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Tinker Christmas decoration - with the Mr Beam no problem!

That the Mr Beam wood lasers like a one, we have shown in detail in our previous blog articles. So today it should be about a somewhat inconspicuous material, which does not mean that the result is less spectacular at the end. In this Tutorial You will learn how you own your very own Christmas tree out Paper laser Can still fill the third dimension. Have fun!

The design - origami for beginners

In the design of our three-story Christmas tree we have grabbed pretty deeply in the trick box. Therefore, the most simplest is the SVG file "Fir tree made of paper"To download from our design gates.

Christmas decoration made of paper template

But if you prefer to try it yourself, you will find a few tips for creating the file as always. However, this is not step-by-step instructions.

  • Started with the black lines, which afterwards represent the kinks, so you can fold a three-dimensional fir tree from the blunt paper. These lines are black in our design, so they later in the laser with others Laser parameters can be edited than the red contour lines. Alternatively, you can convert the paths into areas so that they will be engraved later. But that requires much more time in the laser. More details can be found in the chapter "Laser with certain extras".
  • If you have placed all eight lines, you can now create the outer contour. Through the intelligent guides in Adobe Illustrator You can simply connect point for point and merge the individual paths.
  • So that the light of the electric teasing light throughout the upwards, the fir wreath in the middle needs a hole. This should not be too big for the connecting pieces to pass.
  • The above-mentioned connecting pieces do best make octagonal, so that they lie back on the edges of the tree, with their corners later.

Material and tools for the Christmas decoration of paper

As already in the title, we tinker our Christmas decoration This time out of paper. We recommend as thick paper as possible maybe even photocopy, so that the engraving really works. Of which to take normal carton, we would rather advise against, as the wrinkles would be rather shaping dirty. Our file in the DesignStore fits easily on a single DIN A3 page.

As another tool, you require Only hot glue to connect the individual fir crannies together.

Christmas decoration of paper lasers

Lasers with certain extras

Is the paper in the MR Beam Laid and the file is ready for the laser, you can upload it and paste it on the workspace. If you click on lasers, this time something more about the laser parameters must be screwed. Should you like us 0.4 mm thick, green paper to Use, you can push the black line for engraving and set the following laser parameters.

Laser parameter Christmas decoration made of paper

Otherwise, you have to customize the parameters to your paper type. With small advance tests, you can slowly put yourself to the right settings without wasting the whole paper.

Make up the Christmas decoration from paper

At this point of the tutorial you have the Laser parameters set correctly And the MR Beam did his job. You should now have 5 different parts in front of you.

  • The three wreaths of the fir-tree must be folded first. You fold the longer folds so that you no longer see the engraving, the shorter exactly in the other direction. This creates the individual branches of the tree. Make sure that the kinks are as even as possible, so that the connection works later.

Christmas decoration made of paper

Christmas decoration made of paper

  • In the next step, you set the biggest connection with the corners to the kinks of the largest wreath and adhere to these eight digits with hot glue.

Christmas decoration made of paper

  • Then you put the middle wreath on the connection and adhere to the internal buckling.

Christmas decoration made of paper

  • The progress gone steps, you repeat with the smaller wreath or connection.

Christmas decoration made of paper

  • Most recently, you only set an electric tealight underneath and already shines yours Little decor fir tree In bright splendor!

Christmas decoration made of paper - the fir tree

With this Paper Christmas decoration do you bring your home decoration to a new level. It is very simple and yet it has a very special look. Of course, you can create many variations here, so we would be happy to have a few of them on the relevant social media platforms under the hashtag #madewithmrbeam to find! Have fun with the laser and crafting!

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