Der Holztannenbaum für den Wohnzimmertisch

The wooden annoon tree for the living room table

Suitable for one of our last article, the Christmas starwoodenWho brings the contemplative mood into your home, we have made something similar today. Also our template for Wood-fir-tree is illuminated by tealights and dips the room in the golden candlelight. Whether you want to create the file yourself or just download it from the design store, you are exactly right with this tutorial!

The choice of material

For some designs, it is particularly important to decide before which material you want to use. This also includes our Christmas tree of wood. If you want to use our template from the DesignStore, must Your wooden number exactly a thickness of three millimeters exhibit. Otherwise, the connectors fit, whereby the tree can stand until only, no longer in the recesses on the tree. The easiest way is if you plywood Used from our shop, because our file is optimized. There you will find a whole selection of different woods.

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The simple way over the design gates

As already mentioned, we have already prefabricated the design. You will find it in the DesignStore under the term "Tannenbaum aus Holz". If your wood is three millimeters thick, you can also do the file directly in Mr Beam insert. Otherwise, you have to download them only and adjust the recesses in the tree to the respective thickness.

Template wooden anna tree

How to create the laser design yourself

Should you do your Create a wood-fir tree yourself You want to find a step-by-step guide for creating the file in Adobe Illustrator in this chapter.

1. Create basic shape of the tree

Use the "drawing pin" or "curvature tool" for the basic shape of the wooden internal tree. Draw the Form of a fir tree in your character area. If you are satisfied with the shape, you can still customize them in size. But remember that the maximum size is restricted in the MR Beam. We made our tree scarce 30 cm high.

Template wooden tan tree without jewelry

2. Distribute recesses for the connectors

In the next step, you create the recesses for the connectors that hold the tree together. The height of this recess corresponds to the thickness of your chosen Material, the width is quite freely selectable. Of course, it should not be wider than the connecting pieces themselves.

Then distribute several of them over the Christmas tree, depending on how many lights you want to queue afterwards. Make sure this not to sit too close together or close to each other, otherwise the tealights could burn the wood.

3. Christmas baubles with integration

Since now it is realized where to stop your tealights later, you can next circles on the Wood-fir-tree Place Christmas tree decorations symbolize. You can distribute these rather arbitrarily, but we recommend that they will be slightly smaller up. In addition, they should not sit directly across the recesses of the connectors, as they would be hidden from the tealight anyway.

Template wooden star tree with jewelry

4. Place Christmas star and duplicate design

To finish the design of your template for the wood-fir-tree, you can place a Christmas star on the top of the tree as a last Christmas star. With the help of the PathFinder tool you simply combine Tree and star so that the laser Not too much cut away.

Thus, the fir tree is ready, so you can duplicate it for the back and then reflect so that you can see the nicer cutting edge from both sides and match the recesses and Christmas tree ball holes.

5. Create connectors

The connectors have already been mentioned in several places. They consist on three rectangles. One of them represents the base plate, on which the tea lights are placed later. It should So be at least 4x4 cm tall. The other two rectangles are as high as your material is thick and so wide as the recesses you previously installed at the fir tree. Then you put these in the middle of the large rectangle. Then you unite all three again with the Pathfinder tool.

Connector for wooden internal tree

You now have to copy the finished connectors only as often as you have placed recesses on the fir-tree.

6. Optimize the position of the items

If you have decided on a similar size as we have decided, you have to finally have before you Save file as SVG Can clean the drawing surface a little. Otherwise, the whole thing does not suddenly fit into the MR Beam.

Turn one of the two fir trees around 180 degrees and place it as close as possible to the others. On the right and left of the trees, you can stow the connectors so that they take as well as no extra place.

Design wooden internal tree

Lasers and crafts - What needs to be respected?

At this point, it does not matter if you downloaded our file from the DesignStore or created your own. Just insert it on the work surface, check the size again for safety's sake and place it on the wooden plate. Do not forget the Focus on laser and set the right object height.

If you use wood from our shop, you can then just the Use default settings for the respective wood and laser.

The finished objects must then only be assembled. Touch the small tabs of the connectors on both sides of wood glue and put them in the designed recesses. Until the glue is dried (usually after about 5 minutes) you should hold on the construct, so it does not collapse.

Finished wooden annoon tree

The wood-fir-tree - Christmas does not work.

The template is implemented. Of the Wood-fir-tree Is completed. This is nothing more in the way of Christmas. Just spread a few tealights on the connectors, light and enjoy. If you more Decoration inspiration need, look in the other articles of our Blogs past.

Tealight wooden annoon tree

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