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Template for crafting a balsa wood throwing glider flight model

Foreword to the balsa wood glider

You want to build a balsa wood glider model aircraft ? Then we have something for you! Hilmar has created a laser template for us that can help you quickly and precisely cut out the flight model from balsa wood. Lasering the throwing glider is really super easy. Whether you're an experienced hobbyist or a beginner, this template will help you build a great balsa wood launch glider model aircraft. Read on to find out more!

Material for the Glider
  • 1/3 board 2 mm balsa, medium hard (33 x 10 cm)
  • 1/3 board 1.5 mm balsa, medium hard (33 x 10 cm)
  • 1/4 board 1 mm balsa, medium hard (25 x 10 cm)
  • Thin superglue
  • Foam rubber (approx. 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 cm)
  • lead pellets or small nuts
  • 2 sewing pins


Make a template for the throw glider

You need Beam Coins to purchase our laser templates for the balsa wood throwing glider in the Design Store. You can purchase these simply and easily directly in our online shop. 10 Beam Coins correspond to one euro. You can quickly and easily download the templates you want and start crafting right away. The laser file for the flight model costs the equivalent of €3.50. Link to Throw Glider Template.


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If you would like to purchase the throwing glider, you can do so directly in the software via the user interface of your Mr Beam laser cutter. There you have the option to enter the Beam Coins code that we sent you via email. As soon as you have entered this code, you can buy the balsa wood throwing glider and start lasering straight away.

Crafting throw gliders with the Mr Beam

Individual parts of the throw glider

Lasering with the Mr Beam is extremely easy - the perfect model building tool. You place the material, in this case balsa wood, in the work area and drag the template for the launch glider into the interface in the software. For balsa wood, we have extra presets for lasering. You then select this and simply start the laser job. Don't forget to focus the laser head first. After that, all you have to do is take out the finished individual parts and put them together.

Tips for crafting the throw glider

Ballast for the launch glider

Using thin CA with a fine tip (or applying it with a needle) makes assembly quick and easy.

You should use the foam rubber for the nose tip of the throw glider. You can then use the small lead pellets or screw nuts as ballast to weigh down the flight model. Furthermore, you can then use the two sewing pins to adjust the centre of gravity of the throwing glider.

The finished glider flight model

Balsa wood Glider

The finished balsa wood glider has a wingspan of 27 cm. The laser result is really impressive and also convinces with its excellent flight performance. In order to make the glider even more visually appealing, you can then paint the plane according to your wishes.

Tips for painting the launch glider

We recommend proceeding according to the principle "from rough to fine". In order to achieve the best possible result when painting, you should first sand the wood with sandpaper in different grits from 180 to 1000. Then you use a pore filler for the balsa wood and finish it off a bit with the very fine sandpaper. In the third step, you go over the material with a conventional primer. This creates a layer on which paint can hold much better. After that, you can start painting the launch glider as you wish. With the Mr Beam, you can laser a stencil for painting in advance.

Good to know

This digital file is approved for private and commercial use, for example to make products with your Mr Beam. The copyright including graphics and images belong to Mr Beam Lasers GmbH. No copyrights are transferred to the buyer through the purchase.

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