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Christmas tree decorations easily craft - DIY Christmas tree trailer

Christmas is coming every year faster outside the door when you think. So it's almost never too early to worry about which jewelry should decorate the Christmas tree in full splendor this year. How good that you have the chance with your MR Beam laser cutter to pick you up from the others. To achieve that, you will learn in this post as you individual Christmas tree decorations just tinker and lasers can.

Preparations - Material and Accessories

Before we can start to laser your Christmas decorations, you must first select a material. In our example, we use laser-capable Poplar wood From our shop, which is characterized by it that it is particularly pure. So it has interrupted from almost no asel holes or the like. Of course, other materials are also suitable, such as felt, Moos rubber or acrylic for the Christmas tree trailer. If you want to look closely exactly what materials are suitable for the MR Beam, we have here An overview for you.

In addition to the laser material, you also need a thread that the Christmas tree jewel is hung on the tree later. Even if you have a free choice here, the thread should definitely go to your selected material and the color fit.

Material Christmas tree decorations

The design of DIY Christmas tree decorations

If you have decided on what material you create a Christmas tree decorations, want to find a suitable design next. The easiest way is to use you of existing designs in our design gates. You will find this in the browser-based software for the MR BEAM on the top right of the menu. Just search "Christmas tree decorations"And choose one of the motifs.

Alternatively, you can also create your own design by selecting a SVG file in a suitable program, such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. Do not forget about up to install a small hole through which later the thread is threaded for hanging. If you use fonts in your design to be cut, you can not forget to convert these into paths. Otherwise, there is an error message later in the software.

Template Christmas tree decorations

The laser job - AB in the software

Now it's about reading the selected design. After you have inserted your material into the MR Beam, you can place the file on it. Download this by Drag and Drop From your computer to the MR Beam or select directly from the Design Store. Now you can move it as always, scale or make other customizations.

Laser settings Christmas tree decorations

Useful tips

Set object height

Even when cutting thin plates, it makes sense in the software the height of your inserted material. Especially with detailed laser jobs like to Create Christmas tree decorations, it is important to work as well as possible. In addition, the material thickness also occurs if necessary the height of the cutting mat. With this you get clearer cut edges and less smoke traces. You can also purchase them in our shop.

Object height laser settings Christmas tree decorations

Customize laser parameters themselves

Did you know that the MR Beam has much more on it than the given materials? Due to the possibility of customizing the laser parameters "intensity", "speed" and "number of runs" individually, you can extend your horizon again a whole piece. So you can, for example, under the right conditions by increasing the runs Also cut through a thicker workpiece. Of course, you have to work here a little in order to achieve perfect results, so we have you here Again a detailed article linked. If everything is set correctly, or you just resorted to the default settings of the MR Beam, the laser process can start already!

Christmas tree decorations laser job

The finished self-taught Christmas decorations

After the new one Dreamcut [S] laser head If his job has done in less than 4 minutes, it is valid Wood Christmas decorations still to perfect. Die the thread through the intended eyelet and knots him to a secure loop.

Finally, you can decorate your pendants with color. For example, we miss the DIY Christmas tree decorations with the help of golden and red spray paint a Christmas look. Here are the creativity no limits set!

There are more in our blog Decor tips for Christmas for you. With the Mr Beam laser cutter you can easily do your Advent calendar made of felt design it Yourself.

Homemade Christmas tree decorations

Thus, your individual, self-created Christmas tree decorations are ready! Share your result with the always growing MR Beam Community by taking a picture of this with the hashtag #madewithmrbeam Best.

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