Warum verkleiden wir uns an Karneval?

Why do we dress up at carnival?

Helau and Alaaf: Bunches of sweets fly around in the air. Nuns, doctors, wild animals and little heroes dance in the middle of the street! If you think about carnival, come alongside pictures of cheerful removals and costumes probably immediately the Fools' Calls in the meaning.

But what does this 5th season actually have it? Why are we celebrating carnival, which is behind this Custom? Why are we dressing up with a carnival costume, and which are fashion? If you have already been in a carnival high castle like Cologne, you know how the foolish emergency state feels.

When is carnival or the carnival week?

Although carnival always begins on 11.11, the actual carnival week marked with "Weiberfastnacht" and Collop Monday the actual highlight of the celebration of the street carnival. During this time, diligently celebrated, sung and blackened, of course everything atmosphere in the carnival costume. The traditional Collop Monday removals are the highlight Especially for children: a colorful-creative mottowagen ranks to the next, from the sky it seems seemingly boundless sweets (and more recently other cords). By the way, Collop Monday is always aimed at Easter: From Easter Sunday of the year you have to back 48 days, then you land in the middle of the street carnival. Small help: The Easter Sunday is always the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring starting on 21 March. Everything is possible from March 22 to April 25th.

Carnival panel

Why do we celebrate carnival in the costume?

Maybe you have already tested it at your own body: Ash Wednesday is conducting the End of carnival time and the Start of Lent one. This should ideally take 40 days to Easter. Now you may understand why people in the carnival costume want to let off steam again before Lent. Here is also the word origin 'Carne Vale' clearly, which means' well 'as much as' meat. Thus, on the one hand, the renunciation of much in the subsequent Lent, in the transmitted sense, but also the physicality of the celebrations: with the carnival costume we embody another role. Everyday life moves into a long distance, for a few hours are fools another person.

Carnival has been there for a long time!

Even if it seems to act a modern tradition, the Traces of the Carnival already up to the year 1397. On this date, the oldest relocation took place in Nuremberg. However, the carnival costume pursued a less entertaining aspect. Especially in the Middle Ages, the superstition was still widespread. Therefore, people tried to distribute the evil spirits with costumes, masks and loud noises. Also this tradition is still unmatched today in some regions.

Why always starts Carnival on 11.11.?

Back to the present: The new carnival costume can for the first time on time be worn at the start of the new season on 11.11 at 11:11. Why it has to be this schnapps number, not completely clarified today. But already the end of the 14th century, this number seemed to play an important role. An Order in Kleve was founded on 11.11, and it was the speech in a certificate of 11-made celebrations. In the Middle Ages itself, the number 11 embodied a dimensionless and devilish number that fits well with the foolish activity. The modern interpretation of the 11 around carnival is another: In the 19th century, the 11 symbolized the Equality of all fools under the carnival costume (1 next to 1). Ranking differences play no role on this day.

Which synonyms are there for carnival and where do you say something?

In western and northern Germany or especially in the Rhineland, the term carnival is common with the meaning already outlined. In southern Germany and in parts of Austria the Term "Fasching" very well. In the southern signs, the distributing of evil winter spirits partly plays a central role today. Background are probably Celtic customs, which according to the change from winters to spring had an important meaning. In the southwest of Germany regionally, the following names are commonly common, which basically all mean the same:Fastelovend, Fast Night, Fasnet, Faslam and Fasteleerer.

Carnival Synonyms Infographic

Wau Wau: You should know these rich calls

Incidentally, other riparian calls, which you will be able to listen to the respective carnival removals: While it is in Cologne Alaaf and in Dusseldorf Helau is called, is often from Baden 'Ahoi' to listen. Also, the fool's call 'Wau Wau' is heard across the republic, especially typically in the region around Bayreuth. In Saarland is a cheerful 'Allee hopp' To hear what linguistically explains through the immediate proximity to the French border.

Carnival is an expression of joie de vivre worldwide

Brazilian Carnival Rio de Janeiro

Definitely did not escape you that not only Germany slips into the carnival costume. It is world famous especially the Brazilian carnival in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Here Samba-schools perform their colorful parades, the guests from all over the world in the spell. The carnival costume of many beauties is very tight as the dance art is in focus here. One Vibrant carnival culture, incidentally, is also celebrated in Central America, eg. In Trinidad, Barbados or on the Bahamas. So: If it should be there, you can also pack a light carnival costume in the suitcase next to the swimming trunks.

Why are we dressing up to carnival?

On the spot: Fun at the joy! Many people and especially children love to slip into another skin or role for one day. In a carnival costume, many feel like another person. The fun of dressing is psychologically explainable, which applies to adults like children alike. It is a special charm to try something new and show yourself from a completely different page. For one day, the conventions are not valid. Other strict Business Outfit can be exchanged for a fleeted nun costume. This change is that the costume carrier and amazing friends ensures entertaining moments.

Which carnival costumes are especially popular?

Dresses make people! This saying applies carnival With a very special meaning. It's nice what you like. Even if there are certain trends every year, it can Your carnival costume actually not fancy enough. Finally, it is about to attract and put a self-confident and entertaining statement with his outfit. Wigs and powerful makeup can also give every carnival costume a very personal touch.

To the inspiration A small overview: In adults, police, pirates, animal, fairytale, clown, doctor / nurses and nuns / monk costumes have been a continuous burner for years. From the ladybug everything is portable to the big cuddly bear. In children, pirates, firefighters, superman and princesses in a variety of designs are very high in the course. Even heroes from popular children's series often serve as a template for a great costume.

Again and again New trends that are fired by kino highlights. So, 15 to 20 years ago, Harry Potter costumes were popular. In the last two years, Star Wars played a big role with Jedi and Darth Vader costumes. It does not speak insofar as it is to dress up as a nerd and to create a very trend.

Do it yourself: Why not do not make a carnival costume this year?

Carnival witch costume

You can buy a carnival costume from the pole or make it even better together. This is typically enough to scare the wardrobe for old fashion sins and provide with accessories from the household for a coherent overall picture. From the witch with brooms, which also Halloween is very popular, to the moody caretaker can be a very stubborn in no time create carnival costume. You can let your creativity run wild and bring fabrics into the desired shape.

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