Mr Beam Air Filter III


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Artikelnummer: 903-00010

Air Filter III - experience the change!

We are very happy that our new Air Filter is finally available!

Dimensions Air Filter System (approx.)
Width/Depth/Height: 335 x 525 x 565 mm
Weight: 19kg
Maximum sound level: 56 dB (A)

Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature: 5 - 30 °C
Humidity: 10% - 60%

Power supply
Operating voltage: 19V
Power consumption: 90W

Note: We reserve the right to make technical changes

How is the Air Filter III actually constructed?

The air is pumped out using a fan in the bottom of the air filter system from the housing of the Mr Beam via the exhaust hose into the back of the air filter system. There it first passes the vertically oriented one Pre-filter [1] before it goes into the on both sides Main filter [2] is vacuumed in order to have the largest area available. The clean air is then sucked out of the bottom of the main filter.

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The pre-filter removes all coarse particles from the exhaust air, while the main filter filters out fine dust and odours using the HEPA and activated carbon filters . Clean air is then blown out again on the underside of the air filter system.

Which air filter system is right for me?

The Air Filter III In contrast to our Air Filter II, it has one significantly more powerful fan, which increases the air flow. So the effort is worth it, mainly when there is a lot of material abrasion. In addition, the ones used are Filter in Air Filter III larger than in Air Filter II. This is how they are Not only more efficient at filtering air, but also last longer. Of course, the filters still need to be changed from time to time. You can find out how this works with both air filter systems in this article.

All in all, it's suitable Air Filter III for all frequent users of the Mr Beam who also work with materials with a lot of abrasion.

Apart from that, the Air Filter III requires more power due to the more powerful fan. Therefore, an extra power supply is required, which is of course included in the scope of delivery.

Please note: The new main filter weighs over 10kg. Therefore, the new Air Filter is not as portable as the Air Filter II. We recommend removing the filter before transport. The new filter is equipped with practical wheels for transport in the office/workshop.