuming that the ancient Greeks organized a feast in honour of the mother of Zeus. Traditional gifts Goods flowers, flowers and honey cake. Although this tradition was lost with the decay of the Greek empire, it was recruited in the Middle Ages of some countries.

In the 13th century there was under Heinrich III. In England, a "Mothering Day". This stood not in the sign of physical mothers, but was celebrated to commemorate "mother church". The families gathered went to the church and honoured the mothers. But also this Custom Went lost over time. The history of the Mother's Day, as we know him today, starts with the first wave of women's movement.

Who invented Mother's Day?

Many believe that the honorary day of the mothers is a commercial idea of ​​the florist. The However, of the Eating Day comes from the USA. At first, Julia Ward Howe tried to enforce a day in honour of the mothers - but she failed. The women's rights activist Anna Marie Jarvis had more success. She organized the "Memorial Mother's Day Meeting" on May 12, 1907 - the day fell on Sunday after the second day of death of her mother.

Anna Marie Jarvis was so enthusiastic about the idea of ​​Mother's Day that she wanted to introduce him to America. And that succeeded. She wrote letters to politicians and women's clubs. In 1909, Mother's Day finally celebrated in 45 US states. In 1914, he was confirmed as official holiday.

Red Nelke Mother's Day

And so Anna Marie Jarvis idea developed a tradition. Here is the Origin of the combination of Mother's Day and flowers: Jarvis led the custom that deceased mothers were honoured with a white carnation, while living mothers one red carnation received. Worldwide, similar organizations founded themselves.

When is the Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is celebrated worldwide, but not in all countries on the same day. The German-speaking area has taken over the appointment of the American Holiday and honours the mothers every second Sunday in May.

What are popular gifts on Mother's Day?

Chocolates for Mother's Day

There are numerous ways to show our mothers how we love you. Most popular gifts include:

  • Flower
  • Chocolate, chocolates
  • Cosmetics and perfumes
  • Restaurant visits

In this Infographic to the most popular gifts for Mother's Day, you get a precise overview again. The survey was performed in 2020 of YouGov.

Infographic popular gifts for Mother's Day

Even homemade, shared excursions and self-baked cakes are high in the course. A self-prepared breakfast, which is served on a lovingly decorated breakfast table, conjures up guaranteed every mother a smile in the face.

Ultimately, Mother's Day is not linked to expensive gifts - Rather, it's about small gestures and recognition. And that's what the mother to honour and celebrate - and everyone is allowed to do in his own way.

If you want to tinker yourself, we have a file in our Design Store, which is perfect for Mother's Day. To the Mother's Day laser file.

Which flowers are you giving to Mother's Day?

Flowers for Mother's Day

They grow in their own garden and lights from the botties before the flower shop - yet Which flowers fit best for Mother's Day? Of course, every mom has her favourite flower with whom you can make a special joy. But did you know that every flower has a special meaning? We have put together a little overview for you:


Roses stand for love and thus belong To the most popular Mother's Day flowers of the Germans. Red roses are a sign of passionate love and are thus more likely to Valentine's Day Give away. Pink roses stand for affection. Yellow roses express gratitude, recognition and luck and are therefore just as ideal. 


The extravagant exotic looks elegant and noble. She stands for wisdom, expresses admiration, and thus fits very well into the Mother's Day bouquet.


Sunflowers for Mother's Day

Sunflowers stand for cheerfulness and warmth. About this flower, Surely every mom is happy - She brings sun into the heart and lasts long fresh.


Gerbera also gladly for the day of honour of the mother. They are - like the roses - available in numerous colours and stand for beauty, affection and joy. Yellow Gerbera signal strength, while the blue variant should express peace and serenity. Since blue and yellow make pretty contrasts, you can just give the dear mom both.


Tulips for Mother's Day

Tulips fit perfectly into the season of the Mother's Day. In addition to roses, it is one of the most popular flowers in Germany. In sunny yellow, you stand for spring And lifetime. In white, they signal eternal love - and that usually meets the relationship between mother and child.

Why is the Mother's Day?

We know it all: On your own, mother is always leaving. She has a suitable advice and comforting words in each situation. There seems to be nothing that you can not do. Mostly we consider all these things as a matter of course. And here's a significant role to Mother's Day. He reminds and because there is a person who is always behind us. On this day we have the opportunity to show gratitude and ours To express love and appreciation. Of course, we should do so any other day a year.

Is there the Mother's Day in other countries?

The Mother's Day is celebrated in many countries. In Greece, you decorate the entire house with colourful flowers. The mothers in Japan Get traditionally red carnations. The Japanese children are up early on, prepare breakfast and bring it to their mum to the bed. Decorated with the words "Hoha-No-Hi" - all the love of Mother's Day!

In Mexico stands together singing and music in the foreground. In Spain and France you celebrate the Honorary day with flowers, chocolates and postcards. England is celebrating similar, but a local cake is prepared here.

In Ethiopia, the rainy season decides - Starting between October and November - about the exact date of Mother's Day. The children return to their parents and celebrate several days with their families.

In Russia, one honours the mothers on the International Women's Day, while Albanians and South Koreans Parents Day mothers and fathers honour him.

Mother's Day origin

Although each country has its own tradition, but ultimately, every custom expresses the same thing: Mom, we love you!

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