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Make small New Year's Eve gifts - Mr Beam Tutorial

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are always good opportunities to wish your friends, relatives, acquaintances or even business partners good luck and success for the coming year.

What could be better than conveying such wishes in the form of small gifts? Then it will definitely work even with the good intentions. 😉

You can send them out, give them right outside before the fireworks or if you're hosting a New Year's Eve party, you can have the small New Year's Eve gifts ready and provide a little surprise at midnight. I created a small file for you, which you can find in the Mr Beam Design store. And you don't need much for it.

Material for your little New Year's Eve gifts

Material small New Year's Eve gifts

This is what you need
  • Kraft paper
  • Sparklers, approx. 17 cm long

For a few highlights on your little New Year's Eve gifts:

  • Sign material gold
  • an adhesive roller / removable adhesive dots
  • Gold glitter gel pen, for example the Sakura Gelly Roll

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Make small New Year's Eve gifts with the Mr Beam

Of course, you need your Mr Beam to make the little New Year's Eve gifts.

Start your Mr Beam and open the Mr Beam software in your browser.

When I work online, I always use find.mr-beam.org. Do you know this option? Of course, this only works with an active internet connection.

Then open the design store and download the file for your little New Year's Eve gifts.

You still have to add the word “luck” and the year. Either in the workspace of the Mr Beam software or in your graphics program. I intentionally kept the file this way so that you can personalize it and also use it again every year.

Template New Year's Eve gifts

Maybe you would like to wish the recipient “a lot of love” or “a lot of success” for the next year. I added “Happiness” and “2024” in the font “California” and adjusted both the size and the position so that it looks consistent overall. This created a multi-line text layout.

For a font that needs to be engraved, remove the outline so that your text layout is just a fill.

Template New Year's Eve gift

In the work area of ​​the Mr Beam software you will also find the option under “Text” to add different fonts, your wishes and the year for your small New Year's Eve gifts.

Laser New Year's Eve gifts

Now place your kraft paper in the Mr Beam. I used magnets as weights to weigh it down so that the kraft paper lays as straight as possible for engraving. If the focus is not right, the engraving on the kraft paper will otherwise appear blurry.

That's why you should definitely focus the laser head before lasering.

Then you align the file on your material and then click on “Laser” to get into the laser settings. Since kraft paper is not stored directly, you have to try out which settings suit your kraft paper.

I used 300g kraft paper and used these settings for the [x] head:


Intensity: 15%

Speed: 2000mm/min

Runs: 1

Line spacing: 0.1mm


Intensity: 100%

Speed: 1800mm/min

Runs: 1

Laser settings New Year's Eve gifts

After lasering, you get your little New Year's Eve gifts from the Mr Beam.

So they are actually already finished, and you can now decorate them with two sparklers and give them away. Or you can add a few highlights.

Give your little handmade New Year's Eve gifts highlights

Glittering sparks stars on your little New Year's Eve gifts

You can add quick, eye-catching highlights to your small New Year's Eve gifts with a gel pen in gold glitter. To do this, simply paint the engraving of the sparkler fire with the gel pen. Or you can just emphasize the sparkling stars with the glitter. There are no limits to your creativity.

Make a New Year's Eve gift

Horseshoes as removable lucky charms on your small New Year's Eve gifts

To do this, you will now need your Mr Beam and the golden sign material again.

You can also find the file for the horseshoes in the Mr Beam Design Store.

Load it into your workspace, place your gold sign material in the Mr Beam and use the camera preview to line up the horseshoes. So that the horseshoes fit nicely on your little New Year's Eve gift and, for example, in the recipient's wallet afterwards, they should be around 3 cm tall.

New Year's Eve gifts laser setting

The laser settings for the golden sign material are already stored in the Mr Beam software, so you can start lasering after focusing the laser head.


Since the horseshoes are small, the Mr Beam can finish them very quickly. Remove your horseshoes from the Mr Beam and set them aside.

Finish making your little New Year's Eve gifts

Now put the sparklers through the two slots in your little New Year's Eve gift. For the top slit, you put it through from front to back and for the bottom slit, just the other way around.

Sparkler New Year's Eve gift

The tips of the two sparklers are then level with the engraving with the sparks.

Make horseshoes

Now all that's missing is the lucky charm for your little New Year's Eve gifts. Apply the glue to the back of the horseshoes with the glue roller and stick them underneath the sparklers. Your little New Year's Eve gifts are now finished and ready to give away.

I wish you a lot of fun trying it out and a happy new year! If you're still looking for the perfect table decoration, try my tutorial on scatter decorations for New Year's Eve.

I look forward to 2024 with you,

your Rina

small New Year's Eve gifts

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