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Seven fun games for your New Year's Eve party

Funny games for children and adults belong to New Year's Eve like "Dinner for one". Your guests will be happy if you have some ideas for fun games on New Year's Eve. If you are invited to a friend's house, you are also doing them a great favor by bringing a fun game idea with you. Lots of fun games can be played spontaneously on New Year's Eve and without any special preparation. This post gives you seven tips.

Funny games New Year's Eve - Tip 1: Charades

Charades are especially fun and put you in a good mood on New Year's Eve. The game master writes down a term consisting of two nouns (e.g. flight shame, faux pas, bed story) on small pieces of paper. There are more papers than players. Then the game master folds the pieces of paper and shuffles them thoroughly. Each participant takes turns taking a piece of paper and looks at the word on it without being observed. The respective player mimes the term for the round until the word is guessed. It is also possible to explain the nouns individually (e.g. Armlampe, Affenwärme, Sauerland). Especially at the turn of the year, it makes sense to choose funny terms (e.g. Schnapsdrossel, cleaning devil, party animal) or allude to personal events from the past twelve months (e.g. career leap, love happiness, parental leave).

Tip 2: Who am I?

Who am I?

Each player takes a piece of paper, writes the name of a real person on it, and sticks the piece of paper on the neighbour's forehead. The aim is to guess which person's name is currently placed on their forehead. The player concerned may ask questions that can be answered with "yes" or "no". If the answer is yes, the player may continue. If the answer is "No", it is the next player's turn.

Appropriately for New Year's Eve, an additional rule is recommended: the person must have played a special role in the world or in the common circle of acquaintances of the revellers this year.

Funny games New Year's Eve - Tip 3: Memory cards

In this game, the participants review the year that is coming to an end. A question about a special event from that year is written on each card. It is also possible to print out questions from the Internet. But the game is especially fun when you make up the questions yourself. On New Year's Eve, you can also distribute a few special cards to the group. Each player can then write a small thank you or a compliment to one of those present. New Year's Eve is a good occasion to say "thank you".

Tip 4: Predict the future with apple peels or wax casting

Pouring wax New Year's game

It's fun to make oracles together and speculate about the course of the new year. Wax casting is the environmentally friendly and non-toxic alternative to lead casting. - a typical New Year's Eve custom. All you have to do is heat some wax on a spoon and then drop it into ice water. You can recognize your future from the shape that is now emerging.

The game works just as easily with apple peels. Everyone present receives an apple. Now peel off the shell, ideally in one go, and throw it backwards over your left shoulder. Then you can start interpreting and oracles. The length and shape of the bowl tell you what you will experience in the coming year.

A variant of the game : If you recognize a letter, it is the first letter of the person you are going to fall in love with.

Tip 5: Upside down breast of veal

This game is also suitable for children. Each player thinks of a word that is as long as possible, for example, "veal breast". One participant writes the term in block letters in a vertical array. A few centimetres further to the right, the word is written at the same height from bottom to top. In this way, it is possible to write down new terms in the horizontal arrangement. The first and the last letter are fixed in each case. It is now the task of the other players to find meaningful words and thus close the gaps. For example, if the source term is "New Year's Eve Celebration," players could write the word "heavy" or "tax" in the top row.

All words that are in the dictionary are rated. In order to enable more hits, it makes sense to choose a word without rare letters as the original term (ä, ö, ü. c, j, q, x, y). Whoever entered all the words first can say "Stop". This ends the game round. Each word found is worth one point. One variant of the game consists in awarding an additional point from a certain word length. It is also possible to set a time limit for each game round in advance. Then the players don't need to say "stop".

Tip 6: Square the dice

dice games

This game is also suitable for children. Each player draws a square consisting of 3 by 3 boxes on a piece of paper. Each of the squares is given a number from 1 to 9 in turn. The players now roll two normal dice, one after the other. Each player compares the numbers rolled with the numbers on their own sheet of paper. If they match, the number on the slip can be crossed out. The player can choose whether to cross out the two numbers on the dice individually, check off just one of them, or cross off the sum of both numbers. For example, if the 3 and the 5 are rolled, and the player still has the 3, the 5 and the 8 on the paper, then he can choose between them

  • the 3,
  • the 5,
  • the 3 and the 5
  • or the 8th

cross out The aim is to be the first to cross off all the numbers on the paper.

Funny games New Year's Eve - Tip 7: Treasure hunt in the apartment

Funny games include independently developed tasks. A scavenger hunt in the apartment goes perfectly with New Year's Eve ! As the host, you can think of some riddles and mini-tasks in advance that will show the guests the way to a treasure. Midnight is a good time limit. If the treasure has been found by then, this is also a good omen for the new year.

With these tips, you are well-prepared for the evening! If you are looking for the right New Year's Eve decoration, this lucky pig may be just the right thing to give away. Now New Year's Eve can come. Have fun and a happy new year!

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