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Gift idea: barbecue tongs for a real grill master

On warm summer days, grilling is simply part of it!

Eating comfortably in the garden together with friends and family, enjoy a cool drink and recharge the sun.

But of course there is also on colder days BBQ a real mood maker.

An invitation to the BBQ evening is not long in coming. But what should you bring as a gift for a real BBQ fan?

There is now a huge selection of accessories around grilling.

Something personalized, which the grill master often uses, is a beautiful one Gift idea, which everyone is happy about!

An engraved barbecue tongs as a gift

Actually, there are mostly two types of grill tongs: Metal barbecue tongs or wood.

Engraving grill tongs

No matter what kind of grill tongs you want to engrave, make sure when buying that the part to be serious as horizontally as possible im Mr Beam can lie. If possible, it should be stable on its own or can be easily stabilized.

Barbecue tongs made of metal

A beautiful Engraving on metal It's always a great effect. But also associated with restrictions. For the metal engraving with the Marksolid Spray, a few rules must be observed:

  1. Focus: The energy from the laser head activates the spray so that the order can take place on the material. The focus must therefore fit (in contrast to other materials). If it does not fit, too little energy comes to the material.
  2. Spray quantity: Much helps, much does not apply to the Marksolid Spray: a super thin layer is absolutely sufficient for the metal engraving. Please keep enough distance from the material and the best way to spray the spray on the area to be serious in a push. Otherwise, the engraving does not work as desired and the spray flops.

Fat stains are the final opponent! As soon as a bit greasy - a fingerprint is enough, the spray does not work. So please clean your workpiece beforehand with a suitable cleaner and use glove. The “grill master” from the file should be on the gripper Fire child | Feuer-ABC plot with numbers and many extras of mums things can be seen.

Engraving on grill tongs

Thus, only small motifs or words are suitable for the gripper of your grill tongs as an engraving that are lasered on the still little curved surface.

However, engraving the stem works wonderfully.

A flat surface focused well - A child's play for the Mr Beam In connection with the Marksolid laser marker spray.

Measure grill tongs

Be sure to test whether the grill tongs are not the maximum height of 38mm for the Mr Beam exceeds. Here you should always include the increase for possible stabilizations or the height compensation in order to be able to put the grill tongs as horizontally as possible.

If the circumstances fit, you can start.

Clean the area of ​​your barbecue tongs that is to be engraved and then spray it evenly with the Marksolid laser marker spray.

You should always do that outside, in a wind and rain-protected place.

Build a kind of Painting cabin made of cardboard to protect your surroundings. Let the spray dry completely and then put your grill tongs in the Mr Beam. Make sure not to damage the painted surface. Where the paint is damaged, your engraving becomes uneven.

The aligning of your file on the grill tongs proves to be a bit tricky. You can have one Create template to align it to the millimeter. You can find precise instructions on this here.

The settings for the engraving of your grill tongs are in BeamOS deposited. Just focus and your Mr Beam can start. We also recommend working on the spray with a line of 0.1. After the engraving, you rinse the Marksolid laser marker spray under running water. Tip: They are also suitable Ultra -rime towels For cleaning!

Incidentally, the hashtag is also from the mums file.

Grill grill tongs made of metal

A wooden barbecue tongs as a guest gift

Wrap a rubber around the pliers. A spacer in between makes it easier to align the horizontal. I used an empty role Washi tape that I clamped in between. A suitable piece of wood or other things is also suitable.

Measure grill tongs

Miss you your grill tongs and create a corresponding rectangle in your graphics program, such as Adobe Illustrator. This rectangle serves you both as Template for your file, as well as a template for Mr Beam to be able to align them with millimetre precisely.

Create you one Suitable file as an engraving And adapt it in your rectangle according to the grill tongs.

Select for template And engraving different colours to be able to distinguish it more easily in BeamOS.

Laser file grill tongs

For the wooden pliers, I also used elements from the mum's file.

Upload your finished file In your design library in the BeamOS.

First, you read your template. Put a piece paper in your Mr Beam And let it laser your rectangle. You have to go into the engraving in the Laser settings skip.

The vertical line in the rectangle serves as a positioning aid of another rubber to keep the pliers closed. For this, you need a vertical space in your motif so as not to hinder the engraving.

Engraving grill tongs

When your template is finished, you put it Grill tongs In and in and Focus on the laser head. Check again in the camera image whether there is a rubber in the area of ​​the engraving, and if necessary correct it.

Then the Mr Beam yours barbecue tongs as a gift engraving for a real grill master.

After the engraving, you take your finished grill tongs out of the Mr Beam And remove the rubbers.

 Wooden engraving

Then I recommend washing the remains of the engraving thoroughly.

Tip: To increase the shelf life of a wooden barbecue tongs recommend oiling them several times before the first use. The oil should of course be food -safe.

Have fun copying - and grilling!

Your Rina

Engraving grill tongs

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