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Which typical Christmas cookies may not be missing during the Christmas season?

Tasty pastries are available at every season. Indeed Christmas cookies is something special. Discounters, supermarkets, grocery stores and Christmas markets offer you a wealth of different baked goods. But even more beautiful it is to bake christmas cookies. For the committee on the holidays, you will learn interesting and worth knowing about the delicious festive biscuits. 

Christmas cookies are so popular with the Germans 

One thing is certain: Christmas pastry should not be missing during the Advent season and on the holidays. The actual consumption quantities can only be estimated. Statistics show that already 2015 German Christmas cookies manufacturers produced more than 82,000 tonnes. Sales was around 400 million euros this year. In 2017, the Germans were worth around 621 million euros a total of around 621 million euros. This corresponds to a per capita consumption of around 500 g. Since then, the tendency is rising, especially in online trading.

Gingerbread statistics

Despite the extensive supply of commercially made pastries, the Germans in the Advent season attracts to the local cuisine. About two-thirds of the federal citizens plans to bake their own Christmas biscuits. Be popular Fast cookies and traditional pastries. In some families, there are recipes that have been used for generations. Relatively new, on the other hand, are recipes that are suitable for alternative nutrition, for example for vegans or as part of a low-carb diet.

Every year again: The most popular Christmas biscuits varieties

 Everyone has his favorite pastry. The one preferred Spicy cinnamon stars, the other seductive coconut macarons. Nevertheless, there are some varieties of Christmas cookies that arrive especially well. Here are the favorites:


  1. Gingerbread: Most are in agreement. Without the delicious pastry with the typical Christmas spice mixture, no festive mood occurs.
  2. Vanilla crescents: Vanilla flavor is not only popular in the ice cream, but also in sweet Christmas cookies.
  3. Spekulatius: To a cup of tea, coffee or mulled wine, the well-spiced pastry tastes very good.
  4. Cinnamon: The delicious combination of cinnamon, nuts and sugar can be added Christmas Hardly anyone withstands.
  5. Coconut macaron: The exot among the Christmas cookies consist of a delicate macaroon mass and coconut rasps.
  6. Pointed bubes and comparable cookies: Pointed bubes, liner eyes, terrace cookies - these cookies resemble. The special thing about you is the blob's fruity jam between two (or more) layers of cookie dough.
  7. Stollen: Stollen is available in numerous variants, for example as quark stollen, almond stollen, Christmas rolls or tunnel confective. In the Advent season and for Christmas, most of them enjoy a piece of this delicacy.
  8. Nut biscuits: Mostly it's Nussecken, but the cookie dough can be different. Anyway, nutbreaks belong for many for Christmas.

So it has to taste: typical Christmas spices

You can easily distinguish Christmas cookies from other pastries, because there are some spices that give the festive biscuits its typical taste. Some cookies only contain one or two Christmas spices, Gingerbread, Printen and Spekulatius mostly more. Except for your Christmas pastry, you can also use these spices for mulled wine.

  • Anise: In addition to animated cookies, primarily prints and gingerbread can be refined with the sweetish-to-flesh aroma
  • Cloves: Your intensive-aromatic taste fits best to dark pastry types.
  • Cardamom: Everyone connects the fragrance and taste of the highly aromatic spice with Christmas. It fits too almost all Christmas pastries.
  • Starry: He is not related to his namesake anise, but the pronounced, slightly sweet flavor is similar.
  • Vanilla: She is considered queen of the spices. Bourbon vanilla is characterized by a particularly full aroma.
  • Cinammon: Cinnamon is the Christmas spice par excellence. His warm, slightly sharp aroma can be combined excellently with other spices.

Christmas spice vanilla

Further, spices you can use to bake Christmas biscuits are ginger, mace blossom and tone cabbage.

Starting signal for the Christmas bakery: When do the Germans begin baking?

Even if supermarkets and discounters Christmas cookies already from mid-October Offer: The baking activities in your own four walls usually start later. For many, the first Advent is the key date on which you want to enjoy the first self-baked cookies - quasi genuine Christmas In many households. Particularly popular here are the easy cookies for cutting out in the form of Christmas stars, Christmas trees and Christmas men.

Stollen and cinnamon stars

Incidentally, there is another reason not to bake on Christmas cookies from mid-December. Some pastry specialties need some time go through well and unfold your flavor. Christmas pollen or too flavored pockets like orange cookies tastes better after a few days. The same applies to pastries from honey dough. This is not only aromatic, but also softer by storing. 

A special recipe for soft gingerbread

So that you can start optimally in the baking time, we have for you extra a recipe for Tasty soft gingerbread Written. You can even save the PDF by just clicking on the picture.

Gingerbread recipe

So long you can store yourself baked Christmas cookies

 Tasty Christmas cookies is mainly eaten quickly. But if you want to bake larger quantities of Christmas cookies, you should know which varieties keep how long. You can easily freeze studs and thaw again if necessary. In the pastries, gingerbread can be kept at the longest, at least six to eight weeks. Low fat dough like shortcrust pastry will be rancid over time. Cinnamon biscuits from short coring, classic such as linzer cookies or butter cookies hold two to four weeks. Foam biscuits or macaroons are quickly drying out. You bake it best shortly before eating.

No matter how long a pastry tape keeps: the right storage is important in any case. Christmas biscuits want to be stored cool, dark and separated from other foods. A well-closing Baisage box with Christmas motif Not only look pretty, she also preserves your pastry well. In our shop, we have one Lunchbox you can decorate wonderfully with ours MR Beam Laser Cutter. If you do not want to store baked goods on the tin metal, you just put a layer of butter bread paper in the cookie box.

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Christmas cookies at our neighbors: the like Swiss and Austrians 

A look over the border proves: Christmas cookies is in Switzerland and Austria Equally popular as in Germany. Some recipes are strong. But the designations can differ. In Austria, the cookies are called biscuits, but taste even good. Specialties are, for example, most biscuits with apple most, in lard-baked almnuens or Styrian lavender biscuits. From Switzerland, recipes for Brunsli, filled Ziger Chew ball and the Swiss gingerbread specialty beaver. 

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