Einhorn Party Deko selber machen - Mr Beam Tutorial

Make a unicorn party decoration by yourself - Mr Beam Tutorial

Well, where are the unicorn fans? When the topic of “unicorns” came up with my niece a few years ago, I still had the hope that I would get around my children later. But reality looks different.

That is why the fifth birthday of our big daughter will be that this year Motto "unicorn party" to have.

In pink, purple and rainbow coloured!

It should be coloured rain, and of course a lot of pink, purple, pink and turquoise! Oh and I should never forget the glitter. So, or something like that, were my daughter's instructions when I started the considerations like me make decoration for the unicorn party yourself can.

I like it when topics or motifs can be found from the invitation to the joined jack.

So I chose two motifs that you have with yours Unicorn party decoration, You can use versatile: the head of a unicorn from the side and a cloud.

Make a screenshot of it or create in your graphics program, such as Adobe Illustrator, just the two motifs. And thanks to this Tutorial You made the decoration for the unicorn party yourself in no time.

Unicorn decoration template

What you from these two motifs for them Unicorn party, I will show you in this tutorial:

Unicorn party decoration

What you need for the unicorn party decoration

  • white clay box
  • Crepe tape in different colours
  • Colourful pompoms in the right colours
  • Glitter
  • Glitter (gel) pens
  • Glue
  • duct tape
  • scissors

Unicorn party garland

Start yours Mr Beam, because now it's time to laser!

If you do the Unicorn head and the cloud prepared in your graphics program, you can use the file to your BeamOS Load design library.

Now you need the white clay box. Put him in yours Mr Beam And - to avoid slipping, for example, when checking the laser result - Attach it with magnets.

Load the unicorn and the cloud into your work area in the BeamOS and adapt it so that you have as little as possible.

Both Laser settings are already stored “paper” in white. Of course, you have to see if these settings also fit for your box, and it is lasered through.

Unicorn party decoration laser

After the Mr Beam finished the laser job, get your finished Unicorn decorative parts out of here.

First, you need the colourful crepe tape and your scissors, because the unicorn now gets a colourful mane.

Unicorn party

Cutting the crepe tape rolls twice as long as the mane should be long. You pull these streaks out of crepe tape through the lasered slots and knot them Unicorn strands firmly. You should carefully tighten the knots, otherwise the crepe tape can tear.

Tinker unicorn party decoration

Furthermore, you are now doing this with so many crepe straps until your mane is finished.

But the glittering horn is still missing a real unicorn, Headdress and of course a face.

The finishing touches on the unicorn for the party decoration

The horn has to sparkle and glitter. That's why it is your turn to get your glitter.

In order to be able to better absorb the excess glitter, it is best to carry out the next step over a bowl or a plate.

Glue the unicorn party decoration

Coat the horn generously with an adhesive stick. Make sure not to leave out a place on the box, because unfortunately you can see subsequent improvements and the stick of adhesive is then also transformed into a glitter adhesive.

Now sprinkle the glitter evenly over the horn and press it a little.

Of course, you also do the same on the back.

Let dry well and then to tap excess glitter slightly Or strip with a soft brush.

Unicorn decoration

In order to cover the transition to the horn and also the slot for the mane, that gets that Unicorn still some headdress in the form of pushing pompoms.

Simply search for the right colours for the mane in different sizes, on each of the pompoms a blob, press well and let it dry.

Unicorn party decoration

With the cloud you go similar to the unicorn:

  • Cut the crepe tape
  • Carefully knot tapes
  • Paint face


With a little pink glitter you can make the cloud still glittering cheeks.

To get a garland from the unicorn and the cloud for yours Tinker party decoration, you need a few unicorns and clouds and of course a cord.

Or you take them as a window or door decoration.

Unicorn straw marker

Many children, chaos at the table, the glasses are criss-crossed. You certainly know that?!

Glass markers or straw markers help. You can Simply make yourself.

Another idea for which you can use the unicorn and the cloud for.

In principle, it is just like that Unicorn head and the cloud for the garland, just a lot, much smaller.

To thread the significantly narrower crepe tape strips through the slot and then knot so carefully that they don't tear needs some tact. But is quite feasible.😊

Paint unicorn decoration

You should better paint the horn here instead of using glitter. The glitter always trickles to something and would then land in the drink.

In addition, the different colours of the glitter pencils, And thus the horn, for the easier detection of the straws.

The name of the respective child can then be written on the neck of the unicorn (if all party guests can already read - or recognize their name on the typeface). Now attach to the straw with a piece of adhesive strips.

Unicorn straw

More ideas about the two motifs to make great unicorn party decoration yourself

Cake topper

From the two motifs you can too Very slightly great cake topper laser

Add a staff to insert in your graphics program below to the unicorn and leave yours Mr Beam laser.

Wood or Kraftplex. You should wrap the rod that is inserted into the cake with foil or leave out the area of ​​the cake where the cake topper is in it.

Invitation to the unicorn party

Or use the Unicorn head as an invitation to the party. The face on the front and at the back you write the text. Invitation for… . When? Where? And what is celebrated?

Decoration for the fellow bag

Simply glue both the cloud and the unicorn on the bag in which the shares are located for the party guests. The name on it with a glitter pen and done!

Make a unicorn party yourself

No matter what you make of it, thanks to that Mr Beam, you can easily and, above all, quickly Make a decoration for your unicorn party yourself. The perfect Decoration for the children's birthday party.

Have fun copying - and celebrating!

Your Rina

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