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Engraving tools - a spontaneous gift for men

Do you know this situation:

"You, darling, I'm invited to Lukas tomorrow. But I have no idea what to give him. You always have such great ideas. You definitely think of something! ”And with this sentence the man turns over on the heel and is gone?!

Naaa, who knows it? Here it was time again.

But - that is always the same - of course for me: okay, Challenge Accepted!

I like Practical and functional gifts. How good that the Mr Beam With the help of the Marksolid laser marker spray now too Engraving metal can.

Tool on the keychain - a multitool as a male gift

It will be a Personalized multitool key trailer, Quasi tools for your pocket.

What you need
  • A multitool as a keychain.
  • Marksolid laser marker spray.
  • And later a key ring, so that from the multitool Tool for the keychain becomes.

markSolid 300ml laser marking spray for metal

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What do I like about multitools? This versatility, slimmed down to the most important in compact design.

In this case, the tool offers 18 functions: hexagon keys, spokes fourth, slot screwdriver, bottle opener, cross -slot screwdriver, nail puller, shopping trolley, cable puller, centimetre ruler, inch ruler and a tire profile knife.

Engraving tools from stainless steel is very simple

You can find out exactly how you should proceed in the Tutorial to Engraving stainless steel read:

In summary, when using the Marksolid laser marker spray:

  • Spray out with suction outside or in a room.
  • Wear the respiratory protection mask with activated carbon filters, safety glasses and gloves.
  • And of course, as always: Protect your surroundings by painting in a painting cabin or on a piece of cardboard. With the cardboard, note that if necessary, you not only protect your surface, but also around it. Attaches your cardboard walls made of cardboard.

Gravate tools


  • Degrease your object.
  • It is best to spray your object only there with the Marksolid laser marker spray, where you want to engrave later.
  • Get a distance of 10 to 30 cm when spraying.
  • Let the lacquered layer dry before you laser. You can see that very well because the Marksolid laser marker spray is matt after drying.
  • Touch yours Tool after drying carefully And only where you don't want to grave. If you damage the coating on your tool, remove it and paint again. Otherwise, you will see differences in the engraving later.

Gravate tools

Everything observed? Then start your Mr Beam.

Engraving your tool

Put your tool in the Mr Beam. you can of course create in BeamOS.

To do this, click on the button with the font, enter your text and select a font that you like.

With a small tool like one Multitool as a keychain, the engraving becomes very small.

Unfortunately, even with a line spacing of 0.1 mm, the drivers of the engraving can be seen. The font then looks restless, slightly blurred.

In order to make the typeface look clearer, I have a tip:

Create your engraving in your graphics program, such as Adobe Illustrator.

Here, too, you write your desired text and select a font.

Usually you need a set area for an engraving.

You can find out about this here.

Gravure tool

For once, you also leave the contour. As if you also wanted to laser the font, not just engraving. The engraving is of course not as vague as in the picture. The telephone number was only pixelated for data protection reasons.

Save your file and move it to your design library via drag & drop. From there, you move them into your work area.

Thanks to the camera and the zoom, it is no problem to position your design on the tool. Pay attention to your Tool to align. This is particularly important for small projects.

Laser tool

How to align your workpiece to the millimetre, you can in the Knowledge database read.

There is nothing special to consider when engraving. The settings for Engraving of stainless steel are already stored in the BeamOS.

Laser parameter

Tip: Pay attention to the focus when focusing on not to damage the painted layer with your Focustool. Where the coating with the Marksolid laser marker spray is no longer even, the engraving result is not nice either. For a fine engraving picture, reduce the line distance to 0.1mm in the extended settings.

Laser preparation

Due to the low line spacing and the contour of an engraving, the laser job takes longer, but it is worth it.

After the engraving, you can just wash the Marksolid laser marker spray with water and a cloth from your tool. If it is not rinsed well, glass cleaner helps, for example.

Gravate tools

And the spontaneous, functional male gift is ready!

An engraved tool for the pocket. Of course, as a trailer on a bottle of beer to hand over.

Personalized tools

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Alternatively, metal bottle openers can also be wonderful with the Mr Beam to be engraved. 😇🍻

Grave beer openers

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