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Engraving an animal photo on a mirror - Mr Beam Tutorial

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who ... oh dear ... your night was a little short again, and you fell into the mirror in the morning before looking?

That is over now, because: "Damn you look good!"

If you at View in the mirror So is all forgotten, is it all forgotten, right?

Preparations for your new mirror

What do you need?

Not much, actually. Just a mirror tile that the Mr Beam can engrave 

and of course an animal photo or another picture with a suitable saying.

The big ones, astonished eyes of the cat With a “Damn you look good!” fits perfectly together. This is exactly what I need in the morning after getting up when I don't really like “You Look so good”.

Did you know that it is a very simple animal photo with that Mr Beam engraving? The most important thing is the quality of the image and its preparation for engraving.

There is a detailed article in the knowledge database: How-to: engraving photography.

Edit your animal photo for the engraving

Do you have one Cat or a dog? Show a funny or simply suitable picture of your animal? Excellent! It is time that you are greeted and motivated by your fur friend in the morning at first glance in the mirror!

For the next steps, you need an image editing program. For example, they are suitable for this Adobe Photoshop or gimp.

In the program, you are now converting your picture into greyscale. Here you may still adjust the contrast, but that always comes up with that photo of your animal on. The following applies here: try it out.

I first converted the picture of my cat into greyscale. And in the next step the background removed.

Engraving animal photo

Important for the Gravure of your animal photos is then the so -called "dithering". Here, the shades of gray are converted into black and white dots.

You can do that later in the Mr Beam software Select in the laser parameters, or directly in your image editing program.

Should you're dithering in your graphics program have selected, you can no longer change your picture later. So neither scale nor turn.

That is why I recommend that you always do dithering in BeamOS, because you usually make small changes.

Prepare animal photo engraving

A notice: But be sure that you do not in your graphics program and the Mr Beam Software selected.

Engraving your animal photo on your mirror

To engrave a mirror, you need a laser -friendly mirror tile.

Since with the Gravure of a mirror is engraved by the back, put your mirror tile with the back-up in the Mr Beam. Align the tile straight away.

In the Mr Beam You can find knowledge database an article In addition, in which it is described again exactly what you should consider when engraving on a mirror.

Start yours Mr Beam and upload your saying and your animal photo that you want to engrave simply by drag & drop to your design library.

In the work area you still have to reflect both the font and the photo of the cat, so that both after the Gravure correctly on the front of the mirror appear. To do this, select the mirror button in the BeamOS next to your file.

Laser software settings for the animal photo

Order your Animal photo and you're saying on your mirror. Thanks to the camera in Mr Beam Is that really easy.

Select "SPIEGEL" in the materials and now adapt the settings accordingly under "Extended settings":

You place the line distance at 0.1 mm and of course a check mark at Dithering (unless you have already selected this in the graphics program!).

Laser parameter animal photo

Now the Mr Beam laser. Do not forget: Focus on your laser head!

Engraving cat photo

Due to the low line distance, the engraving can take some time.

But it's worth it!

If your Mr Beam the laser job to engrave your animal photos And ended the saying, open the flap and get your mirror tile out.

Engraving mirrors with a cat

There are still on the tile Remnants of the engraving. Wear the mirror tile horizontally to a sink and rinse it thoroughly.

Afterwards you can wipe again with a glass cleaner and a kitchen towel and thus also remove the last engraving residues, water drops and streaks.

The result is great, you can see every hair of the cat.

From now on, I look forward to the view of the mirror every morning because I will greet by my cat and a motivating saying!

Engraving animal photo

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