Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater: Christmas trend or tradition?

"Oh you ugly christmas ...": The well-known Christmas carol could you vote in this new version after you get here with the trend around the Ugly Christmas Sweater Obtained. In recent years, ugly christmas sweaters are more and more often to see in front of the fir tree. Ugly Christmas Sweater also enjoy a growing popularity in this country, as a view in pre-Christmas advertising brochures. So there must definitely give demand for supposedly ugly Christmas sweaters. About (good) taste is known to argue ...

Every year again: Is Christmas again?

What has it with the Ugly Christmas Sweater? Which tradition Is hidden behind it? And which motives / designs are most sought after? Here you can give yourself a fashionable overview of a special kind! Of course, of course, ugliness or beauty are in the eye of the beholder.

When is Ugly Sweater Day?

 The origins of this fashion trends go back to 2011 as the Ugly Christmas Sweater Day For the first time in the USA was celebrated. Since then, he takes place regularly on the third Friday in December. In Germany, there is no big fan base for this day. These most stripes such a sweater for the company celebration or Christmas in the family over.

What does it work with the tradition?

 This is not so serious about Ugly Christmas Sweater: It is a fashion GAG, which Advent and Christmastime should be loosened. The festival of love should be a joyful get-together. But a funny or cheesy Christmas sweater can certainly afford more than a boring black cardigan with white shirt.

Yes, in the US, the Ugly Christmas Sweater already has a certain tradition. Just think of the numerous Christmas films in which one cheesy sweater At least fashionable the main role seems to play. The initiators of this movement want to achieve a 'healing' of everyday illnesses such as boredom and bad mood. There is no reason for a bad mood in the contemplative Christmas season. So why not worry about an ugly Christmas pullover for a smile and a dissolved mood?

Motifs ugly christmas sweater

The trend was also created in the world of work that for Christmas parties Certain specifications made in terms of dress code. In the US, more and more ceremonies with a Ugly Christmas Sweater have thrown into shell to make out of the crowd and to give a fashion statement. Why plague for a long time with the outfit when an original sweater is a solution?

It's still crazier: Ugly Sweater Run

How to root this crazy Christmas tradition is, especially in the US, so-called Ugly Christmas Sweater Runs. In these runs, athletes and normal ones occur. The sporty jersey is stylishly replaced by an Ugly Christmas Sweater. The entry fee will be donated for a good cause, the bizarre pictures are priceless. No, such a 'run' does not have ugly Christmas sweaters in Germany yet. But what is not, can still become!

Cheesy Christmas flour: Which motives are particularly popular?

If you google after this keyword, the taste (or better tasteless?) Diversity seems seemingly limitless. Particularly popular are traditional motifs such as reindeer, gingerbread figures, Santa Claus or fir trees, which have cakes of spells or a humorous representation of anything but ordinary. In order to increase the kitsch factor visible, come on many models Glitter effects not too short. There are even models with light and sound effects. Such a Christmas pullover is certainly ensured for a special occurrence.

Suddenly, movie heroes on the Christmas sweater play the lead role

Overall, the fashion bandwidth of quite neutral Christmas motifs to defended is rewarded as Ironic-Cartoon very large. The question is how much courage can apply for ugliness the carrier before or at Christmas. Very popular as a motive are also the film classics or characters from Harry Potter and Star Wars. Ugly Christmas sweaters can obtain very personal significance for the wearer by referring to one of his cinematic passions. In recent years, more and more football clubs offer Christmas pullover. As ugly, this look, certainly depends on love or aversion to the associated association. 

It's Christmas in the wardrobe: 5 extraordinary motifs as inspiration

  • Singing cucumber with Christmas hat
  • Crazy Santa in the rapid sled
  • Christmas skull motifs
  • Gingerbread knob with cheeky saying
  • Slicing reindeer

Ho, Ho, Ho: When can you wear the Ugly Christmas Sweater?

There is no permanent appointment here. You can wear the ugly Christmas sewer on the third Friday in December for honorary day and thus become an active part of this movement. The Christmas party at work Or at the holidays with the family is a suitable, atmospheric accessory. If you like a cheesy Christmas flux so well, you can safely wear in the pre-Christmas season. Warm models are suitable for an atmospheric Christmas market visit. Prior to the Advent season, such a sweater is rather unfolded, with the sometimes certain occasions being quite desired (eg the bachelor separation).

Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Decoration with the Mr Beam

With our laser cutter, you can wonderfully yours DIY Christmas decoration design. So also your own ugly Christmas sweater Christmas tree decorations. The template to the motif we have from Etsy. In the choice of the material you are as always very free. We have for us for Walnut solid wood decided. But you can just as well, e.g. acrylic or Kraftplex use. The small cheesy sweater you can also very good as Christmas scattered decoration for the table Use - a fancy eye-catcher!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Deco

Conclusion: Will a tradition from the trend?

In the US, a certain tradition has developed. Germany has clearly recovery needs to courage with these sweats to prove fashionable ugliness and self-assault. In any case, ugly Christmas sweaters have become salonable. In this respect, you can go bold and set a sign as a trendsetter with a Ugly Christmas Sweater. And all of all, everything is a question of view: what is looking for an ugly Christmas sweater is a fire-hiss fashion trend for the other.

Infographic Ugly Christmas Sweater

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