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Make summer decorations for the house entrance

It is summer! The sun is shining from the sky and you can finally spend more time outdoors again. Beer gardens, parks, lakes, everything lures us out. And then, when you come home after a nice day, and the beautifully decorated...wait a minute, isn't your front door in the summer look yet?! Then it's about time! A door wreath is a wonderful idea to decorate your front entry for the summer!

Material for your summery house entrance decoration

Material summer decoration house entrance

you need that
  • a metal ring with a diameter of approx. 30 cm
  • Kraftplex in 0.5 and 1 mm thickness
  • spray paint and acrylic pencils
  • Wood glue, for example Ponal Express
  • a toothpick
  • Pattex all-purpose glue
  • a cord
  • a thin object, such as a metal skewer or something similar, to shape the leaves
  • some water in a spray bottle and a waterproof pad or small plate
  • and the file from mamasachen's Mr Beam design store

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Getting your summer decoration ready for lasering

You can find the mamassachen file for your summer decorations at the house entrance in the Mr Beam design store. To do this, start your Mr Beam and open BeamOS in the browser.

Select the appropriate file in the design store. You can now load them from your design library into your graphics program for editing.

Measure the diameter of your metal ring and create a circle of the same diameter to help you with the design.

Laser file summer decoration house entrance

Now you can adjust the individual elements, such as the "welcome", the heart and the flowers, to your liking by scaling them. I added a “HERZLICH” with the “Children” font.

In order to be able to separate the elements more easily later in BeamOS , for example depending on the material, it is best to colour the cutting lines in different colours.

Save your prepared file for your door wreath as a summer decoration in the house entrance and load it into your design library.

Lasering your summer decoration for the house entrance

The flowers are lasered from the thinnest Kraftplex, 0.5 mm, so that even the smallest flowers can be easily shaped afterwards. To do this, place the Kraftplex in the Mr Beam and arrange the flowers on the Kraftplex to save material. To have the most accurate preview possible here, don't forget to set the material height. Of course, the same applies to the heart and the lettering, these are lasered from the 1 mm thick Kraftplex.

As always, don't forget to focus!

Summer decoration for the house entrance

The laser settings for the Kraftplex are already stored, but with the [x] head I recommend reducing the passes to "1" and reducing the speed a bit, otherwise it will quickly happen that the Kraftplex is cut through after the first pass and the elements then fall down. With another pass, the laser beam would then lase on the finished elements and leave an unwanted engraving.

Blossom made of Kraftplex

Give your flowers a 3D effect for your summer decoration in the house entrance

Now you need a small plate, a spray bottle with water and a metal skewer or other thin object. And of course the lasered flowers.

Because now the one-dimensional flowers become really beautiful 3D flowers for your summer decoration in the house entrance.

Place the flowers on the plate and spray them with water. When the Kraftplex is sufficiently moistened, it is easy to shape.

Summer decoration house entrance

Now bend each petal around the metal skewer and give it the typical leaf shape.

When all the buds are ready, let them dry. After drying, they can be varnished and painted as usual.

Colour scheme for your door wreath as a summer decoration for the house entrance

There are no limits to your imagination when choosing the colours. I chose pastel pink, mauve and berry. - based on a few colour trends for 2023.

Paint summer decoration

Acrylic spray paint for your summer decorations

Prepare your spray cans according to the manufacturer's instructions and go to a place protected from wind and rain to paint. A cardboard box that you turn on its side is suitable as a paint booth.

This protects your surroundings from the paint mist. I painted the heart and some of the flowers in mauve, the other flowers in pastel pink and the “welcome” in the colour berry. After drying the buds, I placed a small spray of a different colour in the centre of each large bud.

Summer decoration details

Accents for the blossoms of your door wreath in the house entrance

You can now set even more accents with various acrylic pens and thus give your Kraftplex blossoms even more liveliness.

Summer decoration blossom details

Make your door wreath as a summer decoration for the house entrance

Finish the heart in the middle

Glue the “HERZLICH” to the heart with wood glue.

Tip: Most glue bottles come out with too much glue at once to cover such thin letters. Dab some glue on a piece of paper or cloth and dab the glue on the back of the letters with a toothpick.

Summer decoration house entrance

In order to apply the letters as straight as possible, I used an object to help me. You can use a small pad, ruler, pen, or something similar. You also glue three small flowers on the heart as decoration.

Lettering summer decoration house entrance

Glue your 3D flowers and the “welcome” to the wreath for your summer decoration in the entrance

Depending on the material of your wreath, you should try out which glue works best. Unfortunately, hot glue didn't work for me, the blossoms have too small an adhesive surface, and they just fell off after a little touch.

That's why I decided on Pattex Repair. It takes longer to dry than hot glue, but when everything sticks, it sticks!

Flowers for summer decoration

First stick on the “welcome” and then you distribute the flowers on your metal ring as you like. Attach the heart to your wreath with a piece of string. To do this, loop it around the metal ring and glue the ends to your heart at the back with hot glue or Pattex.

So that it doesn't slip down on the ring as soon as you hang up your door wreath as a summer decoration for the house entrance, fix the cord on the wreath with a little glue.

Now you have a beautiful summer door wreath to decorate your door with vibrant colours and beautiful flowers.

Have fun imitating and have a nice summer!

Your rina

Summer decoration house entrance


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