Instagram vs Tik Tok

TikTok and Instagram in comparison

TikTok or Instagram? Which platform for which target group? Can you start with social media at all? We will answer these and many other questions in the following blog post.

What is behind the TikTok and Instagram terms?

Tik Tok VS Instagram

Instagram is a social network, its Focus on photo and video content lies. Instagram was released on October 6th, 2010 in the Apple app Store. At that time, the app was a pure photo app in which the user posted square pictures and interacted with other users. In April 2012, Android users were also able to download and use the app. By taking over Facebook in 2012, Instagram is developing further, more users, more options, more facets. One or the other may claim that Instagram has developed into a small copy cat.

The story function was unlocked in 2016 based on Snapchat's model. If you want to post a story, you can post up to a hundred 15-second sequences every 24 hours and take your followers with you on your vacation, for example. Based on the model of YouTube the video format “IGTV” was released in 2019. 10-minute videos could be uploaded. After the length of stay per contribution is always quite short, this function could not establish itself. IGTV was replaced by “Reels”. Since mid-2020, you have the option of posting 15–60-second videos in portrait format. The shorter, the better. Role model of this function? TikTok.

Did you know that ….

… Instagram 2010 already had 1 million users?

... in 2021 1.04 billion user accounts were counted?

... 100+ million photos are uploaded daily (this corresponds to 1000 uploads per second)?

…. Almost 10 million people actively use the app every month?

TikTok is the opposite of Instagram

Tik Tok

In this way, TikTok is the exact opposite of Instagram. Is it to a pure video platform. In 2018, TikTok took over the “” platform. This network is and was particularly popular with the younger gene Z. At the beginning, lip -synchronization videos were mainly posted. Thanks to Corona pandemic and countless lockdowns, the network now addresses all target groups and niches.

You can post videos for up to three minutes long and store them with different filters, effects or sounds. The music list is divided into 19 categories. Sounds can be added to your video with one click. At TikTok, the so -called “for you page” is your best friend. If your video ends up there, the chances of achieving a lot to achieve.

Did you know that ….

… TikTok 2018, with 45.8 million downloads in the first quarter, which was mostly downloaded iPhone app?

... has the app over 1 billion user?

… TikTok recorded 30 million active users per month?

… As a creator (no business account), you can use songs free of charge and still make money?

Advantages and disadvantages of Instagram and TikTok

In 2016, Instagram integrated the function to set up a “business account”. Especially for companies and Influencer An advantage with which TikTok has not yet been able to keep up. Instagram was gradually expanded into a business tool, in addition to the distribution of the follower country and age distribution, you can (if you set yourself up a creator or business account), How many people have seen your individual contributions, cheeky, shared, saved or commented. You also see where the impressions come from. Have you set hashtags worked particularly well, was the contribution to the Explore Page, or did the majority of your followers see the post on their homepage? 

Hashtags and their correct use

Hashtags can have advantages and disadvantages. On Instagram, you can A maximum of 30 individual hashtags in the description or pack in your comments. At TikTok there is a drawing limit and the hashtags are in the comments you can save yourself here, because so, your video will not be played out under the hashtag. The following applies to both platforms: Better less hashtags that describe the contribution well and appropriately than many hashtags that are less likely to fit the topic. With too many inappropriate hashtags, it can happen that the algorithm classifies your contribution as a “spam” and does not play at all.

Did you know that you see How often the respective hashtag has already been used? Hashtags that have below 500,000 tags are more recommended, as your contribution will be easier to stand out here.

A rule of thumb: You should always use hashtags on Instagram, as this ensures more reach. 1-4 hashtags are sufficient on TikTok.

TikTok and the algorithm

The biggest advantage that TikTok brings with it: The algorithm. You can basically start today, post an informative, funny or entertaining video on which for your page, reach a million views and reach and generate a few thousand followers thanks to a single contribution. Do you have a small business and sell things? Post the package process on TikTok and see what happens. The more users look to finish your videos, the more frequent your subsequent videos appear on their for you page. The algorithm is Instagram's major disadvantage and to the dismay of those who switch advertising via Instagram and thus earn money.

This is changed several times a year with the aim of drawing many new users aware of your profile. Often, however, this only leads to Follower no longer see your contributions, but only proposed contributions from other users. Therefore, has been on Instagram since then: Post a real one about three times a week, which is short, scarce and catchy. This is currently very pushed the platform. A disadvantage that TikTok brings with it: If you do advertising, you have to integrate it very subliminally so that it does not look or put on. TikTok users find nothing more annoying than advertising that seems intrusive.

Did you know that ….
…. You can apply for the creativity fund from TikTok from 10,000 followers and earn € 0.03 -0.05 € per 1,000 views? You can then withdraw these incomes monthly.

Which platform for which target group or content?

Tik Tok and Instagram in comparison

As already cut above, TikTok is the somewhat younger platform. Especially the gene z, So 12–26-year-olds are particularly often represented here. Most users are millennials on Instagram, i.e. 27-35-year-olds. Entertaining and real content works particularly well on TikTok. Instagram is more of inspiration, the aesthetics of the pictures are particularly important here. No matter which content you post on the respective platform, make sure that you operate a niche. You can definitely build a large community faster with TikTok. You will continue to grow on Instagram, but have to post regularly on both platforms. That means three TikToks daily and at least one post daily on Instagram.

Is it still worth starting with Instagram? 

Clear answer: yes. A certain scatter is even important, whether creator or business, because you will always reach people and offer added value, no matter which platform. Instagram contains most features, which means that you cover every possible category. Be it photos, video content, your own shop (you can now also sell products via Instagram). By the way, you can Simply post your reels as TikTok and vice versa. So you save yourself time and reach two different target groups at once.

How do I find the perfect time to post?

Perfect time to post

Either Instagram as well as TikTok give you meaningful statistics about gender, place of origin and country and also the time to which most of your followers have been achieved with your contribution. This can vary slightly from day to day, but don't worry, this statistics is exactly day. Just stick to it and post for (or shortly before the) peak. Often the peak times are in the evening, that means you post shortly before the peak, your contribution is less likely to go under the other articles.

The most important facts about TikTok and Instagram

  • TikTok can get to you “Faster” success help
  • Instagram is the better platform if you want to apply or sell products
  • TikTok reaches one rather younger target group
  • Unique content, It is best to arrive at the user
  • react to comments under your contributions → a lively community is super important, and you look open
  • Be active yourself: Comment and like the contributions of other users on the platform
  • be yourself and just have fun doing what you do


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Did you know that ….

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