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Trend colours - These are the coloiur trends for 2024

They are an exciting topic every year: the new trend colours. Attractive colour trends have been announced for 2024. In this overview, you will find out who is responsible for these trends and which colours suit which seasons best.

Colour trends: who determines them?

The current colour trends are presented by internationally known companies and institutes. You invest a lot of time and effort analysing current developments in order to identify trends. Surveys, successful films and international exhibitions of contemporary art allow the colour experts to see what moves people. Social and political events also play a role in the election. You can always see this in the reasons for the colours of the last few years.

The US Pantone Colour Institute has been selecting a colour of the year since 2000. This is based on the Pantone colour system. The ColorFutures from the AkzoNobel Global Aesthetic Center are also well known. WGSN's trend colors come from the Coloro colour system. The colour experts at Intercolor focus primarily on current textile trends. In addition, there are the colour trends from major paint manufacturers such as Brillux, Alpina and BASF.

Colour trends in spring 2024

Pastel colors trend color 2024

The colours in spring appear fresh and optimistic. This is not just due to the time of year when everything starts to grow and bloom again. Overall, the colour year 2024 is all about colours that awaken positive emotions. Trend colours are:

  • Pastel tones
  • Yellow

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When it comes to pastel shades for spring 2024, the Pantone colour of the year is at the top of the list: Peach Fuzz. You can combine the soft apricot tone perfectly with other light colours. Darker earth tones, which create an attractive contrast, work just as well.

Peach as a trend color

The spring colour yellow presents itself in its lighter shades. She shouldn't appear too strong and dominant. What is needed are more delicate tones that appear airy and light.

The most beautiful trend colours in summer

Cherry red as a trend color in summer 2024

In summer 2024, pastel tones will give way to bolder colours. These are expressive and suitable for the warm, active months of the year. An exception are the brighter, cool colours of the Mediterranean palette, which are also on trend this summer. Summer colour trends are:

  • Cherry red
  • Mediterranean tones

Bright cherry red is one of the most beautiful trends in summer. The red tone shines without appearing brightly coloured. You can experiment with it excellently and try out numerous colour combinations. It looks particularly beautiful with orange, other red tones or light beige.

The Mediterranean trend colours mainly include lighter shades of blue. A slightly washed-out blue that tends towards gray or green harmonizes with white, black or gray. Beige and lighter brown also look good with it.

Colourful autumn: these trendy colours are fun

Mustard yellow trend color fall 2024

While the strong summer colours emphasize contrasts, the autumn colours are more tone-on-tone. It definitely won't be boring because there are numerous possible combinations. These colours are trends in fall 2024:

  • Mustard yellow
  • Orange
  • Brown

The trend colours compete with the bright fruits and leaves of the autumn months. In contrast to the pastel yellow of spring, a stronger shade of yellow is now popular. Together with a warm orange, it creates a wonderful autumnal colour combination.

When it comes to brown tones, you have a free choice in autumn. You can choose dark mocha, caramel or sand. In the extensive palette, you will not only find your favourite colour. It also gives you the opportunity to create an attractive mix of different brown tones.

These winter colours will be on trend in 2024

Trend color winter 2024

As the days get shorter, cooler trendy colours replace warm ones. Gray in all shades is a classic winter colour. There is also an exciting shade of blue: the WGSN colour for the New Year. The following colour trends are coming up for winter:

  • Blue-violet
  • Gray

As 2024 comes to an end, you can have a look at the trend colours for the following year. Some of them are already known. The trend colour 2024 from WGSN presents itself as a wonderful winter colour. It's called Future Dusk. The colour experts have therefore decided on a fascinating, deep dark blue-violet.

Gray is anything but uninteresting. The colour looks subtle and elegant. As with brown, there are a variety of different shades - from dark anthracite to silver gray. Contrasting combinations look very good. If you prefer something more vibrant, choose gray along with a strong, clear colour.

These trendy colours are in season all year round

Natural tones as a trend color in 2024

With earth tones, you will be on trend all year round. The warm natural colours have a calming effect. At the same time, they remind you of how many colour nuances can be found in nature.

White is now one of the permanent colour trends. The colour shows again and again how versatile and compatible it is. White alone looks extremely elegant. There are hardly any limits to the possible combinations with white. Because it goes with all other colours.

2024 is the year in which a little more luxury returns in trend colours. Gold and silver are experiencing a renaissance. However, it shouldn't be too lavish. The two colours will remain reserved for details and accessories in 2024.

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